Chapter 88 - Fire Divine Lightning

Chapter 88: Fire Divine Lightning

Normal lightning cultivators are restricted to their own element and would only be able to cultivate a type of lightning spell. They would all proceed progressively, from lesser to middle and finally greater divine lightning. For example, the sect master’s wife was a fire type lightning cultivator. For her who is at the YuanYing stage, she could only cultivate the middle-grade Mystical Fire Divine Lightning which was said to be refined from a XianTian mystical fire located 100,000 feet deep. Every lightning pearl had the might to destroy a mountain. Only after she enters into the FenShen stage, will she be able to refine Pure Fire Divine Lightning. That was a lightning which could only be found at an altitude of over 100,000 feet high. As for its might, it is something which ordinary cultivators would never be able to comprehend.

Apart from these lightning cultivators, there are also special lightning cultivators. Although they were very strong, they were usually alone and destitute, so they did not have the chance to cultivate divine lightning of the higher grades. Thus, they would choose to walk down another path and learn the lesser Divine Lightnings for all 5 elements before combining them together with the natural law of mutual restraint and complement of the 5 elements. The end product would then become a lesser Five Elements Divine Lightning, middle Five Elements Divine Lightning, and the greater Five Elements Divine Lightning.


For the lesser Five Elements Divine Lightning, it was refined from the various low-grade lightning like the Earth Divine Lightning which Little Fatty was cultivating. As for the middle Five Elements Divine Lightning, it was formed from the middle-grade divine lightning. As for the greater Five Elements Divine Lightning, it was formed from the strongest of the divine lightning of the 5 elements.

Usually, the might of a middle-grade Divine Lightning would be equivalent to 10 times the might of a low-grade divine lightning at the same level. The reason why ‘at the same level’ would be used as a description was because the divine lightning’s might would increase together with the cultivator’s cultivation. For example, the Negative Water Lightning Little Fatty refined when he was at the 10th XianTian level was formed from a 50 feet water ball, which was ten times larger than before. The might of the lightning was also 10 times stronger!

In other words, the middle-grade divine lightning which the sect master’s wife was cultivating now has 10 times the might of a lesser divine lightning cultivated by her.

But at the same cultivation level, the might of the Five Elements Divine Lightning was at least 20 times stronger than a low-grade divine lightning. The better the 5 elements were combined, the stronger the might of the lightning.

After listening to the explanation from the sect master and his wife, Little Fatty’s eyes lit up immediately and thought to himself, ‘’This is as though it was prepared specifically for me? The affinity of all five of my elements is average and the might of the divine lightning cultivated would be the same. The combination of it would definitely be much stronger than the others as well!’

This is because, even if others could cultivate all 5 elements of divine lightning, they could not refine them all to be of the same might. It would be determined by the elemental affinity of the cultivator. For example, the sect master’s wife. For the divine lightning which she refined at the same level, the might of the fire type divine lightning was definitely much stronger than that of the other elements. An imbalance of elemental prowess would definitely affect the effect of the combination, mitigating the might of the Five Elements Divine Lightning.

However, all these limitations were insignificant to Little Fatty. He could already envisage that in the future, he would be able to scatter the Five Elements Divine Lightning to kill enemies from all over.

Obviously, the sect master and his wife wanted to help Little Fatty to cultivate the divine lightning of all five elements and combine them into the Five Elements Divine Lightning. At that time, even if he was still at the XianTian stage, he would still be able to defeat foundational cultivators easily.

Although the Five Elements Divine Lightning was something extremely difficult for a low-grade cultivator to learn, the sect master of the Mystical Sky Yard didn’t seem to treat that as a problem at all. With their help, the day which Little Fatty learns the Five Element Divine Lightning is already impending. Now, the sect master’s wife has already offered to teach Little Fatty the Fire Divine Lightning.

Regarding the care shown by the two seniors, although Little Fatty only expressed an iota of gratitude, this favor was already etched deeply into his heart.

At this moment, the moment Hong Ying heard that her mother was going to personally teach Little Fatty lightning spells, she also started to whine that she wanted to learn it.


Hong Ying had already wanted to learn the Fire Divine Lightning since a long time ago. But, she had always been rejected by her mother. The sect master’s wife wanted her to learn from the simplest of fire spells because those were much easier to control, and more importantly, safer.

If a spell went berserk, it would only cause some destruction. Even if it was serious, the spiritual Qi would cause a backlash, damaging the meridians, which was far from death. But the divine lightning was different. Just a small mistake would cause an explosion. The might of the explosion would probably blow Hong Ying into smithereens given the strength of her body. Thus, the sect master’s wife did not dare to casually teach her the divine lightning when she was still young and playful, all to prevent anything from going wrong.

With Little Fatty now and the fact that she was no longer young, the sect master’s wife finally agreed to her pleas and allowed her to learn the divine lightning with Little Fatty.

Seeing that her mother agreed, Hong Ying became elated. She immediately pulled Little Fatty to the Fire Divine Hall in the back mountains saying that she wanted to learn immediately. Faced with such a situation, the sect master’s wife also didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Fire Divine Hall was an important place in the Mystical Sky Yard and occupied an area of over a hundred kilometers. The spiritual Qi in this place was all absorbed by a giant formation. The position of the divine hall was also not blithely chosen. It was situated above a fire well. There was already a very strong fire type spiritual Qi, to begin with. Combined with the effect of the Fire Divine Hall, this made Fire Divine Hall, over 1000 feet wide, to be filled with extremely concentrated fire type spiritual Qi. It was the perfect place for all fire type cultivators.


In fact, apart from allowing fire type cultivators to cultivate here, it was also the place where armaments[1] were refined because of the high-temperature flames the fire well spit out.


Besides that, the Fire Divine Lightning could also be cultivated here. Of course, coming here just to refine a Fire Divine Lightning seems to be a little exaggerated. After all, the divine lightning could be refined at other places as well, albeit mitigated might. The might of the divine lightning was still mainly affected by the cultivation base of the refiner.

However, she was after all the single child of the sect master and had special privileges. Besides, there was indeed advantages to refining the Fire Divine Lightnin here. For example, the congregation of Qi and collection of fire type spiritual Qi etc. Even though it was a little bit of a waste, they also couldn’t be bothered. As for Little Fatty, he also received these special privileges together.

After about a month, the sect master’s wife, Little Fatty and Hong Ying walked out together from the Fire Divine Hall together. Little Fatty and Hong Ying had already grasped the basics of refining the Fire Divine Lightning and refined a few each. After they came out, Little Fatty wanted to visit his newly gained Serene Cloud Yard. Because Hong Ying wanted to see it as well, she also followed him.

The sect master’s wife returned alone to the Mystical Sky Hall to meet the sect master.

Seeing that his wife returned, the sect master asked curiously, “Where’s Hong Ying?”

“She went to play with Song Zhong!” She replied with a smile.


“Oh!” The sect master nodded his head and added, “Hais, I think, allowing her to cultivate the Divine Lightning with Little Fatty may have been a mistake!”

[1] T/N: I decided to change weapons refinement to armaments refinement. So the Weapons Hall would also be changed to Armaments Hall.

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