Chapter 1446: The Elven Godking

Chapter 1446: The Elven Godking

Jian Chen remained silent because of what Tie Ta had told him. He gently frowned and sank into his thoughts. His mind was filled with matters regarding the Elven Godtree.

A tree that had lived for over a million years and was even more ancient than the four champions from the ancient times was no longer an ordinary tree, especially with its abnormal movements during the Soul-offering Ceremony. Coupled with the obscure voice of unknown origins, it made Jian Chen feel that the tree was not as simple as it seemed.

“Then where did that obscure voice come from? Has the Elven Godtree gained self-consciousness, or is it someone else?” Jian Chen wondered. In the past, the Hundred Races had been the only great race that had not possessed a Saint Emperor, but now that Jian Chen had personally come to the Wasteland Continent, he found that they were not as simple as people had imagined them to be.

There was actually a mysterious existence, who even he himself was unable to detect, hidden on this barren continent. No one knew who they were since they had never been detected by others.

“Jian Chen, the Elven Godtree has a very powerful life force, but its battle prowess is just far too limited. It’s only at the level of a Saint Emperor, so it won’t be of great use. After we were defeated in the ancient times and the Elven Godtree was moved from the Beast God Continent to the Wasteland Continent, it’s never moved again,” Tie Ta said with a deep, muffled voice. He thought that Jian Chen wanted to ask if the tree could be moved to the Tian Yuan Continent for the next major battle after Jian Chen had witnessed how extraordinary it was in battle.

Jian Chen gently shook his head, “Tie Ta, I feel like this tree is not as simple as you all think it is. There is definitely an even greater mystery behind it. I plan to visit the territory of the elves to properly examine the Godtree.”

Tie Ta immediately stood up when he heard that and said, “Jian Chen, I’ll come with you.”

Jian Chen and Tie Ta left the War God Hall together and made their way to the territory of the elves. An elven expert followed them, but they were not a Saint Emperor, only a Saint King.

Along the way, the Saint King enthusiastically explained the situation of the elves to Jian Chen and Tie Ta. Jian Chen gained a rough understanding of the elves.

The territory of the elves was only several hundred thousand kilometers away from the War God Mountain. When their race had first moved there, the place was still a desert, devoid of any life. Any type of vegetation struggled to survive. After the Elven Godtree took root and used its own tremendous life force to nourish the desert, the quality of the soil changed. Only then could a forest grow on the Wasteland Continent. Ancient trees that were several hundred meters tall could be seen everywhere. The entire forest was filled with life, and the vegetation was countless times more dense than any mountain on the Tian Yuan Continent.

Soon after Jian Chen and Tie Ta had entered the territory of the elves, the elven experts received the news. The Saint Emperor that Jian Chen had met outside the War God Hall lead around a dozen Saint Kings to welcome and receive them.

“The elven queen, Julisia the thirty-third, welcomes the great war god and the esteemed human sovereign!” The female Saint Emperor and the Saint Kings behind her all bowed to Jian Chen and Tie Ta.

“Elven queen, we’ve come this time with the intention of seeing the ancient tree of your esteemed race that has existed since ancient times. Would that be inconvenient for you?” Jian Chen cut right to the chase and expressed their reason for coming.

The elven queen hesitated slightly before allowing Jian Chen to visit the Elven Godtree. She knew very well that she could not object at all. Even ignoring Jian Chen’s strength and status, just the war god standing beside him sucked away her courage to decline.

Afterward, the elven queen personally lead the way. She took Tie Ta and Jian Chen to the land where the Elven Godtree had taken root. Along the way, Jian Chen discovered quite a few elves dancing about through the forest and fluttering their wings. The males were handsome while the females were pretty. Pure smiles filled their faces. They seemed naive and lively.

Several holes existed on some huge trees. That was where the elves stayed as well as where they cultivated. Because of their cultivation method, the holes did not harm the trees at all and would even hasten their growth, allowing them to become even taller and thicker.

Jian Chen and Tie Ta walked several thousand kilometers, following the elven queen’s lead. They entered the central region of the forest. Although the region was teeming with life, it was silent. There was not a single person visible as far as the eye could see.

“This is the forbidden region of us elves. Without the agreement of the elven queen, even the elders of our race cannot set foot here. This is because this is the place where our Godtree has taken root. The Elven Godtree possesses an extremely venerated status within our territory, even though it’s just a tree,” the elven queen said with a solemn voice.

Is this really just a tree?” Jian Chen thought. He raised his head and looked ahead. Several dozen kilometers away, he saw a great tree that glowed with faint green light. Even though it was only several hundred meters tall, it greatly differed from the projections he had seen before. However, he could still tell with a single glance that it was the Elven Godtree.

In Jian Chen’s eyes, the Elven Godtree seemed no different than any other tree, aside from its green glow. It was very difficult to see the awe it had displayed on the battle against the foreign world and outside War God Mountain. However, as his soul approached the tree, it was stopped a hundred meters away by a mysterious force, preventing it from getting any closer.

Jian Chen raised his head to observe the ancient tree and slowly made his way over. In the end, he stopped a hundred meters away from the Elven Godtree and closely examined it.

“It seems ordinary on the outside, just like any other tree, but a terrifyingly tremendous life force is hidden inside. This life force is so powerful that even I feel shocked. It’s a tree, yet it’s reached a state where it seems the same as its origin form. This is just amazing,” Jian Chen softly said as he studied the tree. It seemed like he was just talking to himself.

“This mysterious Elven Godtree can fool the entire Hundred Races, but it cannot fool me. I have come to personally see you. I know you can hear me talking, so do you still plan on hiding?” Jian Chen spoke to the tree. Tie Ta and the elven queen both suspiciously stared at Jian Chen. They felt that Jian Chen was saying something odd.

“Sigh.” Suddenly, a sigh rang through Jian Chen’s head, but he was unable to tell where it had come from at all.

“Come in.” The obscure, female voice rang in Jian Chen’s head once again. A human-sized hole suddenly appeared in the tree in front of him.

The elven queen’s eyes immediately narrowed. Shock filled her face. The Elven Godtree had always just been a tree with a supreme status throughout the history of the elves. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

Without any hesitation, Jian Chen strode over. Just when Tie Ta and the elven queen behind him wanted to follow him in, they were stopped a hundred meters away by a mysterious force. The force was extremely strange, and even Tie Ta was unable to overcome it.

Jian Chen entered the hole in the tree and immediately disappeared. The tree returned to how it was before. There were no signs of what had just happened.

Jian Chen arrived in a green space. It was empty, like a miniature world, but filled with the presence of life. Jian Chen stood in the center of the space.

“You sure are worthy of being known as the greatest human expert to reach such a level of cultivation within just a few decades and to discover this king’s existence. Even in the Saints’ World, your talent belongs to the very top.” The obscure voice rang through the space. It was gentle and pleasant but also dignified.

“That’s the second time you’ve referred to yourself as a king. You shouldn’t be a tree if you refer to yourself like that. If I’ve guessed correctly, you shouldn’t be a tree at all. I’m very curious, and I also want to know a lot as to who you are.” Jian Chen inquired. However, he was not as calm as he seemed on the surface. His heart churned. The voice that had just referred to herself as a king actually knew about the existence of the Saints’ World. Did that mean she was an expert from the Saints’ World?

“With your talent, you’ll surpass me sooner or later, or even end up leaving me in the dust. As a result, you have the right to know some things. This king is Audriana, the strongest Godking of the God clan. I have come under the orders of my race’s hall elders, descending here over three million years ago to welcome the return of the war god.”

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