Chapter 563 - Breakthrough, Mystic Class Master!

Chapter 563 - Breakthrough, Mystic Class Master!

“Misunderstanding? Who slapped my dad?” Xiaobo was furious when he saw the handprint on his father’s cheek, so this was his only opportunity to vent his anger.

“Um… it was me, Kang bro. It was an accident… I’m sorry….” Ruoguang admitted.

“Your dad was calling me Kang bro, and now you are calling me Kang bro as well? Your family’s seniority is such a mess!” Xiaobo was feeling superior. He found a channel to vent his anger. Now that he was Lin Yi’s right-hand man, he could do anything he couldn’t accomplish previously!

“Uh… Uncle Kang! We’re truly sorry! You can hit me as much as you like; it was an accident, I didn’t do it on purpose….” Ruoguang was still very afraid of Lin Yi when he heard that Kang Xiaobo wasn’t happy with the honorific. He changed it immediately.

“Dad, he’s all yours!” Xiaobo turned around.

Mr. Kang felt a swirl of emotions. His jaw dropped at the sight. Who’s Lin Yi? Why were the Zous so afraid of him? Despite all that, bravery and excitement still rushed into his blood! Just a few moments ago, that kid was still being cocky, but now he was degraded to grandson seniority! Because that kid was calling his own son uncle!

Mr. Kang wasn’t a hot-blooded and violent person, but he wouldn’t allow Ruoguang to leave so easily as he started throwing sarcasm at him. “It’s ok, this Zou li’l bro didn’t do it on purpose. Ahhhh, I’m sorry Zou bro! That word slipped out of my mouth again, my bad Zou bro, not Zou li’l bro….”

“Eh!” Ruoguang’s face turned purple in fear! Why was Mr. Kang still calling him bro! Was he trying to get Ruoguang killed? The next second, he realized that Mr. Kang was getting payback! Ruoguang wasn’t stupid. He prostrated and begged for forgiveness. “Grandpa Kang, I’m no bro to you. I’m a grandson in front of you! I’m a kiddo! Please forgive me!”

“Ruoguang, since Kang bro and Uncle Kang are not moving their hands, slap your own face!” Tiandi wanted to calm Xiaobo down, so he decided that humiliating themselves was the best way.

“Yes, I’ll do it now!” Ruoguang slapped himself a few times. The sound of slapping filled the room, loud and clear.

“Kang bro, Uncle Kang, please accept my sincere apology. Don’t worry! I’ll make this Zhang Baji disappear!” Ruoguang wanted to leave as soon as possible and said, “This Zhang Baji tricked me here; I won’t allow myself to forgive him!”

Xiaobo didn’t want to see their faces anymore so he let them go.

Mr. and Mrs. Kang let out sighs of relief when the Zous left their house. They pulled their son to them and bombarded him with questions about Lin Yi. In actuality, Xiaobo was pretty ignorant of Lin Yi’s true identity, so he picked a few events that happened school.


After three nights of recovery, Lin Yi got back his late phase golden class strength, but there was still a gulf between late phase and his previous peak phase. Frankly, Lin Yi was pretty restless about his progress, because he had gotten back his late phase golden class strength on the second night, but there was no improvement at all for the third night.

On the fourth night, Lin Yi couldn’t hold back the urge to seek answers from Elder Jiao. He asked, “Elder Jiao, why is the energy in my body not increasing anymore?”

“I don’t know,” Elder Jiao said.

“Uh… you can’t be serious, right?” Lin Yi was nervous.

“We practice different martial arts. I’ve never trained the Art of Dragon Mastery before, so I wouldn’t know the details. I can only answer your normal questions. Other than those, you have to figure it out yourself,” Elder Jiao said honestly.

“Alright, I’ll continue training then.” Lin Yi knew that Elder Jiao was telling the truth, so he had to figure things out for himself.

Lin Yi went into the jade and activated his Art of Dragon Mastery as usual. The energy in the atmosphere shifted, coursing into Lin Yi’s body with immense speed.

Lin Yi felt the absorption and the flow of energy inside his body, but the amount of energy stayed constant. Lin Yi was most concerned with this problem.

His body used to stop consuming the energy when he was fully charged. But now, it was totally different. His body was crazily consuming the energy even though his body was energized!


Luckily, the energy inside the jade was unlimited. It was free, or else Lin Yi would be bankrupt! It was such a depressing sight to see! Lin Yi was like a skinny man. He couldn’t gain weight even devouring truckloads of food every day. There was no improvement at all!

Despite the fact that he was despondent and restless about it, he continued training anyway, because even Elder Jiao didn’t have a clue about his condition.

As time passed, the sun rose. A whole night had passed. Lin Yi was still absorbing energy at an insane speed.

When Lin Yi was about to stop training and head back to reality, he felt the energy in the atmosphere rushing into his body like last time!

Lin Yi was startled, but he recalled the scenario when he first landed in this jade! It was the same situation when his Art of Dragon Mastery was upgraded to tier two! Could it be that he was breaking through this time?

At this point, Lin Yi was astonished, overjoyed, and calm at the same time! This was his second time, after all. Lin Yi knew that it must be a breakthrough this time!


Lin Yi’s body was unable to handle the enormous amount of energy, and he exploded. But Lin Yi wasn’t afraid. The indescribable feeling and immeasurable energy filled his body. It was mystical! He had never experienced this before!

In the blink of an eye, Lin Yi felt that his body was overcharged, and he was more agile than before! But he couldn’t determine how agile he was now because he wasn’t sure. It was just a feeling, after all. He needed real life practice to experience it.

“So your body was trying to break through, huh? Early phase mystic class, not bad,” Elder Jiao’s voice rang out. “You humans have a set constitution. It can’t be changed, except for the level of strength you’re at. I forgot about that.”


“Human? Elder Jiao, aren’t you a human?” Lin Yi was taken aback.

“Do I look like a human to you?” Elder Jiao looked at Lin Yi playfully.

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