Chapter 80 - Great Battle in the Xu Clan, Part One

Chapter 80 - Great Battle in the Xu Clan, Part One

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The black-clothed man talking with Xu Pingfan all this while was astonished when he heard the Xu Housekeeper accurately identifying the brothers’ cultivation levels. He didn’t think a measly fifth stage Essence Swordsman would have the ability to pinpoint their Spirit realm cultivation.

At this moment, the silent black-clothed man spoke, “Chief Housekeeper Xu, you actually discerned our cultivation with such accuracy. It seems like you aren’t as simple as you are rumored to be; a fifth stage Essence Swordsman, huh?”

Chen Yong, standing by the side, stepped forward and interrupted, “Our Chief Housekeeper doesn’t need to personally get involved in killing you two bastards. I, alone, will suffice.”

“Hmph, a first stage Spirit Swordsman like yourself dares to spout nonsense? You must not know what death’s like!” the other black-clothed man gave a humphed coldly.

Chen Yong didn’t have much patience. Two wooden axes immediately appeared in his hands as he rushed at them without Xu Pingfan’s instruction.

In response, a wooden sword, each embedded with gemstones, appeared in the hands of the two black-clothed men, readying themselves for Chen Yong’s assault.

As he charged closer to the two of them, Chen Yong suddenly threw the two wooden axes at them, aiming one axe at each.

The two immediately laughed coldly on seeing this. Throwing one’s weapon away so casually; wasn’t he just looking to die?

However, Chen Yong arrived at the two’s side as they fended off the thrown axes with their swords. The former returned a cold grin of his own, then a cold light flashed before their eyes. They cursed in their hearts as they blocked the wooden axes and quickly brought their sword to their chests.

Alas, everything ended in just an instant. Chen Yong slowly walked past the two, who were still maintaining their defensive stances, and picked up the two wooden axes he had thrown out earlier, then returned to Xu Pingfan’s side without turning back or saying a word.

Kacha, kacha! The two men’s wooden swords snapped and a part of them dropped to the ground. Next, an even spookier scene unfolded; their bodies split at their waists and fell down, blood flowing endlessly from the four halves of their bodies.

The front of Xu Clan’s gates was immediately filled with a thick odor of blood.

Xu Pingfan looked at the two bodies on the ground, their eyes still opened round and wide in disbelief. He gave a cold humph, “When trying to kill others, you should have anticipated the possibility of getting killed. You ending up like this is but getting your just desserts.”

Then, the corners of Xu Pingfan’s lips curved upwards slightly and said to Chen Yong, “I hadn’t expect a little brat like you to have such good objects in your possession; must have been given to you by Young Master.”

Chen Yong reciprocated with a smile, but didn’t say anything. He almost couldn’t contain his excitement. He hadn’t expected the axes his young master gave him to be such godly objects. The black-clothed men were caught unprepared and were instantly killed. What an awesome feeling!

Xu Pingfan didn’t probe further. He saw everything clearly when Chen Yong made his move. It looked like the latter was trying to sneak an attack in by throwing the wooden axes, but that was, in fact, just to draw their attention away. A stronger pair of axes immediately appeared in his hands and instantly split them, along with their swords, in half.

Although Chen Yong took them down in one move, it was because it was an unexpected strike. If he took them on fair and square, it would take much more effort with his strength.

Suddenly, about a dozen figures appeared on top of Xu Clan’s walls, split between two sides. In the middle, a figure flashed onto the eaves of the gates. This bunch of people wore different clothings and their appearances weren’t hidden.

“I came late; it seems like I missed a good show, unexpectedly,” the person on the eaves spoke.

Xu Pingfan looked to the person speaking without answering. When he saw the person’s appearance, he smiled and said, “What’s with the wind tonight1? So many experts came to our measly Xu Clan; we must have accumulated great karma through three lifetimes. May I ask this senior, where do you come from?”

The elder smiled and replied, “I am from Earthdream’s Mo Clan. Perhaps Chief Housekeeper Xu wouldn’t have heard of our tiny house before.”

This elder was none other than the man sent by Mo Clan to Rivulet City, their Second Elder, Mo Wei.

Xu Pingfan’s expression turned grave when he heard that. He had long heard of the largest clan of Earthdream; Xu Qi had informed him of Mo Dingtian’s ties to them since the time he instructed Xu Pingfan to help them out in their times of crisis, but he was unsure whether the men before them were sent by Mo Dingtian.

At this moment, two men suddenly ran into the Xu Clan. One of them was Mo Dingtian, while the other was Mo Yan, who had yet to fully recover from his injuries.

Mo Dingtian came to Xu Pingfan’s side, still gasping for air. He didn’t say anything to him. Instead, he turned to the Second Elder, who was standing atop the eaves and said, “Second Elder, the Xu Clan did me a great favor previously; I hope Second Elder would talk things through and not damage our harmony.”

Xu Pingfan immediately understood the situation at hearing his words. Mo Dingtian wasn’t involved in this matter. Xu Pingfan smiled and said, “Boss Mo, what is your Mo Clan’s purpose for going through the trouble of bringing so many men here to our Xu Clan?” 

