Chapter 433 - Traveler Returning Home (Two)

Chapter 433: Traveler Returning Home (Two)

Upon seeing Jian Chen, the officer cordially greeted Jian Chen.

After the officer left, Jian Chen spoke to the mother and son, “Aunty, Sans, is this place agreeable with you?”

“All is well. That officer was a little too enthusiastic, we’ve felt a little too pampered.” The mother joked.

After she replied, Jian Chen exchanged several words with the mother and son before finally knowing their full names. The mother was called Shen Fang and was born in a small mountain village. Both of her parents had died long ago and Kendall was someone who had grown up with her. Even from the start, the two of them had felt an affinity for each other and had been married there in the village.

Sans’ real name was Ken Xiaosan.The name was a little crude sounding, but the village elder had been unable to find a better sounding name. At Kendall’s suggestion, Ken Xiaosan became Sans’ name.

Kendall had been the strongest in the village, by the age of twenty-one, he had been able to form his Saint Weapon. As a result, he had often gone into the mountains to hunt for boar, thus earning the respect of the entire village. However, the village life did not suit him despite the comfort it provided. For the sake of improving his strength and making a better life for his son, he left the village by himself shortly after Sans was born to travel the continent.

For the next twenty years, Kendall would come back home every so often with plenty of money. The family situation back at home had slowly improved, and he even had several Class 1 Monster Cores for Sans to cultivate with. As their family life grew better, they eventually came to a Second Class City in the Qiangan Kingdom and opened up a small inn for ten years.

“My lord, our Kendall would always come back home at least two or three times every year. But in the recent years, he hasn’t sent a letter back home or came back even once. My lord, please tell me. Where has my Kendall gone to?” The mother Shen Fang asked once more with a hopeful look.

Jian Chen gave a mental sigh as he wiped away any emotion on his face. “Aunty, a few years ago, uncle Kendall came across a very profitable mission and had to go to a far away kingdom. It’s already been two years, so I’m sure he’ll be home soon.” Jian Chen didn’t wish to worry the mother and quickly came up with an excuse. Although he knew that sooner or later the truth would come out, if he could delay it for now, then the two would come to terms that something had happened to him by themselves. They would at least be prepared, and when the time came for Jian Chen to tell them, they would not be as hurt.

Shen Fang had no reason to doubt Jian Chen’s words and had a small smile on her face as she muttered, “No wonder he didn’t come home after all this time, he’s already gone far away.”

After a while, Jian Chen left the place. He had already planned to take the two back to Lore City where the Changyang Manor was. With his identity, he had no doubt that no one would dare do anything to them.

For the sake of the two, Jian Chen waited another day to let them rest. Otherwise, he would have long since rushed to the Changyang Manor.

On the second morning, news from the southern stronghold reported that the Andreas Kingdom had finally fully withdrawn their entire army from the Gesun Kingdom. At the same time, they sent a letter to the king of the Gesun Kingdom with a promise to compensate them for the war. Aside from this, the Andreas Kingdom had also sent the prime minister and prince to the Gesun Kingdom as a sign of good faith.

Simultaneously, general Liu received an edict from the king in hopes that all the generals of the strongholds could oversee the retreat of the enemy armies and maintain the strongholds once more.

By now, the war that had gone on for many months had finally come to an end, but this final conclusion was something that no one had expected. Many of the surrounding kingdoms that had remained impartial to the war sent men to find out what had happened.

Not too long afterward, shocking information made its way around. However only the major powers or leaders of each kingdom understood what the information meant, shocking them all.

The Gesun Kingdom had managed to build a relationship with one of the Eight Great Powers, the Qinhuang Kingdom. Although the distance between the two kingdoms was extremely far, the might of one of the Eight Great Powers could not be belittled.

Aside from this, the Gesun Kingdom also had a strange youth that was unbelievably strong. He had first appeared at the Pingyang Kingdom’s imperial palace and taken the king himself captive. After that, he had gone to the Qiangan Kingdom and killed two experts over there before finally destroying the kingdom’s Yangji Sect. He had also killed over a dozen Heaven Saint Masters from three different kingdoms, such an achievement was astounding.

