Chapter 2343: Overwhelming an Entire Group (One)

Chapter 2343: Overwhelming an Entire Group (One)

They were not the only one who tried to lay their hands on Jian Chen. All the Hallowed Saint Masters gathered there actually flew towards Jian Chen with lightning speed.

Everyone single one of them had become crazed. They seized every single second available to them as if whoever got to Jian Chen first would obtain the Grand Exalt’s legacy.

After all, there were many Radiant Godkings gathered here. There were even the lords of the ninety-nine main peaks who had remained as mid Radiant Godkings for far too long. With Jian Chen’s two-colored soulcore, none of them took him seriously. From their perspective, he was just waiting for people to divide him up as they wished.

However, despite being surrounded by so many Radiant Godkings,  Jian Chen clenched the imprint and remained completely composed. Even though he was completely surrounded, and there were many Radiant Godkings no weaker than the lord of the Sky Gazing Peak, he felt no fear at all.

At this moment, the lord of the Scorching Sun Peak’s large, powerful hand had arrived three inches away from Jian Chen’s shoulder.

A few other powerful Hallowed Saint Masters were just as close to Jian Chen. They were about to grab the imprint in Jian Chen’s hand.

Moreover, over a dozen Radiant Swords that shone with dazzling lights were about to land on Jian Chen’s arm with the power of the Laws of the Hallowed.

There were even several large hands condensed from Radiant Saint Force that were sinking down with great force.

These attacks that came in from everywhere had already formed a jail. It sealed off all of Jian Chen’s paths of retreat, locking him in completely. Anyone who saw this would definitely think he was doomed; it was impossible for him to escape.

“Chang Yang!” Donglin Yanxue’s cries rang out in the distance. She could not help but pale in fright when she saw that Jian Chen was in danger.

“Quick, save Chang Yang. Don’t let him suffer any harm at all!” Donglin Yanxue immediately ordered the eight retainers beside her.

The eight retainers did not hesitate at all. Before Donglin Yanxue had even finished talking, they flew over in a hurry.

However, desire burned in their eyes as well. They looked at Jian Chen with greed.

Clearly, the eight retainers had no intention of helping Jian Chen. They too could not resist the temptation of the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint. They joined in on the fight.

Jian Chen could not help but sneer when he saw so many people fight for the Grand Exalt’s legacy in his hand. With a single movement, space pulsed, and he vanished from the encirclement.

At such a crucial time, he used the Laws of Space. He basically teleported away from everyone’s attacks, appearing outside the encirclement.


All the attacks from the Radiant Godkings missed. Countless attacks landed on the ground, producing a deafening boom and kicking up dust into the air.

Several Radiant Swords shot towards the opposing ground, forcing back many weaker Radiant Godkings. It was an utter mess.

“Since I’ve already obtained the Grand Exalt’s legacy, it means that I’m fated to have it. If you try to take it forcefully, you’re disobeying the will of the Grand Exalt,” Jian Chen called out coldly from nearby as he held the imprint.

He could not put the legacy into his Space Ring, and he did not have the time to absorb the information within it either. As a result, he could only hold it in his hand.

However, when everyone looked at the dazzling imprint that was accompanied by the power of laws, their desires were only aggravated. They lost all rationality and went crazy.

“Chang Yang, that’s not something you should obtain. Hand it over…”

“You only have a two-colored soulcore, yet you dare to say you’re fated to possess the Grand Exalt’s legacy imprint? You really are shameless…”

“Hand over the legacy, or die…”

The presences of all the Radiant Godkings surged as they continued to charge towards Jian Chen aggressively. For the sake of the legacy, for the sake of an opportunity to rise up, all of them became crazed. They would even go as far as killing for it.

All of them had basically lost their minds. As a result, they failed to realise just how Jian Chen had managed to break out from their encirclement earlier.

With a flash, Jian Chen avoided their attacks effortlessly. As he saw the raging desire within everyone’s eyes, his gaze gradually turned cold.

At this moment, powerful Laws of the Hallowed descended. Donglin Qiushui had struck out once again from behind Jian Chen, condensing a Radiant Sword and swinging it towards Jian Chen’s hand without any hesitation at all.

“Aunty, don’t!” Donglin Yanxue immediately grabbed Donglin Qiushui’s hand as she pleaded with a terrified face.

“Move!” Donglin Qiushui called out as her eyes burned with desire. She suddenly shook her arm, and with her cultivation as a mid Godking, she shook off Donglin Yanxue easily. Then she attacked Jian Chen mercilessly.

At this moment, no one could remember the rules of the Radiant Saint Hall, nor could they remember vice-leader Xuan Zhan who stood behind Jian Chen. Obtaining the legacy had become the only goal for everyone present.

Donglin Yanxue was filled with worry when she saw how Jian Chen was surrounded. Only she did not care about the Grand Exalt’s legacy out of everyone present. She only felt worried about Jian Chen.

Suddenly, determination flooded Donglin Yanxue’s eyes. She took out an ancient glyph from her Space Ring. After activating it, a powerful pulse of energy appeared, which turned into a barrier of energy around her.

Afterwards, she arrived before Jian Chen under the protection of the barrier and pulled Jian Chen in. She used the power of the talisman to block all the incoming attacks.

“Chang Yang, let’s go. I can’t last for very long,” Donglin Yanxue called out in worry before fleeing into the distance without even asking for Jian Chen’s response.

However, she became stunned very soon, and her expression turned horrendous. The gate out of the miniature world had already closed. They could not leave. No matter how they fled, they would remain trapped in the miniature world. They would not be able to escape from the Radiant Godkings.

Booms constantly rang out outside the energy barrier. Powerful pulses of energy wreaked havoc in the miniature world as the Radiant Godkings struck out while bellowing out crazily, attacking the barrier of energy. They reduced this picturesque miniature world to a waste.

The talisman had been bestowed upon Donglin Yanxue after she became the Chosen Saint. It had impressive power, enough to block attacks from Primordial realm experts.

But the power within the talisman depleted rapidly under the continuous attacks from all these Radiant Godkings. It could not last for very long.

“Donglin Yanxue, you shouldn’t have helped me.” Jian Chen remained calm within the barrier, except his gaze towards Donglin Yanxue bore a sliver of helplessness.

“I don’t care. I just can’t let anything happen to you,” Donglin Yanxue said stubbornly. From when Jian Chen obtained the legacy to when he became encircled, it had all happened too quickly, so quickly that many people were unable to react. As a result, Donglin Yanxue failed to take notice of how Jian Chen had managed to avoid all the attacks.

Subconsciously, she still believed that Jian Chen only had a two-colored soulcore and had yet to mature into a prodigy of impressive strength.

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