Chapter 649 Blazing Guardian

Chapter 649 Blazing Guardian

Five Second Grade elves!

That Third Grade Arms' ferocious blast had instantly knocked down five elven fighters of Second Grade. This terrifying reality caused the scalp of every elf present to buzz. The entirety of their souls numbed. None of them knew how to respond.

Almost as if it sensed the crumbling will of its followers, the large brilliant moon in the sky suddenly glowed with an intensely bright and chilling light.

A strange and profound aura suddenly rose from the body of the god messenger standing in the sky. Her demeanor and atmosphere had changed entirely.

God Messenger Xenia's face was ice-cold. She looked down upon Thunder Dragon Arms who was roaring and charging at her; her face displayed no sign of panic.

"Dragon brat. This is Faen, not the home of you dragons. Did your seniors not tell you to respect the gods?"

As she spoke, a mysterious and holy aura radiated from her body, causing all living beings in the area to feel a trembling in their heart and an urge to kneel.

The Goddess of Moonlight!

No; the Xenia before them couldn't yet be called the Goddess of Moonlight. At the very best, she could only be seen as a god messenger carrying a trace of the Moonlight Goddesses' will. Of course, the divine power that 'she' wielded would necessarily be limited by the power of Xenia herself.

If she wanted to use excessively powerful divine strength, then before she could even hurt the enemy, Xenia–as the host–would be the first to break. That was why the most significant combat power that the Goddess of Moonlight could unleash did not exceed Xenia's limit, regardless of how powerful she was.

At her very best, the Goddess could only unleash the power of a peak Third Grade. Yet, as a Third Grade thunder dragon, Arms could even fight off some of the slightly weaker Fourth Grades. That was why Arms wasn't too inferior to the opponent when it came to a comparison of power.

It was precisely because he knew the nature and methods of descent that the gods used that Arms felt no fear or respect for this 'descended' goddess.

"Haha. You gods of other planes always think of yourself as the rulers of the entire universe. How much power can you even unleash once you leave this plane and this world?! How can you compare to us dragons? No matter where we go, our power will always be our power. It will never wither, and it will never be taken from us. What is such a god supposed to use to make me respect them? If you want me to retreat, you should first summon a Fourth Grade god messenger."

The arrogant words of the Third Grade thunder dragon instantly caused the Moonlight Goddess' expression to turn.

As a revered god of Faen, there had never been a mortal that dared to be so rude in front of the gods!

Meve, the Goddess of Moonlight, laughed coldly and pointed lightly with her pretty and slender hands.

"In the name of the moon, let darkness forever obscure the vision of this creature before me."

As these words that sounded like a curse left her mouth, Third Grade Arms let out a wild roar. His vision had gone dark, his eyes shrouded by a cluster of darkness.

"Dammit, to think it was a god that has mastered control over the planar laws; go and die!" Thunder Dragon Arms instantly roared and let out a storm of lightning that ravaged toward the position where the Goddess had been standing.

He was only an ordinary Third Grade dragon. It was naturally impossible for him to defeat a powerful deity in their own world. Still, it wasn't as difficult to overcome a Third Grade god messenger. As long as he exterminated the body of this Third Grade elf, the trace of the Goddess' will would naturally fade, having lost its host.

Arms tried several times with various methods to remove the mist of darkness shrouding his eyes, but he couldn't do anything about it. He had no choice but to bravely lunge forward, intent on defeating this Third Grade elf in the shortest time possible.

The thunder dragon's counterattack fell well within the expectations of the god messenger.

Her perfect and slender body simply flashed in the moonlight and escaped from the area engulfed by the dragon's ferocious lightning. She raised her slender hand, and a cold beam of moonlight fell from the skies. She turned her hand slightly as it reflected upon the massive body of the thunder dragon.

A thick beam of light the size of a bowl silently pierced through the dragon's rib. It completely ignored the Thundercloud Barrier around Arms, as well as his scales, and wholly shot through his body.

Aooo! A long and pained dragon's cry. Thunder Dragon Arms beat his wings furiously and quickly retreated to his original position. He then turned and shot out a rapid blast of lightning at the enemy. A mist of blood slowly descended from the sky.

Sadly, this lightning attack was still avoided by the enemy using her strange teleportation technique!

Arms roared furiously and promptly activated his True Sight. It was only now that he saw the enemy's source of power.

"Dammit, you are the Goddess of Moonlight! Right now, this is your home field."

