Chapter 608: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers (One)

Chapter 608: Arrival of Two Saint Rulers (One)

Seeing the miserable expression on Jian Chen’s face, Hu Xiaotian could infer that there was likely no one supporting Jian Chen that could handle the power behind the third elder. As if to console him, he said, “Brother Jian Chen, don’t fret too much. Mercenary City is considered the safest spot on the continent. If you can’t deal with those people, then stay within the city. I’m sure these people here will be more than willing to help you out as well.” Hu Xiaotian pointed to the Heaven Saint Masters that had been willing to help Jian Chen fight off the four Heaven Saint Masters a few moments ago.

“Hahaha, Jian Chen, you are truly powerful beyond imagination. I hadn’t expected to see you kill those four with nearly a single strike! I can say now that my eyes are fully opened to the world.” The man in black-robes spoke. Holding his fan, the man laughed out loud, but his words had been indeed spoken from the heart. They were all truly stunned by just how strong Jian Chen was.

“Sire Jian Chen, the Imprint of Death on you is something that the men behind the third elder could use to rapidly find your position. If sire Jian Chen can’t fight them off, then my Vulcan Shrine would be more than happy to help you. Don’t worry about the Shi family, our Vulcan Shrine does not fear them.” A red-robed elder smiled amicably as he tried to gain Jian Chen’s favor.

“You have my Dayong clan. If sire Jian Chen requires it, then my clan would be more than happy to help you deal with the Shi family.” The black-robed man was unwilling to give up their chance to earn Jian Chen’s favor as well.

Wiping away the blood from the corners of his mouth, Jian Chen cupped his hands to everyone. “I am thankful for everyone’s willingness to assist me, but I will deal with this matter myself. I won’t be imposing my troubles on you all.” There was no such thing as a free meal in this world, and Jian Chen knew just what had prompted these people to help him. He would not let himself owe another a favor so easily.

“Well then, there isn’t much use in chatting for now. Brother Jian Chen is injured something fierce. We should treat his wounds back in Mercenary City first.” Hu Xiaotian piped up. Taking a pure-white pill out of his Space Ring, he handed it over to Jian Chen, “Brother Jian Chen, this is a Class 6 Radiant Spirit Pill. It won’t be enough to heal your wounds, but it should speed it up a bit. Take a bite.”

Looking at the thumb-sized pill in Hu Xiaotian’s hand, Jian Chen hesitated for a moment before finally taking it from him. With a word of thanks, he swallowed the pill. Jian Chen possessed a rather favorable impression of Hu Xiaotian, and wouldn’t refuse the pill that he had offered him. That would be impolite to Hu Xiaotian.

After taking the pill, Jian Chen felt his wounds healing faster than before. Even his pale face was beginning to regain some of its red flush from before.

Jian Chen took the Space Rings from the corpses of the elders he had just killed before the other people around him left. They returned to Mercenary City together, leaving behind a stunned audience that was still standing far off to the side of the wreckage of battle.

Jian Chen’s true strength had astounded every single person in attendance. It had been far beyond their imagination. His name would soon rapidly spread throughout the entire continent with tremendous speed.

A man who had reached the Heaven Saint Master realm before the age of thirty. Furthermore, this same person was able to survive not one Heaven Tier Battle Skill but four. Even combined, those elders had been no match for Jian Chen. This was a gargantuas piece of information that would spread across the continent with great fervor.

“Big brother, you’re hurt! Are you okay?” The very moment Jian Chen stepped across the barrier of Mercenary City, the clear sounds of a young woman could be heard echoing in his ear.

Jian Chen’s figure shook slightly as he looked around, but Little Spirit couldn’t be seen.

“Big brother, Little Spirit is right here!” Following the voice, the young figure of a woman suddenly materialized in front of Jian Chen. It was the very same Little Spirit that had appeared in his room the night before, but this time, her body was slightly transparent. One would be able to see straight through her body.

“Big brother, it’s good that you were able to beat those idiots! Otherwise, Little Spirit would have gone against master’s orders to not interfere with the world! Big brother, do your wounds hurt?” Little Spirit asked in concern from her perch a meter high in the sky. There was a pained look on her face, as if she was looking at a hurt family member of hers.

The fact that this Little Spirit, a being that had only just been crying over the loss of her long-lost master yesterday, was so pained at his current situation made Jian Chen feel slightly emotional as well. He had taken a liking to Little Spirit, and his feelings of her felt like a fellow orphan that was all alone in the world.

Stopping in his tracks, Jian Chen smiled to Little Spirit, “I’m fine. It’s only a relatively minor injury, it won’t take long before I heal up completely.”

“Yea! Big brother, you have to make sure to heal up. Little Spirit feels really bad to see you like this.” She replied in concern.

Seeing the expression on her face, Jian Chen couldn’t help but smile inwardly to himself.

“Hey, brother Jian Chen, who are you talking to? Talking to yourself like that, are you sure you’re fine?” Hu Xiaotian asked from beside Jian Chen. He had been waving his palm in front of Jian Chen’s face with an odd look.

