Chapter 2353: Fleeing from the Sacred Hall

Chapter 2353: Fleeing from the Sacred Hall

Donglin Yanxue immediately started to panic when she saw how forceful and persistent the bald old man was. She worried for Jian Chen.

However, Jian Chen remained calm. He said, “Please do not become flustered, senior. The item you’re looking for is in my Space Ring. Since senior wants to check it, I’ll take it out.”

“Compared to the Chosen Saint, you’re indeed slightly more pleasant. Hurry up and take out the blood medallion,” the bald old man eased up slightly when he heard Jian Chen’s words.

They were outside the protective formation of the Radiant Saint Hall, so they were still in the Radiant Saint Hall’s territory. He really did not want to attack disciples of the Radiant Saint Hall unless he had no choice.

After all, the Radiant Saint Hall needed to be respected as a peak organisation. Moreover, the Chosen Saint was present as well. It was quite fortunate for him that Jian Chen would cooperate.

Jian Chen looked at Donglin Yanxue and said, “Your highness, it’s best if you return first.”

A gleam of light shone through Donglin Yanxue’s eyes when she heard that. She seemed to understand what Jian Chen was trying to do. She glanced at him deeply and said, “Take care!”

The bald old man had no doubts. He continued to stand there leisurely, waiting for Jian Chen to take out the blood medallion.

“Senior, please look carefully. What you want to check is right here,” Jian Chen suddenly smiled strangely after Donglin Yanxue left. With that, a sword appeared in his hand.

The bald old man immediately became slightly startled when he saw Jian Chen draw a sword and not the blood medallion. But afterwards, his eyes narrowed, and he became surprised.

This was because he discovered the sword was actually a god artifact!

Such a puny Radiant Saint Master actually has a god artifact!” The bald old man was astonished, and at the same time, he felt that something was off from the bottom of his heart.

As expected, as soon as the god artifact appeared, it shone with blinding light. Seven illusionary stars were conjured from the sword. It directly cleaved towards the bald old man under the illumination of starlight.

The strike was astonishing. The seven stars formed a single line, enveloping the bald old man like a galaxy.

“The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways! It’s the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways! Y- y- you’re Jian Chen!” The bald old man’s face changed drastically. Although he was an Infinite Prime, he was only an early Infinite Prime. He felt a great threat from Jian Chen’s attack that was no weaker than a regular Infinite Prime’s strike.

Jian Chen had struck out too suddenly, so the old man was caught completely off-guard. The attack was extremely fast as well, so the old man had no time to dodge.

The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways arrived before the old man in a single instance.

At this critical moment, tremendous energy surged out from the old man, immediately forming a barrier around him. At the same time, he became clad in armor.


Time was too tight, so the old man could only put up something like this as a defence. Right after that, Jian Chen’s Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways arrived.

The strike directly cut through the barrier of energy around the old man. The Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways gave off the pressure of a god artifact and landed on the old man’s armor as it shone brightly.

Powerful energy exploded. The old man’s armor was only a supreme quality saint artifact, so it was on a completely different level compared to the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways. It was immediately shredded to pieces, and the old man was sent flying far away as well. A vicious gash appeared on his body, making blood rain down.

I’ve found Jian Chen. Jian Chen is here. Ancestor, Jian Chen is here…” As he flew backwards the old man immediately tried to communicate with his ancestor who was within the Radiant Saint Hall.

However, his message was cut off by the sacred hall that stood above the clouds. It was unable to penetrate the structure.

“God dammit!” The old man cursed angrily. He immediately took out a jade talisman to send his message through a secret technique.

However, Jian Chen immediately took out a formation disc from his Space Ring and tossed it onto the ground after sending the old man flying. He stood on the formation disc and immediately activated it.

The formation disc contained a teleportation formation.

However, many disciples of the Radiant Saint Hall moved about in the surroundings. The moment they saw the Nine Star Sword of Heavenly Ways, they immediately recognised Jian Chen, and they all cried out.

Even more of them directly used various methods of communication to contact their seniors.

Intense white light had already surrounded Jian Chen as the powers of teleportation surged out.

This was a long distance teleportation formation. Although it could not cross regions, it could still send him extremely far away. It was the best method for him to escape from the Radiant Saint Hall.

Otherwise, he would not be able to make it far away before the peak experts caught up to him given his current strength; this was the case even though he had grasped the Laws of Space.

“Jian Chen, we’ve looked for you for so long, and we’ve finally found you. You’ve made us search so hard…” At this moment, a heavy voice rang out from the Radiant Saint Hall. With the voice, the energy in the surroundings churned wildly, condensing into a huge hand that reached towards Jian Chen with lightning speed.

The hand condensed from energy contained the mysteries of laws and the truths of the world. As it reached over, all the laws in the area seemed to be affected as well.

Jian Chen could clearly sense the space around him rapidly freeze up as he stood on the teleportation formation disc. The owner of the hand wanted to forcefully interfere with the teleportation of the disc.

However, it was all too late. By the time space had completely frozen and the terrifying hand had arrived, Jian Chen had vanished from the formation disc.

A black-robed, middle-aged man stood in the air outside the sacred hall of the Radiant Saint Hall. He frowned as he stared in the direction that Jian Chen had vanished into. He murmured, “I was one step too slow. I actually let him escape. I failed to catch him this time. If I want to take him next time, I’ll have to contend against the others. What a pity.”

“Jian Chen has appeared…”

“He really is hiding in the Radiant Saint Hall. However, since he has shown himself, he’ll never escape again…”

“I would like to see where he’ll hide this time…”

At the same time, all the peak experts gathered in the Radiant Saint Hall appeared beside the black-robed, middle-aged man. Delight filled their eyes as they expanded the senses of their souls rapidly.

These people were all peak experts who stood at the apex of a plane. The senses of their souls were so powerful that they could envelope the entire Desolate Plane in a single instance.

Before Jian Chen had exposed himself, the peak experts were indeed unable to see any flaws in his disguise from Mo Tianyun’s mask. As a result, they were unable to realise his true identity. However, now that he had exposed himself, the peak experts had locked onto him. Even with Mo Tianyun’s mask, he could no longer stay hidden.

“I found him. He’s in a city…”

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