Chapter 199 - A Wallet I Picked Up

Chapter 199 - A Wallet I Picked Up

And so, Tang Yin, helpless and cornered, decided to give Lin Yi two options.

She wanted to make things clear- Lin Yi appearing in her house was not something she wanted happening on a regular basis.

If the guy wasn’t serious about the whole thing in the first place, then it’d be best if he left her alone, instead of bothering her all the time.

If he was serious, then it’d make sense to set a time for him: after the final exams. She could focus on her studies in this critical year without outer disturbances, and it’d also act as a test of sorts, to see if Lin Yi was actually serious about starting a relationship with her. Needless to say, he’d never agree to waiting for months if he weren’t.

If he did happen to wait for her all those months, then there was no harm in trying it out with him… After all, college was a place where real relationships happened- As much as a goody-two-shoes Tang Yin was, even she fantasized about stuff like that.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, wasn’t expecting Tang Yin to be making a proposal like that- should he accept, or decline?

He was just about to say something when Tang Yin turned and quickly left in Xiaobo’s direction.

Lin Yi quickly caught up to her, noticing that she’d reverted back to normal, as if nothing had happened. Tang Yin was still Tang Yin, albeit with a tint of shyness now, something that added to her beauty- it touched Lin Yi.

They reached Xiaobo, who was staring at the medical bills in his hands blankly. Lin Yi walked up to him. “Xiaobo? Did you finish?”

“Boss… it’s a ten thousand kuai deposit… I don’t have enough……” Xiaobo said, a little embarrassed that he took up the responsibility without the money for it.

“Oh?” Lin Yi blinked as he turned to Tang Yin. “Isn’t Fen’s mom here?”

“Fen’s family isn’t much better off than mine is- they’ve spent a lot on other fees for Fen’s sickness the last couple years, and they even have debts. There’s no way they just have extra money lying around.” Tang YIn sighed. “Are you willing to pay for it first? I promise Fen’s family will give it back to you.”

“Me?” Lin Yi wasn’t someone who troubled himself with the affairs of other people, especially not with strangers… Lan Fen, however, was someone Xiaobo had fallen for- it was only natural that he’d help out.

Yet he didn’t have the bank card Li Fu had given him- he had just thrown it in his bedroom drawer, since he didn’t spend much money anyway.

Other than the thousand kuai he’d been paid with by Sun Jingyi for his shield service, he still had Wu Chentian’s wallet he could use.

He handed the one thousand to Xiaobo before pulling Chentian’s wallet out- there were about three or five thousand rmb in there, and the rest were just usd. They were much bigger bills than the rmb ones, including five hundred and even a thousand dollar bill- they weren’t printed anymore, but were still in circulation.

They were more like collection items than money one would spend- they had to be worth much more than the numbers printed on the bills. No one would spend bills like these.

Evidently, the big dollar bills in Chentian’s wallet were for the sole purpose of showing off only. Lin Yi had met similar people before- he could tell that the Wus were quite a powerful family.

Lin Yi pulled out all the rmb, handing it to Xiaobo before asking him a question. “Ask them if usd is okay.”

Xiaobo took the money gratefully before running to the counter. “Excuse me, is usd alright?”

“Yes, but for deposits only. The final bills need to be paid for with rmb.” The staff said.

“Okay, thanks.” Xiaobo sighed in relief before running back to Lin Yi. “Boss, usd is good too, but only for deposits.”

“Kay, here you go.” Lin Yi said as he pulled all the one hundred dollar bills out for Xiaobo- they probably wouldn’t even recognize the five hundred and thousand dollar bills if Lin Yi handed those over. They might even assume it was counterfeit money.

“Couldn’t tell that you were this rich- you have usd, even.” Tang Yin said, peeking inside Lin Yi’s wallet. The guy’d even claimed that he wasn’t a young master- what was all this money, then?

“Oh, this wallet you mean? I picked it up from the ground.” Lin Yi shrugged.

“Picked it up?” Tang Yin blinked, a little frustrated at Lin Yi’s lies- did he think she was an idiot? Picked it up from the ground? Why couldn’t she find a wallet like that on the ground?

“You can look at the IC in here if you don’t believe me.” Lin Yi said as he pulled Wu Chentian’s IC out, waving it about in front of Tang Yin’s eyes.

“Ah?” Tang Yin’s eyes widened in complete disbelief- the wallet wasn’t Lin Yi’s?! The guy really did pick it up! “You really did pick it up..? But… How can you spend that money?”

“You told me to pay up first……” Lin Yi said as he slipped the IC back and dropped the wallet into his pocket.

“I……” Tang Yin didn’t know what to say. “Shouldn’t you give it back to the owner? He’s probably really anxious about it…”

“Ah, the owner isn’t anxious or anything.” Lin Yi smiled. “It’s a gift.”

Wu Chentian having anxiety over his wallet was the last thing Lin Yi was concerned about- He wouldn’t be able to do anything to Lin Yi, anyway, and at the end of the day, the guy deserved it!!

Lin Yi had only taken his wallet because he’d done it first, too- he’d be in a pretty bad situation if he reported this to the police, and it’d be pretty embarrassing if his family found out… The Wu family should be a pretty important family, from what Lin Yi had seen.

So Lin Yi decided not to care at all- the guy should be glad Lin Yi wasn’t blackmailing him or anything.

“Gift?” Tang Yin didn’t believe that, but the guy had spoken, and it wouldn’t be very appropriate for her to continue questioning. She didn’t agree with what Lin Yi was doing, but it was an emergency, and Fen needed that money.

After all, Tang Yin had a good idea how things like this went down if the medical fees weren’t paid for- they’d probably kick Fen out- hospitals weren’t a charity, after all.

“Boss, thank you! I’ll return you the money for sure!” Xiaobo said excitedly as he walked back to Lin Yi gratefully, receipt in hand. He was right to follow Lin Yi and call him his boss, after all! Who else would, without so much as hesitating, pull out this much money in the same situation?

“Return it? It’s not that much- forget it.” Lin Yi said, not expecting Xiaobo and especially Fen’s family to be paying that back to him. He’d be fine with just that sum if Fen and Xiaobo had a shot together- it was something he’d like to see as Xiaobo’s ‘boss’.

“Boss……” Xiaobo was about to say something else when Lin Yi stopped him.

“Go- go see her.” Lin Yi said.

“Ah, right! Right!” Xiaobo nodded. He looked at Lin Yi gratefully before walking away.

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