Chapter 87 - Five Element Divine Lightning

Chapter 87: Five Element Divine Lightning

“What? No serious injury? How can that be?” The sect master couldn’t help but exclaim, “Don’t tell me the divine lightning you’re cultivating is a counterfeit? If not, how can it not blow you to death?”

“Where are your manners?” The sect master’s wife glared at the sect master before turning to Little Fatty, saying, “Child, the Earth Divine Lightning which you cultivated may have some problems, could you show it to us?”

“Of course!” Little Fatty hurriedly took out an Earth Divine Lightning and presented it.

After much scrutiny from the sect master and his wife, his wife commented in confusion, “Although this divine lightning is a lower level and the cultivation method is shoddy, it is a genuine Earth Divine Lightning. The prowess isn’t small and is enough to kill a normal XianTian cultivator.”

“But how is it that pudgy boy can remain unharmed?” The sect master could not help but ask in bewilderment.

“Wo~” Little Fatty hesitated for a while, then decided to explain, “Your disciple’s cultivation method may be a bodily cultivation method. Thus, my body is very tough, allowing me to endure the explosions!”

“Eh?” As the sect master and his wife heard that their faces revealed stunned expressions and they immediately pressed their hands on his shoulders.

Little Fatty felt 2 warm streams of energy enter his body and traverse one round, before disappearing. Following which, the sect master and his wife stared at each other with eyes of amazement.


Seeing how her parents were so shocked, Hong Ying asked curiously, “Father, mother, is there anything wrong?”

“It’s just too illogical, the strength of this darned fatty’s body is completely comparable to that of a foundational cultivator. It even surpasses ordinary JinDan cultivators. This, this, how can this be possible?” The sect master asked in doubt.

“Yeah, logically speaking, the body of a XianTian cultivator could never be trained to such an extent!” The sect master’s wife also said in doubt, “Unless he is a demonic beast!”

“Wa, wa, then would this fat brother be a demonic beast?” Hong Ying asked in confusion.

When Little Fatty heard that, he almost fainted. Although he didn’t look like a cultivator, he shouldn’t be related to a demonic beast either.

The sect master’s wife didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry as she chided, “What nonsense are you spouting? Only a 7th level demonic beast would be able to transform into a human. That would be almost as powerful as us. How could we have not discovered such a powerful demonic beast?”

“En!” The sect master nodded his head and said, “Little Fatty’s body was completely like a normal person without any demonic aura or core. Apart from the toughness of his body, there isn’t anything else which is strange!”

“No, there is still something strange!” The sect master’s wife suddenly said, “The spiritual Qi inside his body has traces of all 5 elements, not composed mainly of a single element. It is as though it was mixed together but yet different from the normal 5 elements. En, how should I put it, it looks like there are all 5 elements, but it also isn’t completely the case! That’s strange, why haven’t I heard of such a cultivation method before?”

“I have not heard of it either!” The sect master then asked Little Fatty, “Where did you learn this from?”

Little Fatty would naturally not dare to spill the secret about his Natal Artifact. Thus, he could only find an excuse, “I picked it up from a random shop[1], and I think it was called the Primal Chaos Formula. Have you heard of it before?”

As he said that, Little Fatty looked at the 2 YuanYing cultivators with expectant eyes. Honestly, he also wanted to know more about the Primal Chaos Formula and the Natal Artifact. After all, this was his foundations but not knowing where it came from making him very frustrated.

But, both of them only shook their heads and replied, “Nope!”

“But obviously, this cultivation method is of an exalted grade. Not only could it allow you to possess such a perverted body, it could even allow you to cultivate Earth Divine Lightning!” As the sect master’s wife said that she suddenly thought of something and urgently asked, “Right, child, you have an affinity with all 5 elements, does that mean that you are able to cultivate the divine lightning or spells of any element?”


“Wo~” Little Fatty rubbed his head and said, “I think so, actually, your disciple doesn’t only know the Earth Divine Lightning. I have also cultivated in some other high-grade spells of the various elements. Although I have not studied in depth, but it seems that I am able to have a grasp of them all!”

“Woah, that is too amazing!” As the sect master heard that, his eyes almost popped out as he asked, “Pudgy boy, this cultivation method is so amazing, would other people be able to cultivate it?”


“I doubt so, from what was recorded on the Primal Chaos Formula, not only must one have an affinity with all five elements, the affinity must be average as well!” Shrugging his shoulders, Little Fatty continued, “If everyone would be able to cultivate in it, then it would have already been seen as a treasure. How would I be able to pick it up at such a cheap price!”

“Oh, I see. I’m afraid that this cultivation method requires the spiritual Qi of all 5 elements. No wonder there is the presence of all 5 elements in the spiritual Qi in your body!” The sect master said enviously, “This is probably a high-grade cultivation method tailored just to suit you! Brat, indeed the foolish has their own fortune!”

“You’re talking rubbish again!” The sect master’s wife glared at the sect master then turned to Little Fatty and said, “If you really have all 5 elements, then why don’t you follow me to cultivate the Fire Divine Lightning! If you are able to succeed in that, then you would be able to cultivate all the 5 elemental divine lightnings. Hoho, at that time, Little fatty, you will be invincible!”

“What?” Little Fatty asked in confusion, “Even if I have the divine lightning, I should still be far from being invincible, right?”

“Haha, you are still clueless!” The sect master interrupted and laughed, “Once a cultivator cultivates to a certain point, he would be able to cultivate all 5 divine lightning together. Once all of the low-grade elemental divine lightning is cultivated, it can be combined to form Lesser Five Elemental Divine Lightning! The might of that thing can be described as earth shaking! It is more than capable of transcending the ranks to kill a person!”

“Wo~” Rubbing his scalp in confusion, Little Fatty asked curiously, “Madam, regarding this Lesser Five Elemental Divine Lightning, why is it that after it is combined it is called Lesser Five Elemental? Don’t tell me there is still Middle Five Elemental and Greater Five Elemental?”

“Haha, you are indeed a smart child, capable of such inference!” The sect master laughed and said, “Then let me explain it to you!” After which, the sect master and his wife began thoroughly explaining to Little Fatty the knowledge of divine lightning.

As it turns out, the 5 elements divine lightning were all divided into 3 categories, lesser, middle and greater. The Negative Water Lightning and Earth Divine Lightning which Little Fatty cultivated was all of the lesser grades. Take for example the water type divine lightning. The lesser grade divine lightning was called the Negative Water Lightning, made from ordinary water. The middle grade was called the Mystical Water Divine Lightning, which was refined from a rare XianTian mystical water. The greater grade was the Pure Water Divine Lightning, which was refined with a high-grade material called the Heavenly Pure Water.

[1] → Random shop outside Mystical Sky Yard! Anything is free, as long as you can find it and cultivate it! *We are not liable for any damage you suffer*

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