Chapter 2299: The Fear of the Radiant Godkings

Chapter 2299: The Fear of the Radiant Godkings

The name of Qing Shan had become piercing to their ears since a long time ago. Even though they utterly resented this person, they did not dare to put up any resistance at all when they truly saw him. The only thought left in their heads was to run, run, run. The further they could run, the better it would be. It would be best if they could run to a place where Qing Shan could not find them, somewhere they could hide well.

At that moment, Donglin Yanxue, who was taken along with the protectors, struggled to remain calm as well. Her exquisite face paled slightly as deep unease filled her eyes.

Out of them, Jian Chen was the only person who could remain composed. However, he frowned heavily as well.

“Hurry up and reunite with the four other groups then combine the strength of all the Radiant Godkings to work with elder He Tian. It won’t be impossible to defeat Qing Shan if we do that,” Jian Chen said calmly.

However, the eight protectors completely ignored Jian Chen. Not only did they not hurry off in the direction of the four other groups, but they even devoted themselves to fleeing further away instead.

Jian Chen could see the undisguised fear and vague despair within their eyes.

Jian Chen sighed secretly with this discovery. These people left him extremely disappointed.

Adding up the five groups, they had a total of forty-four Radiant Godkings. If they worked together, they would be a great force. Coupled with elder He Tian, he believed that they would be able to fend off Qing Shan.

Even if they were not Qing Shan’s opponent, at least they would not have to suffer an utter defeat at Qing Shan’s hands.

Even if a slight difference in strength remained, he could secretly help out, and they would be able to fend off Qing Shan. Even suppressing him was not impossible.

However, he had underestimated the protectors’ fear of Qing Shan. They did not have the courage to fight him at all.

They did not dare to fight Qing Shan and remained beside Jian Chen the entire time. As a result, Jian Chen was unable to find the opportunity to secretly help out despite wanting to.

After bellowing out, elder He Tian changed directions and flew off elsewhere, drawing Qing Shan away.

Qing Shan glanced past Donglin Yanxue’s group indifferently. He smiled coldly before continuing his pursuit.

In his eyes, there was no need to worry about the Radiant Godkings at all. No matter how they fled, they would not be able to escape from him. However, elder He Tian was the elder who watched over this place, so it was extremely likely for him to possess a method to contact the outside world. As a result, killing him was the top priority right now.

Qing Shan gradually traveled further away as he followed elder He Tian. The booms from their battle grew more distant as well before disappearing completely in the end.

However, the eight fleeing Radiant Godkings did not stop even then. Their speed did not decrease at all as they fled into the distance.

Along the way, they even flew over the territories of a few vicious beasts. The beasts that wandered the land pursued them crazily, but they were also ignored. The Radiant Godkings only focused on running.

Sigh,” Jian Chen sighed inside. He had underestimated the protectors’ fear of Qing Shan, which made him feel extremely helpless. Moreover, he had sensed the existence of many Radiant Origin Pearls along the way, but in the end, he could only watch on as he missed out on them. It was impossible for him to remind the group.

The escape continued for half a day. Finally, the eight protectors stopped, descending into a hidden forest.

“Junior Yanxue, junior Chang Yang, do you have a method of contacting the outside world?” As soon as they stopped, the lord of the Cloud Mist Peak, Yue Fan, asked this. He was very stern.

The seven other protectors all looked towards Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue eagerly.

They did not even have the courage to fight Qing Shan. Even the old elder who watched over the World of Moon and Star was not Qing Shan’s opponent, so they could only place their hopes on Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue, these two juniors with impressive backgrounds. They hoped they could contact the outside world and alert the sacred hall of what was happening here so that they could send even more powerful elders to kill Qing Shan.

Donglin Yanxue shook her head gloomily and replied, “The World of Moon and Star is a miniature world. All my methods of communication are unable to pass through the obstructions here. I can’t contact anyone in the outside world right now.”

Undisguised disappointment filled the eyes of the eight protectors. Afterwards, all of them looked at Jian Chen, and one of them asked urgently as he looked at Jian Chen with anticipation and asked, “Junior Chang Yang, do you have any method of contacting vice-leader Xuan Zhan?”

Jian Chen also sighed gently, “I’m the same as Donglin Yanxue. I can’t establish contact with the outside world at all due to being in a different territory.”

“Probably only elder He Tian has the method of contacting the sacred hall from here. There’s nothing that we can do,” Donglin Yanxue added with a heavy heart.

The eight protectors all revealed ugly expressions. Elder He Tian was currently being hunted down by Qing Shan. He was busy fleeing for his life, so how could he have the time to contact the outside world? No one knew how much longer he could last for either.

As soon as they considered the possibility of being coldly hunted down by Qing Shan soon, they all became filled with unease and fear.

“Consider my earlier suggestion. If you keep on dragging it out, it really might be too late,” Jian Chen said again. He believed that this was the only way for the Radiant Saint Masters to repel Qing Shan.

The eight Radiant Saint Masters all hesitated. After a while of thought, they expressed their thoughts and began an intense discussion over Jian Chen’s suggestion.

Only two of them agree to Jian Chen’s suggestion of working with the four other groups to deal with Qing Shan, unleashing all their strength as Radiant Godkings to fight alongside elder He Tian.

Meanwhile, a portion of them objected to the suggestion. They believed that even if they gathered everyone’s strength, they still would not be Qing Shan’s opponent. After all, they had already gained a deep impression of Qing Shan’s infamy. They did not wish to clash with Qing Shan openly. They believed they should take advantage of when Qing Shan was focused on elder He Tian to flee far away and hide well. Then they could wait until the World of Moon and Star was opened to the outside world again a year later.

The last group of people hesitated. They struggled to make a decision.

At a time like this, Jian Chen and Donglin Yanxue had instead become rather useless. Even with Donglin Yanxue’s status as a candidate, she was unable to influence the decision of the Radiant Godkings.

This was because Donglin Yanxue had not become the Chosen Saint yet, and the eight Radiant Godkings were only her protectors that were tasked with guarding her. They were not her retainers who had to listen to all of her orders.

Jian Chen felt helpless as he listened to the bickering between the Radiant Godkings. He was no longer in the mood to listen to their discussion. He walked over to a huge tree nearby and lopped off the ends of the twigs. Like he was weightless, he sat down on a branch that was only as thick as a wrist.

He looked ahead, and his eyes shone brightly. As a result, his gaze became piercing, allowing him to see into the distance.

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