Thunder Dragon Arms raised his head and roared angrily at the round moon hanging in the sky. For the first time, he felt a trace of regret at infuriating a Goddess of Moonlight.

I shouldn't have fought her in the night. I shouldn't have fought her in the forest.

With all these situational advantages on her side, this terrifying Goddess of Moonlight could display the power of a pseudo-Fourth Grade. This…this wasn't easy to deal with!

While the blind thunder dragon lunged at the Goddess of Moonlight in the sky, Alice was watching it all unfold from above the floating ship. She hesitated for a moment and took out a potion vial.

She dabbed her fingers in the moonwater within and started drawing in the air. A strange rune formed. As she raised her slender hand, the mysterious rune vanished. The next moment it appeared, it was by Thunder Dragon Arm's side.

The mysterious rune landed toward the dragon's body, carrying with it traces of nature power.

Arms smelled the foreign power and opened his mouth, preparing to destroy it with a blast of lightning. Yet, at this moment, Greem's mental message had been sent to his mind.

"Don't resist, this is beneficial for you."

The thunder dragon was stunned for a moment, but the lightning blast gathering in his throat didn't blast forward.

As the rune entered his body, Arms felt an indescribable feeling of comfort and relief throughout his body. The mist gathered around his eyes dispersed without a sound, restoring his vision. The few terrible piercing wounds on his body also healed at a rate visible to the naked eye.

In the blink of an eye, he had completely recovered!

Arms' combat power skyrocketed after regaining his vision.

God Messenger Xenia flashed and dodged several of the dragon's lightning in succession. She then moved above the flying ship. She looked down upon Alice, whose face was turning white, and raised her hands. The chilling moonlight in the sky turned and poured down upon Alice's position.

With her unique prediction abilities as the leader of the Fate Witches, Alice could very clearly sense what awaited her next. When she tried to teleport out of the enemy's attack range, her always effective spatial teleportation suddenly stalled and no longer worked.

Dammit, this starlight even had the ability to lock down space.

This angry thought had only just rolled past Alice's mind when the cold and deep moonlight had already crashed down upon her.

If she had the strength of a Second Grade, she would be able to forcibly teleport away even if the moonlight engulfed her. In the end, she was only First Grade. She was about to be exterminated when facing a pseudo-Fourth Grade without even the chance to retaliate or dodge!

The light before her eyes dimmed and moonlight crashed down upon her.

The only thing Alice could do now was close her eyes tightly and wait for the arrival of death.

Even as the strange sizzling sound of corrosion filled her ears, she felt no pain.

Alice opened her eyes and was shocked to find a towering flame humanoid extending both of its arms and reaching forward to protect her beneath itself like a loyal guardian.

When the moonlight landed upon his body, everyone's impression of the moonlight as calm and quiet was completely overturned. The light was like a powerful acid, instantly eating at the Flame Fiend's body and creating massive craters upon his body. The corrosion of this powerful moonlight had almost fully extinguished the blazing flames and flowing lava.

"Greem…" Alice let out a pained cry. The tears that hadn't flowed even in the face of death finally fell down her cheeks.

Greem might no longer have any vital spots on his body after transforming into the Flame Fiend, but that didn't mean he would not be damaged.

Once he transformed into the Flame Fiend, the body of magma was his muscles, and the flowing and burning lava was his blood. Even if the Flame Fiend didn't die from such tremendous damage, there was no avoiding the intense pain that came with it!

If the Flame Fiend's body was completely dissolved, and the moonlight corroded the mental consciousness hidden within, then Greem could still die.

Greem arched his back and used his thick magma spine to endure the endless corrosion of the moonlight. His face, hidden beneath his body, twisted from the tremendous agony. Large clusters of corroded lava dripped from his back, turning into mud on the ground beside him.

Alice stood upon the tips of her toes and grabbed Greem's blazing face with both of her hands, warm tears still streaking down her face. Her heart filled with endless pain.

With his power as a Second Grade fire adept, and the moonlight not being locked onto him, Greem's chances of escaping the pillar of moonlight were extremely high. However, without his protection, Alice, at her current power level, would not even endure a single second in the light.

That was why Greem unhesitatingly propped up an unyielding sky of fire for Alice with his own body, even though the Chip continued to blare out warnings.

Yet, at this moment, a horrifying tide of lightning and thunder rumbled across the skies.

The endless moonlight finally came to a stop and vanished in front of everyone's eyes!

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