Chapter 2056: Overwhelming Bai Qi

Chapter 2056: Overwhelming Bai Qi

Jian Chen snorted coldly when he heard that. His gaze towards Bai Qi, Bai He, and Hei Ya was as sharp as a sword as he said coldly, “May I ask the three of you how we have offended the fifth prince, where he has sent you to kill us?”

The siblings and Hei Ya did not reply. They all stared at Chanlong with shock, confusion, and some fear.

“How did you deal with my Heavenly Sacred Flower? Why did my Heavenly Sacred Flower explode for no reason?” Bai He asked Chanlong firmly as she felt both surprised and furious.

“This is a power that you won’t be able to understand or believe in. It’s best if you don’t know, or your minds probably won’t be able to accept it,” master Chanlong said calmly and leisurely. However, in truth, his heart had already begun churning after he killed the orchid, where he was unable to calm down.

“Hmph, you’re just trying to seem mysterious!” Bai Qi snorted coldly as killing intent flickered through his eyes. A huge mace appeared in his hand, and he directly smashed it towards master Chanlong from over a thousand meters away.

The mace became extremely huge the moment it fell, where the handle was several hundred meters long, reaching towards master Chanlong. The head of the mace had become over a hundred meters wide now as energy surged with it. It truly did seem destructive.

Master Chanlong’s expression remained the same. He was connected to the formations of the Neptunean Mountains, so the entire region seemed to become his domain. As for him, he had become the god of this domain, where he could control the lives and deaths of everything in the area.

With this geographical advantage, Chanlong was extremely confident. He felt like even if Primordial realm experts had come, they would not be able to injure him at all.

This was all because of the supreme formation in the Neptunean Mountains.

Just when master Chanlong wanted to move and stop Bai Qi’s mace with the formation, Jian Chen charged into the sky instead. His hair and clothes fluttered as he gave off a surging presence. He directly struck out with his hand at the falling mace.

The powers of the Laws of the Sword shone with resplendent white light on his hand while Chaotic Force permeated the inner layer as it gave off a presence of destruction.

“Hmph, you want to block my strike with your bare hands? What do you think you’re doing?” Bai Qi could not help but scoff slightly when he saw Jian Chen’s actions. He understood the power of his strike extremely well. Let alone Jian Chen, someone who had just become a Godking, even a few regular late Godkings would not dare to take it on directly.


In the next moment, the collision happened, producing a violent sound. Terrifying energy burst out in the sky like fireworks as they spread out in all directions.

Such a powerful storm of energy was enough to destroy an entire city in the outside world, but in a place like the Neptunean Mountains, it failed to harm anything around.

Bai Qi’s sneer froze up at that moment, and his face changed rapidly. It was quite a spectacular sight. His eyes became filled with disbelief.

When Jian Chen’s hand struck the mace, Bai Qi only felt a terrifying force pass through his weapon, causing his body to tremble uncontrollably before he was forced to step backwards. His sleeves around the hands that he used to hold the mace turned to dust instantly while the webbing between his thumb and index ripped open.

“No, impossible! You’ve clearly just become a Godking, so how can you be so powerful?” Bai Qi cried out as he stared at Jian Chen like he was looking at a monster.

On the other side, the eyes of Bai He and Hei Ya, who did not take Jian Chen seriously originally, narrowed at that moment. They all stared at Jian Chen as disbelief also filled their faces.

There were many late Godkings around the fifth prince, but out of all of them, Bai Qi was a great expert only second to mister Shu. Despite this being the case, he had actually been forced back by an early Godking just now. This had completely destroyed their preconceived ideas.

“If I wasn’t this powerful, I’d be a corpse below your feet already,” Jian Chen said emotionlessly. As soon as he emerged from seclusion, he met the three of them who had come to kill him. It made him extremely furious as he experienced heavy killing intent.

Bai Qi’s battle prowess was very great. Although it was not as great as those supreme Godkings from the rumors, he was still far more powerful than regular late Godkings. If Jian Chen had not broken through, he would truly be in life-threatening danger when he faced the three of them.

Jian Chen lunged forwards and crossed over a thousand meters, appearing before the shocked Bai Qi like he had teleported. He shot out a strand of Daluo Sword Qi just by raising his hand and began to engage in an intense battle against Bai Qi.

Jian Chen’s strength was so great now that it was truly indescribable and unfathomable. When he fought against Bai Qi bare-handed, every single move and strike from him contained terrifying energy that was as tremendous as the seas. He firmly suppressed Bai Qi, who had a supreme quality saint artifact.

“Argh!” Bai Qi roared out, and his presence erupted. He struck out with his full strength, using various powerful Truth Tier Battle Skills in the battle against Jian Chen. There would be powerful storms of energy every time they clashed, spreading out through the surroundings in a vigorous manner. Although they were unable to damage anything on the Neptunean Mountains, they had already alerted all the people cultivating there long ago.

In the distance, several dozen Godkings had already gathered silently. All of them stood in the air as they observed the battle from very far away.

“That late Godking should be from a major organisation. His origin energy is thick and pure, so his cultivation method must be extraordinary. At the same time, the battle skills he possesses are also some of the best. They are all at the ninth grade of the Truth Tier. His current strength is only slightly worse than those deviants who have made it onto the Godkings’ Throne…”

“The truly amazing part is his opponent. He seems to have only reached Godking recently, yet he possesses such terrifying and astounding battle prowess. It really is unbelievable…”

“It really is hard to imagine just how powerful he was when he was an Overgod now that he can fight late Godkings after having just become a Godking himself…”

The Godkings in the surroundings all sighed in amazement as they looked at Jian Chen fearfully.

“This person will definitely become a supreme Godking on the Godkings’ Throne once he becomes a late Godking, and he’ll definitely be able to make it into the top hundred. He might even surpass me and reach the top ten,” said a Godking in black robes. He was surrounded by a group of people. Clearly, his status was very great. He was commenting on Jian Chen.

The Godking seemed to be in his early thirties. He had concealed his presence. He seemed just like an ordinary person, but he also seemed to possess a vague bearing of a supreme lord.

He was like a future king, a formidable ruler of the world that was still growing!

“Young master is correct. This person is indeed very extraordinary, and his future is limitless. Of course, that’s given that he can mature successfully. After all, many powerful deviants have appeared throughout the history of the Saints’ World, but most of them pass away before they can fully mature. At the same time, there aren’t a lot of people who make it to the very apex,” a ruddy old man said from behind the black-robed Godking.

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