“Did the Changyang clan’s ancestor return? No one else but him could have such a strength.”

“Has the ancestor of the Changyang clan made the breakthrough?”

Many experts who heard the news immediately thought of the same person.

After hearing that the Gesun Kingdom and the Qinhuang Kingdom were related, the news began to spread farther and farther away. Even the kingdoms countless of kilometers away heard the news and dispatched several envoys to come congratulate the Gesun Kingdom.

About half a hundred thousand kilometers away, the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom heard the news. The Heavenly Eagle Kingdom was one of the strongest kingdoms around and easily had double the population of the Gesun Kingdom. Within the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, there were sixteen Heaven Saint Masters.

Within the imperial palace of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom, the monarch sat in a giant throne room with an elder and youth kneeling down before him.

Sitting upon the dragon throne, the king of the Heavenly Eagle Kingdom gave a gentle sigh, “Who would have thought that the Gesun Kingdom would have become good enough friends with the Qinhuang Kingdom that they were given several Imperial Advisors for assistance? How inconceivable.” The king looked down to the two people kneeling in front of him, “My son, prime minister Che, I’ve called you here today to give you an important mission. I want you to set out to the Gesun Kingdom tomorrow with gifts for them. Ascertain the relationship between the Gesun Kingdom and then the Qinhuang Kingdom. Prime minister Che, you should know what to do afterward.”

“Your servant understands.” The elder spoke.

“Good!” The king muttered before speaking once more, “The lands that the Gesun Kingdom occupy are extremely fertile. Provided they are given time, they will sooner or later develop into a kingdom that is no weaker than our Heavenly Eagle Kingdom. No matter what relationship they hold with the Qinhuang Kingdom, it is worth our time to make friends with them to benefit us. I’ve heard that the king of the Gesun Kingdom dotes upon the princess Ge Lan who is rumored to be the most beautiful woman in the Gesun Kingdom. She even has a talent for cultivation as well. My son, your priority is have her hand in marriage so that our two kingdoms will be tied together by marriage.”

“Your son will follow father’s order!”


With the great war coming to a close, all of the Heaven Saint Masters protecting the strongholds were withdrawn as well. By the second day, Jian Chen and the others planned to leave, but before they could do so, general Liu suddenly found them and said, “Honored Imperial Protector, we hope that your group will be able give us the honor of receiving you at the imperial palace.”

Without hesitation, Jian Chen replied, “I still have something important to do, Xiao Tian, you go in my stead.”

“Yes, Imperial Protector.” Xiao Tian bowed.

There was a regretful look on the general’s face, but he understood the meaning. It was beneath an Imperial Protector of the Qinhuang Kingdom to attend such a meeting, but having a regular Imperial Advisor was still more than enough face for the Gesun Kingdom.

“Imperial Protector, where should we go to find you afterward?” Xiao Tian spoke.

“Go to Lore city, I will be heading there in a short moment.” Jian Chen spoke.

“Lore City!” General Liu immediately made note to remember the name.

After the exchange, Jian Chen took both Shen Fang and Sans away from the city and speed off into the distance toward Lore City.

It was as if he had entered a whole new world where many years had passed. Jian Chen had left the Changyang Manor many years ago as a result of the Hua Yun Sect. Forced to hide his face, Jian Chen had to leave the Gesun Kingdom. When he was a young child he never would have thought that he would have made the transformation to become a triumphant hero.

Jian Chen flew through the air with the wind blowing past his face and whistling in his ears with a sharp sound.

The mother and son were protected by the wind element around them meaning they could freely fly without a problem.

Jian Chen had a strange look on his face as he looked forward and thought to himself.

“Changyang clan, will you still remember the name, Changyang Xiangtian?”

“Hua Yun Sect, how clearly do you remember the youth that you forced away?”

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