Mo Dingtian showed a look of displeasure and replied sincerely, “Brother Pingfan, I owe you for what you’ve done for me; that person from your clan, too, has saved my life. I, this one surnamed Mo, isn’t one who would forget about the kindness others shown me. I swear with my life I’m not involved in this matter.”

“First Young Master, since you have ties with the Xu Clan, why not persuade them to hand over the thing? We promise not to harm any of them, is that fine?” Mo Wei spoke as he leapt off the eaves and landed before Xu Pingfan’s group.

“Second Elder, I have no idea what you are after, but they are my friends. Isn’t it too much to do this to them?!” Mo Dingtian said, his tone slightly hostile.

The Second Elder gave a cold humph and replied, “Me addressing you as First Young Master is giving face to your father. You better know your place; I’ve set my sights on this thing from the Xu Clan. Don’t blame me for dirtying my hands if they don’t hand it over!”

“You..! Fine. Since Second Elder is acting like this, I, Mo Dingtian will declare this: Don’t blame me for not putting our family ties to consideration if you dare lift a finger on the Xu Clan!” Mo Dingtian declared furiously.

“Boss Mo, we Xu Clan will commit your kind intentions to our hearts. Stand aside for now and let me have a talk with this Second Elder, okay?” Xu Pingfan suddenly extended his hand and patted Mo Dingtian’s shoulder.

Mo Dingtian then tactfully brought Mo Yan aside, his expression extremely ugly.

Mo Dingtian didn’t really understand why he chose to stand on Xu Qi’s side. He was totally gambling; gambling on a young prodigy’s future. That was why he spoke such words to his fellow clansman, but he didn’t know whether he’d made the right choice.

“Second Elder, right? Up until now, I still have no clue what you are after by bringing so many men to our Xu Clan. If that object was truly in our Xu Clan’s possession, perhaps I could gift it to you on account of Brother Dingtian. Is that fine?” Xu Pingfan said calmly to the Second Elder, Mo Wei.

“Look at their Housekeeper Xu, First Young Master. He’s indeed someone who can see the bigger picture. That treasure isn’t exactly a true treasure. It is but a sword; an ordinary sword. Its name is the “Stellar Splitter.” I wonder if the sword is in your Xu Clan?” Second Elder Mo Wei chuckled.

Upon hearing the words “Stellar Splitter”, Xu Pingfan immediately thought of the prized sword hanging on the secret room’s walls, passed down from the ancestors of Xu Clan.  However, it had only been treated as a family heirloom for many generations; he didn’t know any secrets the sword contained.

Xu Pingfan had great doubts inwardly, but he maintained a poker face and immediately replied, “I think Second Elder might have mistrusted some rumors; our Xu Clan doesn’t possess the treasured sword you mentioned.”

“Oh? I, too, believe so since Housekeeper Xu is claiming such. How about this? Allow me to search around in Xu Clan with my men; we’ll leave at once if it truly isn’t here and we’ll also compensate you monetarily. Is that okay?” Mo Wei continued chuckling, but murderous intent flashed past his eyes.

Xu Pingfan gave a cold humph inwardly as he heard such and replied, “What Second Elder said is reasonable. This one surnamed Xu doesn’t seem to have a reason to reject your proposition.”

Second Elder Mo Wei nodded in satisfaction. He was about to praise Xu Pingfan for his sensibility before he heard something unbelievable.

“However, although our Xu Clan may be but a tiny household to your Mo Clan, it’s impossible for us to agree to such a humiliating thing; letting you people search our clan as you wish,” Xu Pingfan said plainly.

Mo Wei immediately went into a rage, “You’re refusing a toast only to be forced to drink a forfeit! I already gave you a chance!”

Xu Pingfan smiled and casually said, “No.”

Mo Dingtian watched as Xu Pingfan suddenly put up a strong front. Doubts sprang up in his heart; he didn’t understand why Xu Pingfan would enrage the Second Elder, but thinking back to the mysterious group of people who came to help him in his time of trouble, Mo Dingtian broke out in sweat in the Second Elder’s stead.

The enraged Second Elder had never considered treating the puny Xu Clan with respect from the beginning. Now that Xu Pingfan was acting like such, he said to the people around him, “Go, tie up every single one of them from Xu Clan and we’ll interrogate them one by one.”

“Just a moment, Second Elder. On the account of our Xu Clan’s ties with Brother Dingtian, I would like to ask this: are you sure you want to lay your hands on our Xu Clan?” Xu Pingfan extended his hands and interrupted, his tone extremely calm.

Mo Wei thought Xu Pingfan was having cold feet and smiled, “You’re afraid now, aren’t you? It’s too late; go!”

“Wait!” Xu Pingfan interrupted again.

“What else do you have to say? Did you change your mind?” Mo Wei asked arrogantly.

“No, but since you’ve come from afar, and this is our Xu Clan’s place, after all. Even if we’re going to fight, we should be the ones initiating your reception. It’s not your place to go first!” Xu Pingfan smiled.

Then, he casually added a few words under the astonished gazes of Mo Wei and Mo Dingtian, “Go, aim to kill! Leave this Second Elder to me.”

Chen Yong’s group of four took out their weapons at the same time upon Xu Pingfan’s command, and charged at the group of people beside Mo Wei.

TL Note:

1: A figure of speech, to say that the wind brought them here.

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