Chapter 44 - The Two Possible Solutions

Yang Yi believed he had uncovered a truth of life. Since he had entered this completely unfamiliar world, nothing had gone according to his expectations. Everything which he thought would happen had never occurred.

Was there a need for things to happen in this manner?

How could things turn out like that?

It was obviously a raid in the middle of the night and they had come prepared to kill the enemy, yet not only was the enemy ready to receive them, he had even invited them to come in.

Yang Yi was rather anxious. He suspected that it would devolve into a gunfight soon. Worse, they might even have fallen into an ambush. Nonetheless, the current development had exceeded his expectation.

After turning the doorknob, Danny pushed the door open and entered. Yang Yi was stupefied. Since Danny had entered, two others followed him inside.

Ye Meng sheathed the blade back into its scabbard but kept his handgun ready. He then gave Yang Yi a questioning look.

“What is it?” Yang Yi quietly asked.

Ye Meng gave a helpless shrug before answering him with a similarly soft voice, “Do you want to go in?”

“Let’s go in!”

Yang Yi decided quickly and followed Ye Meng into the unit.

Though the flat was very run-down, it was very clean and tidy. Within the room, there was a man standing in front of a lounge chair. He was smiling while Danny was standing across from him.

Beside Danny was another lounge chair.

Additionally, there were another three men with grim expressions standing beside the man. None of them looked very old. The oldest amongst them was in his late twenties while the youngest was in his early twenties.

“I will introduce myself. I’m Kevin Stewart. Everyone calls me the Bus.”

Danny laughed, “Bus, as in the public transport which you just need to pay the fare to ride?”

Kevin smiled and said, “You can put it that way. Please sit.”

Danny tidied his clothes and sat down calmly. Kevin Stewart followed suit and sat down. Both of them were separated only by a small round table.

“You have captured one of my men. So, I was sure you would definitely pay me a visit. It’s just that I didn’t expect you to be so quick. The renowned Dark Knight’s reputation is definitely well deserved.”

Danny waved his hand impatiently and calmly said, “Since you invited me in rather than  me having to force my way in, why don’t you just what you have to say.”

Kevin let of a breath of relief and nodded, “Sure, I want to negotiate with you. My men made a mistake. They should not have transgressed on the rule set by the Dark Knights. I deeply regret this misunderstanding. They were still young and had no idea what the Dark Knights actually signify.”

Danny said coldly, “I’m sorry to say the problem has yet to be resolved.”

The largest man standing behind Kevin glared at Danny with hatred. Danny stared back at him coldly and abruptly said, “It has been many years since someone actually dared to glare at me. I will dig out both your eyes if you continue to glare at me.”

Kevin raised his hands and laughed, “Please don’t mind him. He’s still young and insensible. Danny or should I respectfully call you captain as well? Captain, I’m here with the desire to resolve this misunderstanding.”

Danny coldly asked, “So, how should we resolve this?”

Kevin indifferently said, “One of my men has fallen into your hands. I believe he is dead now and I have nothing to say in regards to that. I have two possible solutions I hope you can consider.”

“Say it.”

Kevin slowly said, “Your man was hurt but not killed whereas your side has killed one of my men. Without a doubt, they have transgressed on your honor but they have learned their lesson now. My suggestion is as such, I know the last two members of The Singer are now under the Dark Knights protection, we will stop pursuing the two of them. I will bear the losses and it will be the end of the matter. Are you fine with this?”

Danny responded without hesitation, “What’s the second solution?”

The second solution was asked about because the first solution wasn’t something Danny would consider.

Kevin sighed and smiled bitterly, “In my opinion, it’s the best solution. Since you don’t agree, then…”

Kevin suddenly reached into his coat. Wang Wen Jiang immediately pointed his gun at Kevin but he didn’t pause and slowly pulled out a handgun from within it while smiling. With his right hand holding a gun, Kevin’s left hand reached into his pocket to retrieve a cylindrical object. The object was a silencer.

Kevin placed the silencer on his handgun and readjusted his sleeve. With the gun in his right hand, he slowly said, “I will then tell you the second solution.”

Just after he finished saying the sentence, he suddenly turned around and shot the three men standing behind him. After he rapidly shot the gun three times, a gunshot wound could be seen between the eyebrows of the three men.

The first man dropped dead on the floor without any expression. He was dead before he could even react.  The second man only showed a horrified expression while the third man only managed to raise his hand before they were all dead.

Yang Yi was the most surprised among everyone who was present. Fortunately, Yang Yi was smart enough to remain silent even though he was shocked. Kevin had killed the three men he brought with him.

Danny’s eyebrows furrowed while Kevin placed the handgun on the round table. He then smiled and reversed the gun handle so he could remove the silencer, “This is the second plan I want to propose. The Dark Knights have eliminated all the enemies who offended them like rabid dogs.”

Kevin then made a motion as if taking a bite. He then immediately smiled, “It’s either your enemy is dead or you are dead. That’s why the Dark Knights should never be offended because they are both unyielding and troublesome.”

Danny smiled, “Your words are unpleasant but true.”

Kevin was relieved and he smiled, “So I ‘m resolving the issue with the greatest sincerity. The second solution is to publicly apologize to the Dark Knights and promise not to transgress upon their honor again. I have shown you my sincerity just now. Will you accept my second solution?”

Danny expression was rather somber when he chuckled and asked, “What about the mission you were given?”

Kevin Stewart laughed in response before replying calmly, “The mission will definitely continue. We will continue to pursue our targets. However, we won’t take any action while they are still under the Dark Knights protection. The conflict with the Dark Knights this time around was unwarranted, that’s why I am willing to pay the price to resolve this matter. Nevertheless, since I have paid the price, it’s only fair for me to claim what is rightfully mine.”

Danny remained silent. Kevin then smiled and pushed the gun on the glass table towards Danny, “Of course, you have a third option. You can kill me right now. The Dark Knights and the Destroyers will then be at war until one of us perishes.”

Danny contemplated while Kevin continued to calmly smile at him.

Danny finally asked after being silent for a while, “Who is Regis?”

Kevin turned and pointed at one of the bodies behind him, “That’s him. His waist is wounded. It should have been caused by that youngster. Since they have met, he should be able to identify him.”

Kevin was looking at Yang Yi. Danny also turned towards Yang Yi and gave him a questioning look.

Since he had been recognized, there was no reason to hide any further. Yang Yi’s eyes met Danny and nodded, “Yes, that’s him.”

Danny turned back to look at Kevin and solemnly asked, “Is everyone who participated in this operation dead?”

“There is still one but he will be dead soon. Not like I can keep him alive now that we have arrived at this point, right?

Danny peevishly replied, “That’s the fate of a hitman. Since they go around killing people covertly, they can be covertly killed in return.”

Kevin smiled, “The frontline is made up of mercenaries and they have always been cannon fodder. Besides, you can’t disagree it’s more effective and simple to covertly kill the target. Even if the target escapes the first attempt, it’s impossible to avoid the second, third, fourth, fifth and all the subsequent attempts right?”

Danny didn’t say a word. Kevin stopped smiling and calmly asked, “It’s time for you to decide. Will you accept my second solution or do you want to use your own method?”

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