Chapter 143 - At Our Doorstep

Chapter 143 - At Our Doorstep

Tang Yin made her way to class five once more during lunch. She didn’t dare approach Chen Yushu about the matter again, opting instead to ask a nerdy-looking girl for help…

The girl was clearly the type that minded her own business, studying without listening to gossip or anything of the sort- she didn’t know if Lin Yi was even in the room. She took a look inside class five before making sure Lin Yi wasn’t there.

Tang Yin was both disappointed and frustrated- was Lin Yi doing this to piss her off on purpose? What was he even doing, hadn’t he told her mother that he’d bring the recipe today?

It was half past one in the afternoon when Lin Yi barely made it in time for the bell, and Yushu poked at Mengyao upon seeing his entrance. “Shield Bro’s here, Yao Yao.”

“Oh……” Mengyao raised her head, lowering it back down immediately upon seeing that Lin Yi was looking her way. She was still struggling to figure out what this guy’s relationship with Tang Yin was.

“You don’t look very happy, Yao Yao.” Yushu asked, noticing that her friend seemed rather disspirited.

“No, I’m just feeling a bit tired……” Mengyao said as she massaged her shoulder a little. She phrased her question carefully as she turned to Yushu. “Shu, what d’you think Lin Yi was absent for?”

“I dunno. Maybe I can ask for you?” Yushu asked. Yao Yao’s definitely looking at Lin Yi differently..?

“Ah… I guess you could……” Mengyao agreed after some hesitation.

“Oh. Should I ask him why Tang Yin’s looking for him too?” Yushu said as she typed on a phone, preparing a text to be sent to Lin Yi. She had to resort to paper balls before Lin Yi had gotten a handphone, but they were past those primitive ways now that he did have one.

“Ask him that..?” Mengyao was about to ask ‘what for?’ when her mouth shut up on her own. “Do what you want, I guess……”

“Heh……” Yushu grinned as she tapped at her phone before sending the text to Lin Yi.

“There was a lady fair and kind, a village girl they call Fang……”

A phone started ringing… It was a pleasant melody, albeit a very old-fashioned one…

Class was moments away, and class was dead silent as a result… The ringtone was explosively loud because of that, and everyone turned their heads to where the sound was coming from…

Lin Yi couldn’t help but feel awkward as everyone looked at him- he was afraid that Huaijun wouldn’t be able to reach him through a call, and decided to set the whole phone to ‘ringtone mode’ in case he wanted to text him.

He clicked on his phone- thank god it was just a text.

His classmates were already turning their heads away- they just wanted to see where the sound was coming from. Mengyao, on the other hand, had a soft grin on her face while Yushu had her tongue out. Not my fault your phone’s not on vibrate.

Lin Yi saw that the text was from Yushu. “Yao Yao wanted me to ask where you were this morning.”

Lin Yi smiled with a shake of his head- so the Miss was curious after all.This Yushu, too, throwing Mengyao’s name out like that when she probably wanted her curiosity secret.

From what Lin Yi could see, the Miss belonged to the mensao (basically tsundere) type, cold on the outside but passionate inside…… Her face made it look like Lin Yi owed her a couple million kuai or something, but there were times when she expressed concern for him… She wasn’t that bad of an employer.

She was probably wondering why Lin Yi was absent, but was too shy to ask him herself and asked Yushu to help do that instead. Yushu had completely exposed Mengyao’s intentions.

Lin Yi’s decided to mess with her a little. “Went to the police station caz of the Heibao thing.” (Lin Yi calls him little Hei here)

But the text wasn’t for Yushu- it was sent to Mengyao.

Mengyao had been eyeing Yushu’s phone the whole time after she’d texted Lin Yi- she didn’t expect it to be her phone to be vibrating.

Curious, she pulled her phone out, assuming that it was a text from an advertising company or one of those irritating con artists- her face darkened upon seeing who the sender was.

Lin Yi?! The guy was even telling her of what he’d been up to this morning…

Would Lin Yi be so obedient as to report his business to her like that? Mengyao knew that this wasn’t the type of person Lin Yi was, and that only meant one thing: Yushu had done something with the text- why would Lin Yi have replied to her instead of Yushu elsewise?

“Shu!” Mengyao held the phone up for Yushu to see. “What’s going on?”

“Ugh…… I don’t know?” Yushu blinked, acting completely oblivious like some innocent loli girl.

“Show me your phone!” Mengyao didn’t bother interrogating Yushu anymore- the two of them grew up together, and she knew best what kind of personality the girl had… She was a real pro at acting innocent.

“My… phone? What’s so interesting about my phone..?” Yushu said as she continued the act. “Didn’t we buy the same one together… Did you forget? You know, that time where we saw that event with that Pure and Pleasant Intimacies poster, by that Fishman the Second guy, right? The free mobile plan event..?”

“Shu!!” Mengyao stopped her with a glare before her bullshit got too ridiculous. “Stop changing the subject- show me your phone!”

“Kay……” Yushu was actually still afraid of the girl- she didn’t want Mengyao getting pissed off for real. She handed her phone to her friend obediently…

Mengyao snatched it over and went to the text Yushu had sent to Lin Yi- her eyes widened as she read what this girl had decided to write. “Shu… Why’d you put my name in here?”

“But you’re the one who told me to ask him……” Yushu said innocently still.

“You……” Mengyao didn’t know what to say- that was true, but she didn’t have to phrase the text like that, did she? And Mengyao was pretty sure she said ‘do what you want’, too?

“Shu, I never said anything like that! I told you to do what you want!” Mengyao said, pissed. “You’re just using me as a shield!”

“Oh, then I’ll explain this whole thing to Shield Bro then. It was my shitty idea, had nothing to do with you……” Yushu said.

“Fine, I’d rather do it myself at this point……” Mengyao said with a roll of her eyes before unlocking her phone on for a reply: ‘You don’t need to report anything to me, but slow down with the amount of girls you’re messing around with! They’re at our doorstep already!’

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