Chapter 1374: Reunion

Chapter 1374: Reunion

“Xiao Jin, Xiao Jin come back! Where are you going!?” Bi Hai yelled. He was frightened and pursued Xiao Jin. He had already spent some time with Xiao Jin. Xiao Jin had always been extremely obedient during that period of time. The boy followed everything they told him to do, just like a good child. Bi Hai felt rather uneasy seeing how he acted out of the norm today.

Bi Hai was convinced of Xiao Jin’s strength after his initial doubt and after spending so much time together. Even though Xiao Jin’s strength was beyond a Saint Emperor’s strength and was extremely shocking and unbelievable, he had slowly begun to accept it after some time.

Bi Hai’s treatment of Xiao Jin immediately underwent a drastic change after understanding his strength. Xiao Jin possessed terrifying strength but still possessed the mind of a child. In fact, he knew nothing, just like a newly-born infant. As a result, Bi Hai decided to raise him like his own grandson, passing on all his battle experience and everything he knew to him. In the end, he got Xiao Jin to understand the many uses of energy and even how to use the mysteries of the world.

Bi Hai had taught him how to cast down the faint golden barrier around Flame City.

Bi Hai had become overjoyed for quite some time since Flame City had suddenly gained an expert who had surpassed Saint Emperor. However, he felt rather afraid and worried as well. He did not know the origins of Xiao Jin or whether he would suddenly leave the city at a certain point in time.

Bi Hai became extremely worried by Xiao Jin’s abnormal behaviour. He was afraid that the boy would leave and never return.

“Xiao Jin!”

“Xiao Jin!”

You Yue and Bi Lian’s cries rang out from behind. They also ran out of the hall quickly and worriedly looked for Xiao Jin. They immediately chased after him.

Jian Chen held Huang Luan’s hand as he strolled through the streets of Flame City. He was traveling by foot but in no way was he slow. He traversed close to a hundred meters with every single step. He was using Spatial Force.

Jian Chen would look at the golden barrier in the sky from time to time and would become rather stern. He constantly wondered just who possessed such terrifying strength and possessed some connection to Flame City.

“Is it Rui Jin and the others?” Jian Chen wondered. Only Rui Jin possessed energy of that color among all the experts he knew. However, the energy Rui Jin used also possessed a pure and dense dragon aura. That aura was not present in the barrier.

The streets of Flame City were bustling as people moved to and fro. Jian Chen and Huang Luan moved along the main street toward the city lord’s estate. No one noticed them along the way.

At this moment, a golden streak of light flew toward Jian Chen at an unbelievable speed before stopping in front of him.

Jian Chen came to a halt as he stared at the person who had suddenly obstructed him with interest. Chaotic Force surged within him, having made preparations for battle at any moment.

The person in front of him was a chubby boy in golden clothes. He was hairless and less than a meter tall. He stared at Jian Chen with his naive eyes. They flickered with interest and some confusion.

The boy felt an extremely close with Jian Chen. It was much heavier than the feeling he felt from Bi Lian, You Yue, and Bi Hai. It was as if he shared the same bloodline as him. The feeling also engulfed him in warmth, which was extremely pleasant.

At that moment, the boy seemed to have found the most important thing in his life as he stood before Jian Chen. Without any contact or communication, he decided to treat Jian Chen as someone he could rely on.

Jian Chen was unable to remain as calm as Xiao Jin while the boy stood before him. He was extremely stern and some disbelief had even appeared in his eyes. He was only able to see the boy with his eyes, unable to discover him with his soul. If he swept the region before him with the senses of his soul, he would find nothing.

The Origin realm!” Jian Chen was surprised inside. He was unable to see through the boy’s exact strength, but he knew that the boy would definitely an expert of the Origin realm.

All his clothes are golden, the same as the barrier around Flame City. Was this barrier cast down by this boy?” Jian Chen thought. He found it very unbelievable, but what he could not understand was where the boy had come from. Why had he appeared in Flame City?

Huang Luan had discovered Xiao Jin as well. Ever since she had entered the city, her focus had been devoted to the surrounding landscape. She had not discovered where Xiao Jin had come from since she had been admiring the prosperity of the city along the way. She did not know how powerful Xiao Jin was either. She arrived before him with smiles, bent down and touched his chubby cheeks. She asked, “Little brother, what’s your name? Where do you live? You can’t run around wildly on the streets all by yourself.”

Jian Chen was frightened by what Huang Luan had done. The boy was an Origin realm expert, so how could he be treated in such a manner? However, what took him by surprise was that the boy did not respond in a hostile manner. He only looked at Huang Luan with curiosity visible on his face and did not reject her. He allowed Huang Luan to touch his cheek.

“I- I’m Xiao Jin,” the boy said with his immature voice. He seemed rather dumb.

Jian Chen pulled Huang Luan back and stared at Xiao Jin with an odd gaze. Was he really an Origin realm expert?

“Xiao Jin, don’t run away. Come quick to grandpa’s side,” a slightly worried voice rang out from the distance. Bi Hai shot over from the city lord’s estate and tightly grabbed Xiao Jin’s hand. He would not let go no matter what, afraid that the boy would suddenly run away.

“Great-grandfather!” Jian Chen exclamined in surprise. He became even more confused when he saw how closely Bi Hai and the boy interacted.

Bi Hai had devoted all his attention to Xiao Jin, so he had not discovered Jian Chen before him. Bi Hai became stunned when Jian Chen called out, before raising his head to look at Jian Chen. He immediately became overjoyed, letting go of Xiao Jin’s hand immediately. He tightly grabbed Jian Chen by the shoulders and laughed aloud, “My good grandson, you’ve finally returned.”

“Great-grandfather, this…” Jian Chen asked in doubt as he pointed at Xiao Jin.

Bi Hai’s mood became elated with Jian Chen’s return. He chuckled aloud and said, “Grandson, let’s return to the city lord’s estate. I’ll explain everything in detail there.”

In the estate, You Yue, Bi Lian, Bi Hai, Jian Chen, Huang Luan, and Dugu Feng gathered together to celebrate their return. The dining table was filled with various delicacies, but none of them were interested in eating. They all wanted to confirm if the various rumors floating around the continent about Jian Chen were true.

“Yes, it was me who heavily injured the two Saint Emperors from the Beast God Continent. My cultivation level may still not be there, but if we really do end up fighting, there’s probably no Saint Emperors who can be my opponent,” Jian Chen spoke the truth and hid nothing. Announcing his strength to his close friends and family would only bring benefits. It would also set their hearts at ease, no longer needing to worry about his safety all day long.

They were all euphoric when they gained Jian Chen’s confirmation. The rumors had appeared long ago, but they were still rumors and would not be true sometimes. They could only believe them once they received personal confirmation from Jian Chen.

At this moment, Xiao Jin ran in from outside. He climbed onto a seat and began to wolf down the delicacies on the table all by himself, but he would always glance at Jian Chen from time to time with his large eyes.

Jian Chen asked everyone about Xiao Jin’s identity, but no one present could answer that question unfortunately. It was a complete mystery to them.

At this moment, You Yue said after some hesitation, “Jian Chen, my master said that he’s a spirit nurtured by the world. He was born from the tungsten alloy mine.”

“What? Xiao Jin’s a spirit born from the tungsten alloy mine?” Bi Hai was in disbelief.

“Sister You Yue, why didn’t you tell us sooner since you already knew? Oh, was it all caused by Xiao Jin when the mine was struck by the lightning?” Bi Lian said with some displeasure.

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