Chapter 423 - What To Do

Chapter 423 - What To Do


“Ah?” Lingshan paused, her eyes on Lin Yi and full of disbelief. She herself was golden class, and had conjectured that Lin Yi should be the same- but that miraculous movement from earlier was something she’d never seen before.

Two casual taps and he’d turned someone mute?

Uncle Yan himself couldn’t believe it as well- he hadn’t seen a technique like that before. Was it an acupuncture technique? That shouldn’t be possible… He was someone from the Wulin world, and even he hadn’t heard about anyone who was capable of that. It was a fancy move in movies, and that was it- it had zero practical use whatsoever. He was just about to prove Lin Yi’s unbelievable claim wrong when he realized that he couldn’t utter a word, much to his shock.

Speechless, Lingshan looked at Qiyuan, who seemed to be trying to make a sound. It seemed that Lin Yi really did turn him into a mute- The idea of stripping away someone’s ability of speech with just some taps was frightening.

“Oh, right, he can still write. Maybe I should make him retarded too.” Lin Yi said as the concern crossed his mind.

“Mm… Mmm…” Qiyuan shook his head as if his life depended on it- what the hell!! What would he live for if he turned retarded? He still needed to get the news to his sect, and he didn’t really have effort to spare talking to the cops about who the one who captured him was, he was dying anyway! Speaking so much would just be a waste of saliva.

“Look, he says he won’t talk. Alright, we’re done then. I’m leaving.” Naturally, Lin Yi couldn’t really do something like to to Qiyuan right in front of LIngshan. He shrugged and got in the car with Tang Yin.

Lingshan looked at Lin Yi, conflicted. She brought Qiyuan into her police car and drove back to the station quickly.

Lingshan walked in with Qiyuan and bumped into Tiandi and Ruoguang coming out after their penalties from the traffic police.

Tiandi was overtaken by surprise as Lingshan brought Qiyuan in- he was horrified the next instant. Why was Uncle Yan being arrested? Didn’t he ask Ruoming to get him to stop Lin Yi?

“What’s wrong, do you know this murderer and robber fugitive, Mister Zou?” Lingshan took one look at the shocked Tiandi and understood immediately that he was the one who sent Qiyuan on Lin Yi. Although, Tiandi probably wouldn’t admit to that if she didn’t have evidence.

“No, no… I don’t know him…” Tiandi shook his head quickly before leaving the place with Ruoguang. He didn’t want to get involved with a murderer, even if he was already compromised.

Lingshan looked at Ruoguang and Tiandi’s departing figures and smiled coldly. She turned around to see Liu Wangli.

“Captain Song, bringing someone in? What could he have done at that age?” Wangli asked after seeing the old man Lingshan was handling. 

“Yan Qiyuan, wanted murderer and robber.” Lingshan ordered faintly. “I’ll leave him to you.”

“Captain Song, you… You caught Yan Qiyuan?” Wangli’s eyes were wide open, absolutely impressed with Lingshan. She’d been solving cases left and right recently, and along with her title in the police department and criminal police team- she’d become a replacement for Yang Huaijun!

The gossip about Lingshan being only a vanguard charger with no case-solving abilities ceased as well- everyone had acknowledged her! Wangli never liked it when people talked behind his boss like that, but the contents of those talks had drastically changed into praises, much to his surprise. This time Lingshan even brought back a fugitive! It was a day to be proud.

But Lingshan, on the other hand, had complicated feelings. Exactly what kind of relationship did she have with Lin Yi? Were they partners or enemies? Things were getting really blurry…

Tiandi and Ruoguang got back in the car, Tiandi’s heart still thumping heavily. “Ruoguang, did I see that right? Was that Uncle Yan??”

“It was!” Ruoguang nodded. “Did Song Lingshan beat him? Isn’t he an early phase golden class??”

“I don’t know! We should give Ruoming a call first!” Tiandi was quite rushed in learning the truth.

“Hello? Ruoming? What the hell’s going on, how come the cops have Uncle Yan?” Tiandi started spamming questions before Ruoming even had the chance to speak.

“Dad, we’re in trouble!” Ruoming was pretty traumatized himself, currently hiding away at home. He didn’t even dare go back to school anymore. “That kid Lin Yi, he’s from our school! He’s a master! He destroyed Uncle Yan with a slap and knocked him out by stepping on him a couple times!”

“What!! He’s that good??” Tiandi was at a loss for words at Ruoming’s revealation- what surprised him most was how Ruoming even knew Lin Yi!

“He’s one of the tyrants in our school, nobody dares go near him right now…” Ruoming’s voice was almost cracking up. “He’d always disliked me, and I still went and caused him trouble by bringing Uncle Yan! I’m in big trouble because of you, dad! I can’t even go back to school anymore…”

Tiandi’s face paled instantly- he knew very well what sort of strength Uncle Yan had. Someone who could easily beat down Uncle Yan? That was a monster, and he’d pissed this monster off!

Just thinking about it terrified Tiandi- if Lin Yi actually wanted him dead it’d be as easy as crushing an ant for him! He was even trying to get a hospital room from him that day… He couldn’t imagine what sort of consequences that could’ve taken place!

Tiandi wasn’t the most affected Zou here- it was Ruoguang, who’d heard what Ruoming had said to Tiandi. He was even more terrified than his father was. “Dad, I told you we couldn’t piss this guy off, but you didn’t listen! We’re screwed now! If that guy wants us dead it’d be like playing with some toys, we’ve got no chance! What do we do! You even told me to bring some men to teach him a lesson, thank god I didn’t! You’d be burning money in front of my grave if I did!”

“Alright, Ruoguang, calm down- Lin Yi’s really strong, but didn’t he let us go? He let Uncle Yan and let Ruoming go, so that means he couldn’t bother with common folk like us! We’ll just stay away from him, that’ll be enough! I’ll find a way to give him a red packet and apologize with a dinner, he’ll let us go, hopefully!” Tiandi wasn’t a nobody- analyzing the situation and providing a strategy was well within his capabilities.

“That’s the only thing we can do now!” Ruoguang nodded. “I let my lust get to my head once, and I even tried to mess with the girl who was with him… Just… Just thinking about it scares me!!”

“That’s right- I know what he looks like now, I even saved his picture. Next time we see him we’ll go the long way and avoid him! If that’s not possible we’ll pay him respects! Like the saying goes, you don’t hit someone who smiles at you! We’ll try to please him, and since he’s a high-class master he wouldn’t stoop down to our level to bicker with us!” Tiandi said.

“That’s the only way we can go now!” Ruoguang’s face was still looking rather bitter.

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