Chapter 508 - Might of a Saint Ruler (Two)

Chapter 508: Might of a Saint Ruler (Two)

The sky flashed with a violet light as Jian Chen maneuvered the azure and violet rays of light around his body. Because Jian Chen was moving far too fast, the Origin energy of the azure and violet Sword Spirits turned into a curtain of light that covered his body.

Although Jian Chen had lost his Saint Force, which resulted in him becoming several times slower than before, his muscles had been reinforced by the three wisps of Chaotic Force, strengthening his body. Even without the Saint Force supporting him, the power of his body had already boosted his speed to a considerable level.

Despite Kris, Hu Ba, and the third trying to defeat Jian Chen, they knew that they could not even touch the strange energy that Jian Chen held in his hand. Their Saint Weapons never dared to cross blades, so the three of them felt that they had an arm and a leg tied behind their backs. They couldn’t fight to their best ability, and felt extremely sullen because of that.

But what really made them want to spit blood out was that no matter where they slashed at Jian Chen with their Saint Weapons, the Origin energy would come from every direction possible at the most critical moment to stop their attacks. It traveled without fear toward their Saint Weapons and forced them to abandon their attacks to evade it. Otherwise, they would be forced to take an unbearable amount of damage.

Seeing that all three of them were completely helpless in dealing with Jian Chen, the three of them felt extremely furious. Immediately, the sectmaster and the elder of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger let out a roar and simultaneously used their Battle Skills against Jian Chen.

The two Saint Weapons shined with an eye-stabbing amount of light and streaked through the sky with the speed of lightning. With their attacks came a pressure that seemed like it could squash the world.

Sensing the pressure press against his body, Jian Chen’s lips curled into a sneer and spoke coldly, “You think a mere Earth Tier Battle Skill could injure me?!”

Whoosh! Whoosh!

As he spoke, Jian Chen let loose two stabs of his sword toward the two battle skills. Two simultaneous explosions could be heard as the energy from the Earth Tier Battle Skills exploded on contact. A storm of dust then concealed the figures of all four combatants.

Jian Chen’s entire body began to glow with a dazzling light. At a thought, he began to bring the element of wind around his body and envelop himself within it, bringing about a squall of wind.

With a flash of azure light, the gradual pick up of the wind element carried Jian Chen’s body forward. In the blink of an eye, he had arrived right in front of Kris; with a brandish of his right hand, the Origin energy in his began to lash out in a series of intricate sword slashes toward Kris.

Kris’ face blanched, and he immediately retreated backward to avoid going against Jian Chen.

Right now, the other two fighters of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had been blown ten meters away because of the fierce explosion. They wouldn’t be able to get to Kris in time. Jian Chen knew this was an excellent time to pick them off one by one, so there was no way he would lose this chance. Immediately charging ahead, he chased after Kris without abandon.

Although Kris was a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, he was not of the wind element so his speed would not even be close to comparable with Jian Chen’s. The distance between the two of them was quickly closed. In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen caught up to him. The entire sky was filled with the azure and violet light as it burst out from every part of Jian Chen’s body, leaving no escape for Kris.

“Then allow me, Kris, to experience just how dangerous this mysterious power, Hu Ba said, is.” Kris’ eyes flashed dangerously. Without stepping back, he brought his sword down to stab at Jian Chen with all his might.

Kris’ giant sword stabbed toward the spot in front of him with an irresistible force and without any bit of resistance. As his giant sword came close to Jian Chen’s chest, there was a crisp sound of contact that occurred afterward.


The Origin energy of the Sword Spirits made contact with Kris’ Saint Weapon with the unfathomable sound of metal hitting metal. The Origin energy had been fully condensed, and although it was not the same type of substance as a Saint Weapon, it was already as durable as steel.

A moment after the sound rang out, Kris’ face suddenly blanched before a mouthful of blood came spitting out from his lips.

Although Kris was a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, the Saint Weapon was still intrinsically connected to its owner. If the Saint Weapon was hurt, then, no matter how strong the owner was, they would gain a proportional amount of damage. Even a Saint Ruler would be no exception.

“This power is indeed terrifying. Hu Ba was correct, we cannot go head to head against him.” Kris exclaimed to himself in astonishment. After personally witnessing the terrifying power of the Origin energy, he now knew just how amazing it was.

As that line of thought ran across Kris’ mind, Jian Chen brought two more sword slashes down onto Kris’ Saint Weapon before he could bring it back.

Kris’ body began to tremble violently as another two or three spurts of blood came flying out. His face became deathly pale as three new chips appeared on his sword, bringing his body to an even more injured state.


“Be careful sectmaster!”

Seeing Kris injured, Hu Ba and the other elder had let out identical cries of astonishment. Immediately flying forward with all their might, they tried to do their best to distract Jian Chen so that Kris would not be further injured or killed.

