Chapter 2034: A Volcanic World

Chapter 2034: A Volcanic World

Two late Overgods actually defeated two early Godkings in an open battle, and they had achieved a landslide victory. Their battle prowess was extremely astounding.

At that moment, the surroundings had fallen silent. Whether it was the Godkings who remained there or the Overgods who had gathered in the surroundings, they all stared at Jian Chen and Kai Ya with their mouths agape.

“W- who are you?” The spear-wielding Godking who Jian Chen had defeated stared at Jian Chen in complete shock and fear. His voice trembled slightly.

Only people who had personally clashed with Jian Chen could clearly sense his strength. The Godking understood that with Jian Chen’s current strength, killing him would not take much effort at all.

However, he struggled to believe that such a powerful Overgod existed. Although he had not clashed with the supreme Overgod ranked first on the Overgods’ Plaque, Mo Cheng, so he did not know how powerful he was, he was certain that not only was Jian Chen no weaker than Mo Cheng, but he was even slightly stronger as a matter of fact.

Jian Chen ignored the spear-wielding Godking. He looked at the dumbstruck woman in black and asked, “Ma’am, do you still want to contend for this Primordial realm expert’s Space Ring?”

The woman who was also an early Godking could not help but shiver inside when she was faced with Jian Chen’s sharp gaze. Her gaze towards him revealed some rare fear.

“I am Ye Wei, and greetings to you. Your strength has truly widened my horizons. With two supreme Overgods and a formations master, there truly is no one on the seventh floor who dares to eye the Primordial realm expert’s Space Ring. I shall dismiss myself right now,” the woman clasped her hands at Jian Chen and Kai Ya before leaving without even looking back.

Many Godkings had entered the Neptunean Divine Palace, but the more powerful ones had already gone to the highest floor. Not only were there extremely few Godkings remaining on the seventh floor, but they were basically all early Godking.

As a result, the Primordial realm expert’s Space Ring ended up in Chanlong’s hands. There truly was no one on the seventh floor who could contend with the trio for the Space Ring.

The Overgods had not even considered fighting for the Space Ring.

Master Chanlong held the Space Ring and arrived before Yun Xin slowly. He held out the Space Ring and said steadily with his old voice, “You’ve seen the origins of this Space Ring. I personally removed it from the remains of a Primordial realm expert. I haven’t seen what is in there.”

Yun Xin looked at master Chanlong rather numbly as she felt more shocked than she had ever experienced before. She was not only shocked over how master Chanlong could get through formations that late Godkings or even experts on the Godkings’ Throne struggled to get through, but also shocked about Jian Chen and Kai Ya’s strength.

She had heard that Jian Chen and Kai Ya were both supreme Overgods, but she always believed that they were supreme Overgods who did not possess particularly impressive ranks, so she never took it seriously.

However, she had never thought that Kai Ya and Jian Chen would actually be so impossibly powerful, where they could completely dominate early Godkings.

This affected Yun Xin so greatly that she still had not returned to her senses even now. She did not even hear what master Chanlong had said to her.

Master Chanlong continued, “There’s probably a Primordial realm expert’s legacy in this Space Ring. I’ll give you two choices right now. You can take this Space Ring and leave the Neptunean Divine Palace, and our deal with the Yun family will be complete, where we will have no more ties with your Yun family any longer.”

“The other choice would be for you to give up on this legacy and remain in the Neptunean Divine Palace, and we will continue to protect you for the rest of the year. However, we may not be able to obtain a second Primordial realm legacy during that year.” Master Chanlong stared at Yun Xin brightly, “Miss Yun Xin, which option do you choose?”

Jian Chen and Kai Ya stared at Yun Xin as well. With Yun Xin beside them, they were unable to unleash their full power in many matters.

For example, when they fought the two Godkings earlier, they did not dare to focus on their opponent and constantly paid some attention to Yun Xin to prevent any accidents.

As a result, they naturally wished for her to leave.

Yun Xin returned to her senses. She suppressed her shock, and she closely recalled what master Chanlong had just said. She stared at the Space Ring in Chanlong’s hand as her eyes flickered with an uncertain light. She was facing a dilemma.

It was probably more accurate to describe her visit to the Neptunean Divine Palace as something for playing instead of training. She wanted to see just what kind of place the Neptunean Divine Palace that had attracted so many organisations across the Saints’ World was.

As a result, she had never considered obtaining a legacy in here.

The Neptunean Divine Palace had been opened so many times, so the items that could be taken away easily were all gone already. The legacies that remained were difficult to obtain even when many Godkings used everything they knew. She had come here as an Overgod, so how could she compete with those Godkings?

Yet right now, when master Chanlong presented a Space Ring to her, apart from great surprise, Yun Xin also felt that this was completely unreal.

“Hmph, you want to chase me away, don’t you? I won’t accept it. What can you do?” Yun Xin said suddenly.

When Yun Xin said that, she had betrayed her thoughts. She desired the Space Ring very much because this was what a Primordial realm expert of the Neptunean Divine Palace had left behind. It probably contained everything they owned.

If she obtained the Space Ring, it would hold great significance for the Yun family.

However, she unexpectedly declined in the end.

“Let’s go then,” Jian Chen sighed gently. He was slightly disappointed.

“Miss Yun Xin, I hope that you can behave yourself from now on,” Kai Ya glared at Yun Xin as she said somewhat threateningly.

Yun Xin blinked, but surprisingly, she did not say anything this time.

They continued on their way.

However, after what had happened this time, Yun Xin became obedient. She no longer treated herself as the centre of the world, and she would even allow Jian Chen and the others to make the decision sometimes. As a matter of fact, Yun Xin had even asked Jian Chen about which path they should take when they came across a fork. This would have been impossible at the start of the trip.

In regards to Jian Chen, Kai Ya, and master Chanlong’s suggestions and decisions, Yun Xin went from the objection and disregard from before to wholehearted support now. She completely treated the three of them as equals.

Yun Xin’s drastic change was quite unbelievable for Jian Chen’s group. They felt like she had become a completely different person, where they almost did not recognise her.

However, the three of them understood that this was all because of their strength. If they did not display their overwhelming strength and allowed Yun Xin to continue to treat them like nobodies, she would not have changed at all.

Very soon, the four of them arrived on the eighth floor of the Neptunean Divine Palace. It was a world of volcanoes that stretched as far as the eye could see. The entire place was red, and the terrifying heat even distorted space.

These volcanoes were no regular volcanoes. Instead, a Primordial realm expert of the Neptunean Divine Palace had created them through great abilities. The flames were extremely terrifying, where just some scattered sparks posed a fatal threat to Overgods.

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