Chapter 86 - Kind-Hearted Me

Chapter 86: Kind Hearted Me

As for Mei Hua Celestial, she lived alone with a single disciple and never interfered in the matters of the sect. Instead, she chose to cultivate in seclusion. However, her status in the Mystical Sky Yard was immensely lofty, to the point where the sect master and his wife had to pay respects to them. There were even rumors spreading outside that she was the strongest in the Mystical Sky Temple and the whole Vast Mountains.

In order to understand the grudges between Daoist Huo Yun and the sect master, it has to be explained from Song Shi Ming. At that time, not only was this sect master’s favorite disciple dashingly handsome, he was also very righteous and had an extremely good reputation in the sect. Plus, the strength which he obtained was due to assiduous efforts and talent, exacerbating his influence within the sect to the point where everyone had high expectations of him. He attracted the attention of many people, naturally including many female cultivators.

Amongst the female cultivators attracted, one of them was Daoist Huo Yun’s biological granddaughter. She was very talented and of a stellar character. Plus, she was also of the fire type, which complemented Song Shi Ming. Daoist Huo Yun also doted on this granddaughter of his a lot and even viewed her as his successor. After knowing her thoughts and considering Song Shi Ming, he was satisfied with his accolades and thus proposed marriage to the sect master.

At that time, they were still rather harmonious, and the sect master was also satisfied with the latter’s granddaughter. As such, he mentioned the matter to Song Shi Ming. But, never did he expect that Song Shi Ming was not willing and insisted on carrying out dual cultivation with Little Fatty’s mom instead.

The sect master was an open minded person and could also tell that Song Shi Ming indeed had no romantical affections for the granddaughter of Daoist Huo Yun. Plus, the sect master had already viewed Song Shi Ming as one of his own and also fully supported him. As such, he rejected the marriage proposal of Daoist Huo Yun.

It can be imagined how awkward Daoist Huo Yun would have felt back then. He had already sent his precious granddaughter to the other party’s door but was rejected. How would he still have any face? As such, in a fit of rage, Daoist Huo Yun almost fought with the sect master and his wife which was only mediated with the interference of Mei Hua Celestial.

Ever since then, the two parties began to engage in a secret battle for over 10 years. At least they were all still considered to be in the same sect. As such, they only fought over authority and didn’t take up arms at least. In the end, only under the mediation of the Mei Hua Celestial, did the both of them exercise restraint.

After this incident, because the sect master and his wife were envious of Little Fatty’s birth, they entered into a 20 years seclusion to work on human production[1]. This resulted in the authority of the Mystical Sky Yard slowly gathering in the hands of Daoist Huo Yun . As such, after Song Shi Ming and his wife met with misfortune, Daoist Huo Yun’s disciple, Zhang Yu Xing, would end up chasing Little Fatty out of the inner courts. As for those senior brothers who had favorable relationships with Song Shi Ming, they could only watch on helplessly as they were being pressured by Daoist Huo Yun.

After he understood the whole story, Little Fatty deeply engraved a name into his heart ‘Daoist Huo Yun’. He also started to guess in his heart, ‘My parents died due to an unknown reason outside. In this incident, don’t tell me this Daoist also participated in it?’

As Little Fatty mulled over this, the sect master smiled and asked Little Fatty how he passed his life all these years.

Little Fatty did not dare to leave them in suspense, and truthfully told them about his miserable childhood. When they heard that Little Fatty was constantly bullied when he was young, to the point where he may not even have food and was played pranks by the outer court disciple, the sect master and his wife was enraged.

This made the sect master roar, “This damn b*st*rds, tell me, who are they? I will skin them alive!”

As Little Fatty heard that, how would he dare to reveal anything? There were only two kinds of people who bullied him before. The first was a dead person, like the local tyrant of the outer court canteen. Another would be the women he conquered, like Han Ling Feng. He couldn’t possibly allow the sect master to skin Han Ling Feng alive.

Helplessly, he could only laugh bitterly and say, “It had already been so many years, how could I possibly remember? Let it be bygones!”

“En, you’re really kind hearted!” As the sect master wife heard that, she nodded her head in praise.

As Little Fatty heard that, his heart was filled with a wave of guilt and thought to himself, ‘I am very kind hearted. That Han Ling Feng only eyed on my possessions and I stripped her down and took her first time. En en, I am really kind hearted!’

However, the sect master berated him, “What’s the use of being kind hearted, he will only be taken advantage off! If I had known earlier that how much you have suffered over the years, I definitely would not let that Zhang Yu Xing off so easily! I would have personally crippled him!”

“Forget it, he probably didn’t have a choice either!” The sect master’s wife laughed coldly.


“This~” As the sect master heard that he did not say anything else. But the killing intent in his eyes was not reduced in the slightest!

“Right!” The sect master’s wife suddenly asked, “Child, why did I hear them say that you know lightning spells? Is it even the powerful Earth Divine Lightning? How did you learn such a high-level spell?”

“Hehe!” Little Fatty laughed foolishly and said, “I executed a b*st*rd imperial tutor when I was in the secular realm and helped an innocent family take revenge. Out of gratitude, their family gave me a jade strip containing the Earth Divine Lightning spell!”

As the sect master heard that, he could not help but slap his thighs and said laughed like a maniac, “Haha, the being silly is also a form of fortune!”

Hearing this statement, Little Fatty didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. As for Hong Ying, she immediately rolled on the floor laughing due to the sect master’s comical appearance. As for the sect master’s wife, she speechlessly rubbed her forehead. Her brain was only filled with a single statement, “Such an idiot being the sect master, how embarrassing!”

But, due to the long time spent together with the sect master, she was already used to all of the silly actions of the sect master. Thus, she quickly regained her composure and explained, “Child, I’m not asking about the origin of the lightning spell, I already knew about that. I’m asking you about how you cultivated it!”

Obviously, the sect master and his wife had already heard about many things from the 5 JinDan cultivators about Little Fatty.

The sect master also butted in from the side, “That’s right, we wanted to ask you about how you cultivated it. You have to know that this is a lightning spell which would explode with the slightest mistake while cultivating it. Without an expert cultivator by your side taking care of you or a strong protective magical artifact, how did you survive the explosion?”

“This~” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders and said awkwardly, “Your disciple just cultivated it like that. Although I will occasionally make mistakes, but it isn’t a big problem!”

“HUH?” The sect master’s family were all completely at a loss for words.

“It isn’t a big problem if you make a mistake?” The sect master said with his eyes almost popping out, “Don’t you know the might of an explosion for even one of them?”

“It will blow you into smithereens!” The sect master’s wife added.

“It won’t do that. In any case, when it explodes, my body will only hurt a little but there wouldn’t be injured too heavily!” Little Fatty said indifferently, with a touch of arrogance.

[1] → this was a direct translation in case you were wondering. Reminds me of a certain person in SG...

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