A damaged Saint Weapon would cause a grave amount of damage to the body. Kris’ fighting ability had already been diminished to the point of being no concern. Since Jian Chen wasn’t after Kris’ life, he simply stopped fighting him. He changed his targets to Hu Ba and the other Fifth Cycle Heaven Saint Master and did his best to fight against them.

The pressure on Jian Chen had noticeably decreased with one Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master short in the battle. He was able to unleash an endless amount of refined sword moves one after another by using the Origin energy as his sword. With his attainments in the path of the sword, he quickly inflicted serious damage on both Hu Ba and the other, causing them both to spit out blood.

“Damn it all, what power is that for it to be so strong?” Hu Ba cursed while wiping the blood away from his mouth. The Origin energy of the Sword Spirits made him so afraid to act because of the thought of hurting himself. Despite the power in his body, he was completely unable and afraid of using it, which made him very sullen.

Just at that moment, a tremendous amount of energy suddenly filled the air. In that instant, the clouds in the skies had begun to swirl and the wind had transformed into a hissing gale that pierced the ears. Above everyone’s heads, a black cloud had started to quickly form and blot out the surrounding sunlight and drain color away from the area.

“Heaven Tier Battle Skill!” Jian Chen exclaimed in realization. Turning his head to look in a certain direction, he could see Qin Wuming, Qin Wutian, and Qin Wujian all releasing their Heaven Tier Battle Skills at the same time. The three battle skills were identical, so when they used them all at the same time, there was a sort of resonance between the three. They harmonized and made the power of the Heaven Tier Battle Skill skyrocket.

“Don’t think that you alone hold the monopoly on Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Our Sect of Dragon and Tiger are in no shortage of them either.” An individual roared before a tremendous amount of power shot out from him as he used his own Heaven Tier Battle Skill.

After this announcement, three other members from the Sect of Dragon and Tiger used their own Heaven Tier Battle Skills. Although the effect of their battle skills didn’t achieve the same level of effect as the three generals, there was an advantage in numbers which brought the overall power to a tie.

Seeing this sight, Kris suddenly blanched before crying out, “No! Stop!”

Seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills would bring about a tremendous amount of energy whiplash and could destroy the mountain quite easily. This was where the Sect of Dragon and Tiger lived, and while there was a barrier that could protect them from any danger, the mountain would not be shielded. In the case that the mountain was destroyed, then the foundations of the sect would be gone, and the aftermath of such a thing was not something sectmaster Kris had wanted.

Unfortunately because of the prior events, both sides had already been brought to a boiling point where they could not even think of the repercussions. Despite Kris opening his mouth in warning, he was far too late.

Jian Chen grew grim as well. Immediately retreating several kilometers, his mind moved into action and brought the earth element in the world toward him before ultimately wrapping it around his body to form a yellow armor. Against seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills, the amount of power that would result from them was many times stronger than a single Heaven Tier Battle Skill. Jian Chen had to be as careful as he could. While the armor of the earth element would be like paper in front of a Heaven Saint Master, it could at least protect his clothes and prevent him from getting into a difficult situation. This would also give Jian Chen a shallow level of defense since he didn’t have Saint Force protecting him like the others.

At this moment, the ten fighters from the Qinhuang Kingdom and the remaining members of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had ceased their fighting to get as far away from the five as they could. Their Saint Force had already bubbled out and formed a protective layering around them in preparation to withstand the aftermath from the seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills.

Just as everyone was preparing their defenses, the seven battle skills had finally finished their own preparations. Following a furious roar, all seven unleashed them at the same time. A strong energy ripped apart the space between them, creating several tiny cracks throughout it. Ten meters within these cracks, the space began to swirl and surge about.

In that instant, the seven battle skills clashed together. But it was what happened afterwards that had caused everyone to widen their eyes in shock and disbelief.

Just when the seven battle skills clashed, there wasn’t even a single bit of sound afterward. Not a bit of energy could be seen washing over the area, and the energy that had wrapped around the seven Saint Weapons had disappeared without a trace. At this show, everyone was completely stunned.

“A barrier, a barrier is blocking them!” A voice cried out. Hearing this, everyone’s eyes immediately locked onto a spot in between the seven people. Sure enough, there was a barrier that had appeared out of nowhere. It divided the Heaven Saint Masters from the Qinhuang Kingdom and the Sect of Dragon and Tiger. But not only that, the Saint Weapons from the seven had been taken away as well.

At this sight everyone — Jian Chen included — let out a gasp in shock. Not a single one of them needed to think to know that the Saint Ruler of the Sect of Dragon and Tiger had finally put his hand into this battle.

However, what they didn’t think of was that the Saint Ruler would be strong enough to stop seven Heaven Tier Battle Skills by a barrier without a problem or letting any energy escape.

“Is that the might of a Saint Ruler?” Jian Chen’s thoughts were in turmoil. In the past he conjectured about their strength many times over. Although he could admit that they were all an existence of unbelievable strength, he would never have imagined that their strength would be at such a terrifying level like this.

Under a Saint Ruler, all are ants. This saying was indeed not a false one.

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