Jian Chen stared blankly back at him as he turned away from Little Spirit. Looking at Hu Xiaotian and the other men, he could see that each of them were looking at him rather strangely.

“I was talking with Little Spirit. Can you not see her?” Jian Chen asked curiously.

Looking around the area, Hu Xiaotian answered, “Brother Jian Chen, have you gone blind perhaps? There’s no such Little Spirit anywhere. I can only see you standing off by yourself speaking to no one but yourself. No matter where I look, I can’t see anyone else.”

“Big brother, Little Spirit doesn’t wish to let them see Little Spirit, only you can.” Little Spirit explained in the midst of his confusion.

Hearing her explanation, Jian Chen realized what was happening. He smiled to everyone and continued to walk. Jian Chen awkwardly smiled to himself while trying his best to not ‘talk to himself’ any longer.

Jain Chen looked for an inn to rest in for the night. When he found one, he holed himself up for the night while Hu Xiaotian and the other two groups returned to their own rooms.

Shutting the door to his room, Jian Chen tore off the clothes he had been wearing with a pained grunt. He used a clean towel to wipe off the dried blood on his chest. The wounds on his chest could clearly be seen. In some parts of his chest, parts of his bones were visible.

“How fortunate that my body has been tempered by the Chaotic Force, making it far stronger than before. If not, then I would likely have not had the strength to stand anymore after that.” Jian Chen muttered. He set down the tiger cub, and let it continue to sleep in peace on the bed.

Since the cub was sleeping off the heavenly resources it ate, the cub was completely unaware of the outside world. While Jian Chen had been fighting those four elders, it had remained asleep and was not shaken awake. Jian Chen himself had no solution on how to change that either.

After a simple treatment of his wounds, Jian Chen took out two Radiant Spirit Pills from his Space Ring and swallowed them down. There were plenty of experts and major families within Mercenary City, so he didn’t dare use his Radiant Saint Force to heal himself. Furthermore, Jian Chen wouldn’t disclose the fact that he was a Radiant Saint Master until he was a Saint Ruler.

Just as Jian Chen closed his eyes to focus on healing, Little Spirit suddenly materialized within the middle of the room. When she saw the horrifying wound on Jian Chen’s chest, Little Spirit’s eyes flashed with a pained look. Reaching out with a finger, a small burst of energy emanated from her before entering Jian Chen’s body.

Following the energy entering Jian Chen’s body, the wounds began to heal at an extremely accelerated pace. The speed at which the wounds were healing was far faster than if he were to use his Radiant Saint Force to heal.

Sensing the drastic change within his body, Jian Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Opening his eyes, he realized that Little Spirit was in the room with him. From her appearance, he could infer just what had just happened.

“Big brother!’ Seeing Jian Chen open his eyes, Little Spirit revealed a sweet and affectionate smile.

“Little Spirit, thank you for your assistance!” Jian Chen thanked her.

“Hee hee, as long as big brother is fine, then Little Spirit will be happy to help.” She giggled.

With her assistance, Jian Chen didn’t need to do a thing. His own body recovered at a terrifyingly rapid rate. What would have needed two or three full days to heal before was taking a scant minute to fully recover. Jian Chen was shocked beyond belief.

“Big brother, Little Spirit wants to ask a question. Big brother better not lie to Little Spirit.” She stared carefully at him with apprehension.

“Little Spirit, what question is it? As long as I know the answer, I’ll be sure to help you.” Jian Chen asked.

Hesitating for a brief moment, she looked hopefully at Jian Chen, “Big brother, have you really not seen master before?”

Jian Chen shook his head with no hesitation. “Little Spirit, I won’t lie to you. I have never seen your master before.” He sighed regretfully.

Little Spirit became melancholic as she listened to Jian Chen’s denial, and her head drooped down. She was more than aware that her master had been gone for plenty of years, but she was desperate to see her master once more since he was like a parent to her. He was an important figure that she longed to see.

“Big brother, Little Spirit will be leaving first then.” She spoke as her body began to fade away from the room.

Looking to where Little Spirit had previously been, Jian Chen let out another long sigh before washing away the rest of the blood trails on him. After changing into a new set of clothes, he sat on his bed and began to think about the Imprint of Death the third elder had placed on him.

The Imprint of Death looked like a very complicated pattern formed from a series of abstruse runes that imprinted itself on his body as if it were branded deep into his skin. Jain Chen could sense nothing out of the ordinary from it.

The fact that these runes had been embedded in him made him feel worried. Although he had killed the third elder, this blood debt did not leave any feeling of happiness in him.

Since the Imprint of Death was on him, Jian Chen had no other choice but to give up on going to Longevity Valley. He had to stay within the confines of Mercenary City in order to evade being killed by the Saint Ruler of the Shi family. While elder Xiu in Longevity Valley was a Saint Ruler himself, Jian Chen had no idea just how strong he was. In case elder Xiu stood no chance against such an enemy, then Jian Chen would have allowed harm to befall Longevity Valley.

Furthermore, there was no guarantee that elder Xiu would even help Jian Chen fight the other Saint Ruler. Becoming the enemy of a Saint Ruler was a request that would require a far closer relationship with elder Xiu before Jian Chen would even suggest it.

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