Chapter 1389: Battle in Outer Space (Three)

Chapter 1389: Battle in Outer Space (Three)

The white tiger’s figure dulled after enduring the Spiritking’s attack, but its claw still passed through the Spiritking’s body along with a powerful Force of Slaughter. It caused the Spiritking’s body to distort, changing from human form to a cluster of dense and powerful energy.

However, the Spiritking’s soul was still present. Under his soul’s control, he morphed back into human form in basically a single moment. However, he had become more ethereal. His power had been rapidly consumed by the white tiger’s claw.

The white tiger did not disperse. Instead it remained with its same majestic presence. Even though its figure had dulled after taking an attack from the Spiritking, it still radiated with a terrifying presence. Its claw shot toward the Spiritking once again with Force of Slaughter, which obliterated the surrounding space.

The Spiritking was just far too powerful, and he had attained minor achievement in Sword Origin. His strength surpassed others who possessed a similar cultivation level as him, so his clone was no weaker than a Returnance expert. He did not hold back at all in his second clash with the white tiger, pushing his body to the limits.

The white tiger finally dispersed after withstanding two attacks, but the Spiritking was heavily injured as well. His body of energy had become extremely faint, but he still behaved as though he was invincible. His presence had not weakened at all.

The Cloudstream Sword in his hand had dulled as well. Most of the power deposited within the sword had been consumed during the clashes.

It was impossible for the power to be replenished either, as the Spiritking was not actually present.

At this moment, Jian Chen dispersed the sword Qi within him as well. Blood ran down from the corner of his lips and his face was rather pale. He could obviously see the Spiritking’s condition as well, so he immediately charged forward again regardless of his wounds. He wanted to waste all the energy of the Spiritking’s clone as soon as possible.

Xiao Ling attacked as well, fighting the Spiritking alongside Jian Chen. She used the Nine Godly Arts many times. It would demonstrate wondrous powers each times she used it. There were both offensive and auxiliary abilities, which all possessed Force of Slaughter. Toward the end of her barrage, all the abilities conjured the figure of a white tiger and grew in power.

The battle in outer space was extremely intense. They had fought to the point where the surrounding space shattered and the stars in the distance seemed to darken. The Spiritking’s figure became weaker and weaker before entering the Cloudstream Sword all together. He fused with the sword, controlling it in battle.

Jian Chen was extremely heavily injured as well. A few vicious gashes were present on him as well as several holes that went through his body. His clothes were dyed red with blood and every wound he possessed flashed with sword Qi, preventing them from closing up.

Suddenly, a dazzling, blue light shot into outer space with a flash from the planet below. It radiated with an extremely tremendous presence, causing the surrounding space to thicken.

The sea goddess had joined the battle as well. She was surrounded with a dense, water-attributed energy that gave off terrifying pulses of power. Her appearance was obscured.

The sea goddess had immediately entered seclusion for recuperation as soon as her resurrection was complete. She had only recovered her strength now, returning to her peak condition.

The sea goddess hurled a trident at the Cloudstream Sword. It was covered with a ball of powerful blue flames and a terrifying presence, immediately producing a deafening boom when it collided with the sword. The space around the two weapons collapsed completely.

The trident flew back into the sea goddess’ hands after the light it gave off had dulled. Afterward, she charged up with the trident, approaching the Cloudstream Sword with a terrifying presence and engaged in a great battle with it.

At the same time, Jian Chen and Xiao Ling moved as well. Jian Chen’s Zi Ying Sword let out a violet, gray, and white light as he swung it at the Cloudstream Sword as hard as he could. With the screech of metal, the dull Cloudstream Sword was knocked several dozen kilometers away.

A powerful Force of Slaughter turned the space there to shards through a supreme killing intent. The Zi Ying Sword struck the Cloudstream Sword, causing the sword to quiver slightly.

The Spiritking’s power was mostly consumed, and he would not be able to last much longer. Coupled with the sea goddess, there was one more powerful opponent that he had to face, so he fell into a disadvantage immediately. He was forced to retreat against the three of them.

“Today is the first time I have suffered defeat in a battle against opponents of a similar cultivation level. This is an extremely painful lesson. I will never forget this defeat.

“I never thought your world had more than one Origin realm expert. I have underestimated your strength, thus, leading to the wrong decision and the defeat today. However, you will still not be able to stop our advance. That day will come soon.” The Spiritking’s lively voice rang from his sword. His sword then shot off as a gray streak of light. He shot toward the Tian Yuan Continent, leaving through the tunnel.

Jian Chen, Xiao Ling, and the sea goddess did not try to stop him. The Spiritking was just far too powerful. Even though he had only sent a sword and a clone, the three of them still did not possess the power to stop him from leaving.

“Oof, so powerful, that person is so strong. I’ve even used the strongest abilities master has left behind, but they’re still not enough to kill him. He has managed to escape in the end,” Xiao Ling exhaled deeply and patted her own chest. She let out a sigh of relief. Afterward, she arrived by Jian Chen’s side in a flash, and after seeing how bloodied he had become, she immediately began to tear up. She choked back her tears as she said, “Big brother, you’re injured and you’ve bled so much.”

Jian Chen smiled victoriously and rubbed her head. He said, “I’m fine. They're just some small injuries. They're nothing to me. They’ll heal very soon.” Jian Chen became coated in a layer of dense and gentle white light as soon as he finished his sentence. His wounds began to close up at a visible rate under the glow of the white light.

Jian Chen was a Class 7 Radiant Saint Master. This time, he was using a strand of Radiant Saint Force origin energy without holding back. Coupled with the great recovery rate of his Chaotic Body, he healed unbelievably quickly.

The Spiritking had left, but the battle on the Tian Yuan Continent had not ended yet. He needed to recover as soon as possible so that he could enter the battlefield again and reduce the casualties on his side.

After fully recovering, Jian Chen discovered that the sea goddess had already left outer space. She had gone to take part in the battle below. Only Xiao Ling remained by his side, staring at him with her large eyes.

“Xiao Ling, let’s go,” Jian Chen said before returning to the Tian Yuan Continent with her.

With the interference of three Origin realm experts, the remaining Saint Emperors from the foreign world were all slain. Even though a few of them decided to flee in a random direction, they still ended up dead after being pursued by an Origin realm expert.

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