Chapter 46 - A Frail Chicken

It was difficult to say what the current feelings were between Yang Yi and Kate. Firstly, it wasn’t love. Their relationship hadn’t reached that point yet. It wasn’t friendship. That was because there wasn’t the slightest bit of friendship between them before they were hunted.

It was also inappropriate to call them comrades-in arms. However, they were at the very least close since they had managed to escape death together.

Besides the intimate relationship he had with his mom during his childhood, Yang Yi had never experienced close physical contact with any woman before this. Although he needed to help Kate, there wasn’t the slightest bit of emotional fluctuation for him.

After helping Kate finish up a task which would usually be done by someone close to her, Yang Yi washed his hands. He then looked at Kate who was bedridden and plainly said, “I hired a caretaker for you. She will come to work at eight. I will be back at night. It will be my turn to take care of you then.”

Kate looked at Yang Yi and asked softly, "What are you going to do?”

Yang Yi smiled, “I will be starting my training. The captain is allowing me to start today.”

Kate absentmindedly stated, “That’s fast…”

“It’s good that it’s fast. We don’t have that much time to wait. You should have a good rest while you wait for me come back. See you.”

“Wait a moment!” Kate hastily called out to Yang Yi and cautiously asked, “Will you be coming back?”

Yang Yi couldn’t refrain from laughing, “Of course I will come back. Where else would I have to go if I don’t come back?”

Kate was relieved, “Ok. You should go then. I hope everything goes smoothly.”

Yang Yi closed the door and quickly walked down the stairs. He saw Danny, who had just entered the store.

There was a bowl of porridge and a plate with a rice noodle roll on it in front of Danny. He was happily enjoying his meal. When Danny saw Yang Yi, he pointed his chopsticks at him before placing them down beside a pot and shouted, “This is self-made. You should eat some.”

Pearl Liang Restaurant didn’t provide breakfast. Yang Yi wouldn’t have known where he would need to go for breakfast if Danny hadn’t prepared it.

After scooping himself a bowl of preserved egg porridge, he filled his plate up with some of the rice noodle roll just like Danny. He then picked up a pair of chopsticks to take a bite and subsequently said, “The taste is not bad. Was it made by the main chef?”

“I made this. You should eat more.”

Danny put down his spoon and looked at Yang Yi. He then solemnly said, “I have made plans for you. Firstly, you will have to train your physical body to become fit. You are smart but being fit is the foundation of everything. It’s not enough just to be smart. If you don’t have a healthy body, you can’t accomplish anything properly.”

Yang Yi nodded, “Yes. That’s true. How should I practice?”

Danny leisurely replied, “We have our own matters to attend to, so we can only train you in turns. It will be Ah Meng and Ah Jiang today. Ah Meng will take you out in the morning to test your endurance. We need to find out what your foundation is. There will be physical and combat training in the afternoon. It will just be the basics though. It’s important to lay down a solid foundation.”

Yang Yi repeatedly nodded his head, “Thank you Captain. How long do you think I will need to train to achieve a solid foundation?”

Danny raised his head to look at Yang Yi. He replied after contemplating for a moment, “If you learn quick, it will be three years. You will achieve some success in it after three years. You should be able to cope with some of the smaller trouble on your own then.”

Yang Yi almost bit his tongue while drinking his porridge. He asked in surprise, “Three years?”

Danny looked at Yang Yi and plainly replied, “You should never stop learning while you live. Your goal is to become a spy. As a spy, there are too many skills you will need to master. Three years is just a start. You should take it slowly. You can’t rush these type of matters.”

Yang Yi was quite anxious. He felt that three years was just too long.

Right at that moment, Ye Ming pushed open the door and walked into the hotel. He sat at the table without any semblance of courtesy. He filled a bowl of porridge for himself and immediately started to gulp it down.

“Quickly eat up. You need to warm up once you are done eating. There is a long list of things waiting for you that you will need to complete this morning.”

Ye Ming had immediately started displaying the attitude of a mentor. He hastily finished his breakfast around the same time Yang Yi finished his bowl of porridge.

“How can you be this slow? You’re too slow. Faster, faster, faster!”

Ye Meng wasn’t satisfied even after he had rushed Yang Yi to finish his breakfast.

“Slow! Too Slow! You need to be fast at everything. You need to eat quickly. If you were eating together with us, you couldn’t even eat a fart!”

Ye Meng was very unsatisfied. Danny frowned, “Ah Meng, what are you saying! Can’t you see that I’m still eating? I’m in the midst of losing weight. I ended up eating another bowl of rice because of what you just said.”

Ye Meng laughed, “Why are you losing weight? Enough, you take your time eating. I will take him away first.”

After Ye Meng stood up, he gave Yang Yi who had also just stood up a kick in the ass. He then asked loudly, “Why are you staring at me like an idiot? Let’s go!”

Truth be told, Yang Yi was already very fast.

Danny pretended not to have witnessed anything. Yang Yi quickly followed Ye Meng towards the hotel entrance and waited there. After surveying his surroundings, he then mounted a motorcycle and started it up before looking at Yang Yi, “You jog behind me. You can stop whenever I stop.”

Yang Yi was dumbfounded, “We’re starting now? Isn’t it bad to exercise immediately after a meal?”

Ye Meng looked at Yang Yi and frowned, “Am I the one teaching or are you teaching?”

“You are teaching. I will run then, Brother Meng…”

“Stop. Don’t get near me. Let me tell you this. You will run as fast as I am moving. I will personally “take care” of you if you are ever more than a ten meter distance from me. So, don’t blame me if you can’t keep up and have no idea where I have gone. By the way, I need to inform you that this part of the street is not within our territory. The Destroyers will most likely find an opportunity to engage you if you are discovered. Start running!”

After stepping on the motorcycle pedal, Ye Meng rode off while Yang Yi could only hurriedly follow and run behind him. Training had begun. It had officially begun before Yang Yi was even given the chance to adapt.

Ye Meng didn’t ride his motorcycle that fast at the very beginning but he started to speed up after Yang Yi had been running for more than ten minutes. It was right at the moment when he started gasping for air.

Yang Yi could only muster all his effort into running. Otherwise, let alone not being able to maintain the distance of ten meters, it was very likely he would be completely left behind.

Yang Yi felt like his lungs were on fire after running at full speed for a few minutes. Both his legs seemed like they were filled with lead.

He couldn’t run any further even if there was someone from the Destroyers right beside him. It was fortunate that just when Yang Yi couldn’t continue to run, Ye Meng mercifully slowed down.

“You haven’t even run far yet you are already tired like a dog…”

Yang Yi’s tongue was out and his hands were on his knees while he panted for air. He immediately closed his mouth when he heard Ye Meng’s words.

Ye Meng looked at Yang Yi and shook his head, “Hey, frail chicken. I could run ten kilometers without taking a break when I was your age. Forget it. Seems like this is the level you are at. Just follow behind me. You are not allowed to stop!”

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