Chapter 415 - Kang Marriage

Chapter 415 - Kang Marriage

A smack sounded as Miracle Doctor Kang slapped his thigh, standing up excitedly. “Brilliant! What a brilliant set of words!!! Zhaoming, what you’re saying is indeed logical- if even urine can be medicine, why not poop?”

“That’s right ,grandpa! Don’t people always say stinky dog shit? That proves that dog shit is stinky, and that means nobody tried eating it before, because of the stench!” Zhaoming said. “But, it’s possible that some people accidentally discovered the secret within dog poop, and made this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing medicine. It’s actually really possible that dog shit is a component!”

“Zhaoming’s making valid points, grandpa!” Zhaolong wouldn’t let Zhaoming hog all of the spotlight- he used to be the excellent Kang, the one with most potential and the brightest future! He had to interject here. “I think the same way, grandpa! It’s the same as the stone that forms inside a dog’s gallbladder- it’s valuable to us, but that stone in some other animal’s gallbladder is nothing more than trash! In a dog it becomes a treasure all of a sudden, so I think that just because it’s dog shit doesn’t mean it has to be trash- it makes sense that it’s the main component of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing!”

“You’re right, Zhaolong, that makes sense too!” Miracle Doctor Kang nodded. “The two of you really make me proud- I’m so glad that the Kangs have you two brothers to bring it to further glory! If we manage to produce this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, you two would be the primary contributors, and I’ll give you two huge shares!”

“Thank you, grandpa!” Zhaolong and Zhaoming were quite pleased- it took only a couple sentences and they’d soon have the shares for the new medicine product! It was too easy.

“Alright, Zhaolong- you arrange for some men to gather dog shit, we’ll do an experiment!” Miracle Doctor Kang instructed. “We’ll start manufacturing Pills of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing as soon as possible, strengthening the Kang name! Golden Creation would look much smaller compared to this project!”

“No problem, grandpa, I’ll arrange that right away! We need to finalize this as soon as we can!” Zhaolong nodded in response.

“Perfect!” Miracle Doctor Kang said. “Also, something really important I have to talk to you about, regarding your marriage, Zhaolong!”

“Marriage? What do you mean?” Zhaolong blinked. “I don’t even have a girlfriend, why’re we talking about marriage?”

Zhaolong was quite different from Zhaoming- Zhaoming was a playboy who changed his women as frequently as he ate rice, but Zhaolong wasn’t like that. As the third generation Kang elite, he had too many hopes pinned on him. As much as he’d like to get a girlfriend and fall in love, he himself was a man with burning ambition as well. For that, he sacrificed love decisively and gave up on even girls he was interested in.

He invested all of his efforts into studying medicine, and because of those efforts, was now studying for a PhD. He wouldn’t have progressed so smoothly if it weren’t for that hard work, and everything he had was due to it- he never used House Kang’s influence at all!

This was also why Miracle Doctor Kang valued him so much, but this talk about him getting married took him by surprise. Where did this even come from?

“Haha, it’s fine if you don’t have a girlfriend, I’ve made a decision for you- the girl’s really beautiful, too, from a powerful family. What do you say, Zhaolong?” Miracle Doctor Kang asked.

“I… Isn’t this a little too soon? Grandpa, I still haven’t gotten my PhD yet…” Zhaolong wasn’t sure what to say- it just felt too rushed.

“It’s not at all! You’re studying for a PhD already- a lot of people bring their children when they study for a PhD! When I was your age I already had your second uncle!” Miracle Doctor Kang waved his hand. “Zhaolong, you need to understand that it’s a marriage between two large houses- this is vital to our place in the high society! We Kangs may have become famous using Golden Creation these couple years, but we’re still just a business family with a miracle recipe. People may have given me the miracle doctor title, but that’s just out of respect- Grandpa isn’t a miracle doctor at all. So, for the Kang family to go higher as one of the powerful houses, we’ll have to work hard and also make marriages with other houses!”

“Of course, the more powerful families wouldn’t be interested in us, and they wouldn’t bother making a marriage between our houses, but there are some families who’ve fallen that are plenty willing to do so! As fallen as they are, they were still once powerful houses with a certain extent of influence and name. As long as we join together, the Kangs would only go higher!”

“I’ll leave everything to grandpa then!” Zhaolong nodded after some hesitation. If this was the case, then his marriage with that house would help further his career, and it’d make him a hero of the Kangs as well. It was surely something that’d benefit him when his position in the Kang family rose along with House Kang’s place in high society- Zhaolong didn’t hesitate for long. “What house is it, grandpa?”

“House Xiao, of Yanjing!” Miracle Doctor said. “Their Elder Xiao wasn’t the smartest when he got older, and signed a couple of very damaging contracts, losing the majority of the Xiaos’ assets. The Xiao brothers are hard pressed, and for the sake of maintaining the Xiao’s family’s name, decided to bond with another house using marriage.”

Miracle Doctor Kang left one part out, and that was the fact that House Kang wanted to rise to the list of absolutes, the strongest houses- this was a perfect match.

“Alright, I’m fine with it.” Zhaolong nodded, giving his consent.

“Alright, if you agree then here’s a picture of the girl I’ve brought for you. Take a look, if she’s alright I’ll start with the betrothal gift!” Miracle Doctor Kang said. “Then we’ll find a day and host the wedding, settle everything down and at the same time, heighten our family’s fame! House Xiao may not have any money anymore, but their connections in the business world are still intact. Our medicine business will be able to utilize those connections and expand to a larger scale.”

“Alright! Grandpa, I’ll let you arrange everything!” Zhaolong nodded. Whether the girl was pretty or not didn’t matter anymore, the most important thing here was that this marriage would cement his place in the Kang family. If she weren’t pretty then he’d make do, but if she was, then it’d be a nice bonus.

“Here’s her picture. If you’re satisfied then go contact and interact with her yourself first- you young people should have some things in common to start off with!” Miracle Doctor handed Zhaolong the picture as he spoke. “She uses an outside surname, but the girl’s father isn’t a nobody either. He owns a chain medicine company in Songshan, coincidentally in our field!”

Zhaolong was overjoyed at the information- even the girl’s family was strong as well, and this only meant a bonus boost for him, his place in the Kang house would soar! He took over the picture, initially planning to take a quick look only to find his eyes stuck on it.

The picture had been taken casually, but the girl’s looks stood out from the crowd- she had a fresh and refined face, and it attracted Zhaolong instantly! He never expected such a beautiful fiance!

He stared at the girl with a blank look on his face.

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