Chapter 124 - Visit

Chapter 124 - Visit

Zhong Pinliang held a fist, sighing deeply as he watched Mengyao and Yushu walk away. Just what part of him didn’t Mengyao like..?

“What’re you thinking about over there, Liang?” Zhong Pinliang was wondering what flaws he might’ve had for Mengyao to be that uninterested in him when someone tapped on his shoulder- it was Zou Ruoming.

“Oh, Ming Bro. Nah, it’s nothing……” Pinliang said, not intending to embarrass himself in front of Ruoming.

“Oh……” Ruoming said, not very interested as well- There was something else he wanted to talk about. “Liang, wanna ask you something… That Lin Yi guy in your class, what’s his deal?”

Zou Ruoming had almost equal hate towards Lin Yi as Zhong Pinliang did- the guy had ruined his plans for Tang Yin that friday night, and it pissed Ruoming off quite hard.

Yet he’d made sure not to act recklessly, even when Lin Yi had slapped him across the face. He’d seen what the guy was capable of when he destroyed Heibao Bro the other day.

He’d decided to wait and see what someone of Zhong Pinliang’s background would do to handle the matter. Ruoming’s own family may be pretty well off, but it was nowhere near the scale of success Zhong Fabai’s business boasted- All he really had backing him up was his brother Zou Ruoguang, a merciless gangster in the northern district.

But Pinliang didn’t seem to be planning anything even days after Heibao Bro had gotten arrested- Ruoming could only wonder what kind of person Lin Yi was.

“Lin Yi..? He’s just a farmer, that’s what.” Pinliang said indifferently, not stopping to remember that his father was a farmer himself at the start……

“Farmer?” Ruoming wasn’t sure if he was hearing Pinliang right- how could Lin Yi be a farmer? Why would a farmer be attending this school as a high school student? Was Pinliang trying to make an international joke?

“He just transferred in, I heard he’s from the mountains. He looked pretty much like a farmer his first day at school, with dirty clothes and everything.” Pinliang explained as a thought crossed his mind- why would Ruoming be asking about Lin Yi from him, was he planning something? He hadn’t heard anything about Ruoming having beef with Lin Yi!

“Is that so…… Why aren’t you doing anything after what he did to you the last couple days?” Ruoming asked, doubtful of Pinliang’s explanation. There’d be no way Pinliang would just let him off the hook if Lin Yi really were just a farmer.

“Let’s not talk about that……” Pinliang said, shaking his head with a bitter smile on his lips. “I even got a scolding from my old man for calling Heibao Bro out on my own, and you know how my dad doesn’t like me messing around in school. I’m not a match for Lin Yi, too- the guy’s from the farms, and he’s really strong! There isn’t much I can do to him.”

Zhong Pinliang had more or less figured it out by now: there was a little something between Zou Ruoming and Lin Yi. He wasn’t about to stop Ruoming from teaching Lin Yi a lesson, that was for sure.

“So that’s how it is…… In other words, Lin Yi doesn’t have much of a background backing him up?” Ruoming’s concern was Lin Yi’s identity- he didn’t want to be messing with the wrong guy, since it’d be pointless if there were consequences out of his league after he’d dealt with Lin Yi.

“Well, not that I know of…… I say, Ming Bro- why’re you so interested in that guy all of a sudden?” Pinliang asked, as if not understanding Ruoming’s intentions.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Just curious, you know?” Ruoming answered. “Well, I’ll be going then, my friends are waiting at the court.”

Pinliang curled his lips as he watched Ruoming leave. Curious? Curious my ass. It seemed that Ruoming, however, was about to go after Lin Yi, and that was good enough news to Pinliang.

Lin Yi and Xiaobo were walking out of the classroom for exercise break when they saw Wang Zhifeng rushing over, his face rather composed upon spotting Lin Yi. “Lin Yi, come with me for a bit.”

“Oh, sure.” Lin Yi understood- Zhifeng had to act like a dean with Xiaobo around- his relationship with Lin Yi wasn’t something that could be revealed, after all. Lin Yi patted Xiaobo on the shoulder as he spoke. “You go on ahead first, the dean needs to speak with me.”

“Okay……” Xiaobo was a little worried, but decided to leave the two be as he got going- it wasn’t very appropriate for him to be asking questions in front of the dean like that.

Lin Yi only turned to the dean after Xiaobo had left. “Is something the matter, Mr. Wang?”

“Well, Captain Yang from the criminal police force is here… He wants to see you……” Wang Zhifeng smiled bitterly. “Probably because of the incident last week. Be careful of what you say, just tell him you don’t know anything when he asks you the questions. I’ll handle this matter officially as a representative of the school later.”

Zhifeng was quite committed to looking out for Lin Yi, it seemed. Lin Yi finding out about his secret was but one factor- it was also because of Chu Pengzhan, as well.

“Ah…… Okay.” Lin Yi knew instantly that it couldn’t be because of the incident if it was Yang Huaijun asking for him- it had to have something to do with the prescription he’d given him.

It was pretty nice timing- in normal circumstances, anyone would be either suspicious or curious if a criminal police captain just showed up at school asking for a student. The incident from last week was a good coverup for that.

The two made their way to the room Huaijun was in. Zhifeng pushed the door open before stepping in. “Captain Yang, I’ve brought Lin Yi. Let me say this in advance, however…… It’s fine if you just want to ask him questions, but I’d need to inform the principal if you intend to take him with you……”

“I’m just here to ask some questions!” Huaijun smiled. “Rest assured, Mr. Wang- I won’t be causing any inconvenience for you….. Could you leave us?”

“I’ll leave you two alone, then.” Zhifeng nodded, closing the door shut as he left the room.

“Well? How’s the prescription?” Lin Yi asked, seating himself on a couch casually.

“Eagle, you’re really too amazing. The prescription’s better than the painkillers!” Huaijun punched at Lin Yi excitedly as Lin Yi evaded the attack completely.

“Call me Lin Yi.” Lin Yi corrected.

“Alright, your call, boss.” Huaijun didn’t mind either way- it was just a code-name anyway. “Lin Yi, there’s something I need to confess- I showed the prescription you gave me to my doctor…… But he gave me a guarantee that he wouldn’t tell anyone else about it.”

“Haha, it’s fine, he’ll be able to save more people, right.” Lin Yi said with a laugh, evidently not minding what Huaijun had done at all. “What did he say?”

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