Chapter 166 Continent of Witchers

Violent and ferocious attacks of three elements instantly covered the area where the giant bat was.

Exploding elemental fireballs, slimy and corrosive green globs of poison, continuous waves of ferocious wind blades……

Spells of three different elements, each with their own attributes now spew out of the three unique heads of the chimera, engulfing the forest in a magnificent and fiery funeral of magic. 

But just as the chimera roared and reveled in the feeling of dominating the battlefield, a slim and tall figure broke through the wave of Elementium. It charged from the forest, quickly nearing the chimera.

The chimera was a magical being, but it also had powerful muscles and strength in a close quarters fight, Sharp claws and a powerful armored tail were all powerful weapons of the chimera. The three ferocious jaws tripled its threat to any enemy that dared to go close.

But today was not this chimera's lucky day.

Three magical breaths fired in a panic were easily dodged by the ghostly figure with a flap of her thin bat wings. Its sharp claws that could tear apart a tiger were also deflected by the opponent's blood red armor. Nauseating blood thorns appeared on the surface of the armor, silently deflecting most of the chimera's blows.

The very next moment, a bat-winged demon that looked like a young human girl dodged the three jaws by a hair's breath. As she dodged, a chain of blood red magic arrows shot through the lion head in the middle.

The closely woven and tough scales of the chimera were no better than paper in front of the magic arrows. They shot through its eye and exploded inside the skull, blasting the skullcap far away. Scarlet red blood mixed with spots of white brain matter splattered everywhere. 

Mary's petite body was like a buzzing fly about a lion as compared to the large physique of the three-headed chimera. But the blood red bow in her hands was a true weapon of killing, continuously sending blood red arrows to the chimera's weak spots.

The piercing power of the arrows along with the bloodsucking effect of the blood-attribute energy made it an unreachable dream for the chimera to even deal a little damage to Mary. It had only been three minutes since the start of the battle, but the chimera was already riddled with holes, blood pouring out of everywhere.

The chimera cried in pain. With a swipe of its menacing tail, it forced Mary back and turned its large body, desperately flapping its scaled wings, trying to escape back to its den.

But it was too late!

Mary stopped in the air, her bat wings slowly beating and spat out coldly: "Now you want to run? You are too late! "

The very next instance, a blood red beam slashed across the sky and already Mary was on the back of the scurrying chimera. For the first time since the battle started, her blood red bow was pulled into a full moon. Terrifying blood energy gathered on the bowstring, concentrating into a crystalline blood red arrow.

"Die! "

Mary's finger let go following her battle cry. The blood red arrow pierced the chimera's green scales at lightning speed, exploding at the part where the three heads met.

A big fountain of blood surged out of the chimera as it let out one final cry of sorrow that reverberated across the woods. Finally, it lost control of its large body and spiraled out of the sky.

A terrifying magical being that had ruled these woods for over a hundred years had so easily died at the hands of the fledgling Mary.

In all honesty, this chimera was no weaker than an actual adept. Sadly the difference in combat ability, equipment and the lack of a powerful means of attacking made it a bumbling target practice. So, he had to suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the speedy assassin Mary.

Mary licked her lips. She was still not satisfied. Like a wild beast, she let out a crisp and sweet roar with her voice, letting all the beasts of the woods know of her dominating will. 

Her skintight blood armor, the vast leathery bat wings, a perfect body and her domineering aura..... These were what gave Mary an attractiveness unique to herself, a special quality that merged both seductiveness with the chaos of bloody violence.

If Mary was so beautiful she was a rose, she would absolutely be a thorny one and in particular, thorns with lethal venom on it!

Mary stayed in the air for a few more moments as she waited for her will to be clearly transmitted to every corner of the forest before diving back down to the ground. She was going to savor her first blood treat in another world.

Far away, in the base, Keoghan stopped summoning his voodoo creatures. He tapped into the faint ripples of magic to sense the battle far away. 

When he heard Mary's arrogant and overbearing roar, the always strict Keoghan broke into an ugly smile. 

