Chapter 1318: Family Conflict (Four)

Chapter 1318: Family Conflict (Four)

Many Saint Kings and a few Saint Emperors hovered above the ruins of Mercenary City. They paid close attention to the underground tunnel, waiting for any changes to occur.

Several dozen divine halls hovered nearby and radiated with vast presences. Above Mercenary City, the ten protector clans and a few powerful ancient clans had all mobilized their divine halls. They rested inside to gather strength so that they be in peak condition.

None of them knew when the next attack from the World of Forsaken Saints would come, but all of them believed that the attack would definitely be even more terrifying than before, where even Saint Emperors might appear. They all became extremely heavy-hearted because of this, and they were not in the mood to enter the miniature world of Mercenary City either since they just worried far too much.

Not every Saint King there was selfless, but they all understood one thing, which was that the World of Forsaken Saints was just far too powerful. If they could not stop them from entering this world, the four races would all suffer the threat of completely dying off. At that time, they would not be able to avoid death themselves either.

As a result, many of the Saint Kings from the four races had gathered to guard the tunnel, not for their own race or for their descendents, but for themselves.

In one of the divine halls floating in the sky, Changyang Qing Yun, Changyang Qing Jueri, Changyang Qing Yunfeng, Changyang Yuan Zhenghua, and Changyang Yuan Wuji sat together like statues.

Suddenly, Changyang Qing Yun’s face twitched as his eyes snapped open. Immediately, his eyes shone with an almost-visible light, disturbing the space in front of him and causing it to twist slightly.

The four other great elders simultaneously opened their eyes. They had been cultivating, but they paid attention to the outside world at all times. They obviously sensed the change that occured within Changyang Qing Yun.

Changyang Qing Yun stood up as his face darkened in a terrifying manner. He said, “Changyang Qing Shan has been injured. The Saint Rulers from our Qing and Yuan branches have been humiliated by the branch clan in Lore City. Hmph, they’ve gone too far. Do they really think they can abuse our protector clan in such a fearless manner just because they have the protection of the three magical beasts?” Changyang Qing Yun looked around at the four other great elders and growled, “Let’s go to Lore City of the Gesun Kingdom immediately.”

Changyang Qing put the divine hall away before leaving with the four other Saint Kings. Although their departure had alerted everyone present, no one stepped forward to stop them, because none of the Saint Kings present had the right to meddle with other people’s business.

At the same time, Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun sat together in another divine hall in the same manner. Suddenly, Changyang Zu Xiao slowly opened his eyes. His gaze was deep as he looked in the direction that Changyang Qing Yun and the others had set off in. He slowly said, “The people of the clan have sent me a message. The people of the Qing and Yuan branches have created quite a mess in Lore City. Changyang Qing Yun and the others have just departed as well, so they’re probably going to Lore City. Let’s go back and have a look as well. I’ve cast a barrier to protect the clan, but it won’t be enough to stop Changyang Qing Yun.”

Lore City was over a million kilometers away from Mercenary City, but Saint Kings only needed a single instant to traverse this distance. A Space Gate ripped open near the city soon after Changyang Qing Yi had sent the message. A tremendous presence wildly surged out before anyone could emerge from it, causing the space there to freeze. Even the surrounding energy of the world fell silent.

Afterward, the five great elders emerged from the Space Gate with Changyang Qing Yun at the lead. When they saw the Saint Rulers from the two branches in horrible conditions, their faces immediately sank. Sharp killing intent filled their eyes.

They then saw the bloodied Changyang Qing Yun, who was basically hanging off two other Saint Ruler, and they became even more enraged.

“How dare they! They’re just a mere branch clan, yet they dared to injure an elder of my Qing branch,” Changyang Qing Yun immediately fell into an utter rage as he roared out, causing the energy around him to churn. He had almost snapped.

Changyang Qing Yun arrived before Changyang Qing Shan with a single flash and carefully examined his wounds. His complexion became even more ugly, and he growled, “Qing Shan’s extremely heavily injured. He’s basically clinging onto half of his life. He’ll need several years to achieve a full recovery even with the wondrous medicines in the clan.”

“This branch clan is getting bolder and bolder. Before, that mongrel, Jian Chen, worked with foreigners to seal up the Changyang clan, and we only broke out in the end because the grand elder of Mercenary City stepped in. Now, the people of this branch clan dare to beat Qing Shan into such a shape. They cannot be forgiven. I will be flattening this place today.” Changyang Qing Jueri coldly decided. His gaze toward the clan was filled with heavy killing intent. He then pushed his hand toward the structures below.

Changyang Qing Jueri’s attack drew in vast amounts of energy from the surroundings. The invisible energy gathered in his hand before forming a palm several hundred meters in length. It fell toward the ground at an extremely fast rate.

The people from the Changyang clan became rather pale. As the palm fell, they all felt an extremely great pressure descend from above, limiting their breathing and causing their chests to feel abnormally tight.

A Saint Ruler from the Zu branch immediately activated the barrier in the forbidden grounds of the clan. A transparent barrier silently appeared, blocking Changyang Qing Jueri’s attack. It did not waver at all as it shone with hazy light. Changyang Qing Jueri’s attack actually failed to shake it at all.

Changyang Qing Yun coldly sneered and took a step forward. He appeared before the barrier as if he had teleported and coldly said, “I never thought that Changyang Zu Xiao would treat this clan with some importance, seeing how he cast down such a powerful barrier to protect this place. Looks like he’s truly reached Great Perfection now, but a mere barrier is not enough to stop me. Let me smash through this barrier.”

Changyang Qing Yun’s face became filled with heavy killing intent. He hated Changyang Zu Xiao very much. If Changyang Zu Xiao had not stopped him back in the miniature world of the Changyang clan, he would have obtained the Saints’ Fruit long ago and would probably have become a Saint Emperor right now. Jian Chen would not have been able to escape either, let alone returning with the magical beasts to seal up the clan.

Right now, Changyang Qing Yun had completely made up his mind to destroy this place, so he could vent his anger. It was a sensitive period of time with the invasion of the other world, so he did not fear the three magical beasts if they personally came since there would be other people who would appear to stop them.

Just when Changyang Qing Yun wanted to start his attack, another Space Gate ripped open nearby. Changyang Zu Xiao, Changyang Zu Yunxiao, and Changyang Zu Yeyun had all hurried back from Mercenary City.

“Changyang Qing Yun, do you still plan to be obstinate and make another foolish mistake?” Changyang Zu Xiao immediately bellowed out when he realized Changyang Qing Yun’s intentions. He arrived in front of Changyang Qing Yun with a flash to stop him from destroying the barrier.

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