Chapter 339 - It’s A Tie

Chapter 339 - It’s A Tie

“Shu! I was talking to Lin Yi, not you!” Mengyao said in disbelief before turning to Lin Yi. “What’re you looking at? Maybe we should poke your eyes out?”

“Oh……” Yushu moved her hands away from her eyes and pulled the blanket on the sofa over her body, her face red like a lobster.

“Uh…… The sun outside was too bright, so my eyes were adjusting when I came in here, I didn’t see anything……” Lin Yi raised his hands up to express his innocence.

“The streetlights outside are turned on already, Lin Yi!” Mengyao wasn’t that gullible.

“Wait, I messed up- I meant that the lights in here were too bright, it was too dark outside, so my eyes were adjusting… I didn’t see anything……” Lin Yi said awkwardly. “Well, I’m going back to my room… I gotta take a shower……”

“You stop right there! You saw everything on Shu’s body, so how’re you gonna make up for it!!” Mengyao wasn’t about to just let Lin Yi go that easily- she found herself in a lot of discomfort, and was very upset for some reason, even though it was Yushu’s body… She didn’t understand why.

“Ugh…… Let’s talk about this after I shower!” Lin Yi didn’t want to piss Mengyao off- he decided to wait after she’d calmed down. She’d probably forget about the whole thing by then.

“Shield Bro…… Are you rushing to the bathroom so you could jerk off……” Yushu said weakly.

Mengyao flipped- what on earth was this woman saying??? “Shu, what’re you talking about?!”

“I just… wanted to confirm if what the books say are real……” Yushu stuck her tongue out at Mengyao- she read that boys had a reaction down there whenever they’d encounter something exciting, and that they’d think about doing something like that… Why else would Shield Bro insist on getting himself to the bathroom if not for relieving himself!

“Shu, are you losing some part of your brain?” Mengyao was going crazy. “Can’t you just not say stuff like that???” 

“I…… Uh, I’ll go back to my room……” Yushu was making Lin Yi feel embarrassed himself- he wanted to take a shower because he hadn’t for two days, running around and everything! The girl just assumed he wanted to jerk off… She even thought that he’d be masturbating to her……

“Don’t you dare, Lin Yi! I’m not gonna let you use Yushu’s body for that!!” Mengyao glared.

“No, no……. I really just wanna take a shower, I’m sweating all over… If you don’t believe me you can come see for yourself!” Lin Yi couldn’t help but grin at that last part.

“You-!!” Mengyao hmphed. “Who’d want that?!”

Lin Yi then slipped into his room and let out a deep breath- that scene was way too exciting! Why couldn’t time have moved slower? He wondered when he’d get a chance like that again.

Although, he was perfectly capable of sneaking upstairs for a look at night- General Wei Wu was nothing more than a decoration. 

That would, however, brand him a pervert, and Lin Yi wouldn’t stoop that low.

Naturally, something like this had to be done civilly! Yushu hadn’t shown her body to him on purpose or anything, but Lin Yi didn’t mind accidents like that to happen more  now and then… It was quite refreshing……

“Shu, what’re you gonna do?? A girl getting her entire body seen like that, how’re you supposed to marry now!” Mengyao said helplessly after Lin Yi had left.

“Shield Bro’s not an outsider or anything you know… He even kissed me before……” Yushu blushed at the thought.

“Kissed you?” Mengyao realized that she wasn’t aware of some things at that moment. “When did he kiss you??”

She only knew about Lin Yi touching her boobs, what was this about a kiss?! Were these two hiding things from her!

Yushu regretted letting that slip, but the only thing she could do now was cover for it. “No, it’s… It’s that time when I was drowning, Shield Bro covered my lips to stop the water from flooding in……”

“Why… Why didn’t you tell me before?” Mengyao was quite angry. “Shu! You’re a girl, you can’t just let him kiss and touch you and everything! This can’t be, alright! No, I’m gonna go tell him to take responsibility!”

“It’s not that big a deal, is it……” Yushu was a bit shocked as well as Mengyao spoke- since when had Lin Yi taken advantage of her so many times??

“Of course it is! I can’t- I need to tell father about this, he can’t stay here anymore! It’s too dangerous.” Mengyao was very confused herself.

“Come on, Yao Yao, it’s not like we’re the only ones being taken advantage of. Wasn’t there that time at school, where we saw his parts as well……” Yushu said seriously. “If we think about it, it’s actually a tie. We took advantage of him too……”

“Is that really us taking advantage of him..?” Mengyao was speechless- this girl always used weird logic to reason.

But Mengyao was finding it odd as well- Yushu was never one to just get taken advantage of like this… Telling her brother Chen Yutian of this would get Lin Yi beaten up badly……

But was Yutian even a match for Lin Yi? From what Mengyao could remember, Yutian was really strong- he could put anyone down swiftly other than Song Lingshan……

But from what Shu had told her, even Lingshan had been completely tamed by Lin Yi, who took pictures of sand castles using her phone and even told her to send them to him…… Was this something Lingshan would do?

“Why don’t we…… Take a look at him when he showers? Then we’d get something back from the loss.” Yushu put on the table a tempting suggestion.

After all, even Mengyao was at least a bit curious, but peeking on Lin Yi showering? Wouldn’t that brand them female perverts? It was an impossible suggestion. “Shu, you’re getting way too open-minded recently… That’s never good, it’s a sign that the girl would lose her virginity!”

“Ah!! Is it that serious?!” Yushu was shocked as well, her face blushing again- she didn’t mind Lin Yi or anything, that much was true, since she only felt her heart thumping after all those things he’d done to her, and that was it… She didn’t feel like hating him for the actions at all! Yushu wondered if that counted as intimate feelings towards Lin Yi? Mengyao was making it sound pretty serious, too……

“Yes, it’s serious, very serious! So, if you don’t like Lin Yi and aren’t thinking of marrying him in the future, then you need to get away from him as soon as possible!” Mengyao said solemnly.

“Oh. Okay then, do you want to marry him, Yao Yao?” Yushu nodded and sent a question back at Mengyao.

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