"What a character! I like her. These kinds of exquisite vampires are hard to come by! It's unfortunate……"

He turned to where Greem had disappeared and shook his head in disappointment.

He could see that these two newly advanced adepts were very close. That Bloody Mary, in particular, heeded every word of Greem. It seems there was no chance for the male adepts in the clan!

Keoghan shrugged, took a few more toy-like robotic models from his storage space and threw them to the ground. The palm-sized models began to grow and expand as he continued to chant his spell.

Soon, 4 bizarre robotic creatures 3 meters tall stood before him.

Keoghan then drew a rune glowing with magic and put it into the core of the robotic beasts. Suddenly the robotic beasts started creaking and moving. After a slight delay, they joined the ranks of the construction army.

Already there were a dozen voodoo creatures with large and tough physiques and three to four giant clay golems in the previously silent base. The adepts were filling the roles of taskmasters, ordering the magic creatures to and fro, carrying timber, flattening ground, shaping the earth……

An outline for a simple and practical base was already surfacing.

And it had only been two hours since they arrived in this odd and mysterious other world.


200 miles to the east of the base, there was a human city.

Inside the city hall, the polished floorboards were shining and the bright sun was flushing in through the lattice window. As the light reflected on the floor, the whole room was brightly lit, like the halls of heaven. 

Ninther Mino walked into the hall with heavy steps. The crisp sound of stone clashing against metal rang throughout the hall as his metal boots stomped on the white stone floor. 

As the only witcher who had advanced to a Spellbreaker Knight in the City of Herdurand, he was an important character for all the Witcher Knights.

The glimmering knight's armor, the metal gloves with their clearly defined edges, the delicate knight's sword by his waist, the polished and shiny war boots, the metal bow on his back and the covered helmet under his arms.....When you put all this together along with his stalwart body measuring up to 2 meters and his handsome face, made him the dream prince of all noble ladies of Herdurand City.

Four similarly equipped witcher knights followed behind him as he stepped into this gorgeous and elegant city hall.

The government officials sat around the long table stopped their boring speeches and turned to look in horror at these uninvited guests.

Grand Duke Lington who was seated at the head of the table rang his golden bell and summoned his bodyguards. Then he spoke, unhappy: "Ninther, this is the sacred city hall, not your witcher knights' base. When not summoned, you have no right to step in here! "

Grand Duke Lington was the owner of the City of Herdurand. In fact, he was the ruler of the entire Dulan Province. Within his lands, there were more than 3 major cities with a population over 100,000 men, and 16 smaller cities with a population below 30,000 men. The number of towns and villages were so numerous it was impossible to do a detailed count.

He had one of the most power even amongst the nobles of the Continent of Witchers.

Sadly, even with this much power, he had no means to make the arrogant witcher knights bend the knee. After all, all witcher knights on the continent belonged to the Central Kingdom. They took orders directly from the king himself. Even the nobles had no say.

On the Continent of Witchers, this group of people was the ones who dominated and ruled. These powerful knights who had powerful Battle Skills, these witchers who were loyal to the king.  And the purpose of their existence.....was to purge the continent of the evil spellcasters that appeared.

In this proud nation where witcher knights ruled, several casters that awakened their evil powers would appear every year. They didn't have tough physiques, or a will of steel from constant training, or knight's equipment crafted to fit. But they could summon mysterious and evil flames out of thin air and freeze enemies in ice or let the dead climb out of their graves……

These evil casters were a hidden but terrible threat to society and humans. Thus countless righteous and noble knights responded to the king's summons. Together, they ran to every rural and desolate village or town to judge and execute each and every evil caster who had exposed themselves. 

These noble knights called themselves witcher knights and formed a massive but organised power structure. And this Ninther Mino who stood before their eyes right now was a respected witcher knight who had completed their advancement: a Spellbreaker Knight.

These witcher knights had a very respected status. They weren't even bound by the laws set by the nobles. It was a pain for every government official in cities where there was a witcher knight base. 

This bunch of witcher knights marched in recklessly just as Grand Duke Lington was about to shout at his subordinates over the reduced tax profits.

This made the Grand Duke so much angrier!

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