Chapter 705: Primordial Godsilk (Two)

Chapter 705: Primordial Godsilk (Two)

The strength Jian Chen had displayed was enough to cause the bandit boss to feel slightly threatened. Even though he was confident over the notion that his strength was already the greatest below Saint Rulers, he had to admit that he was unable to do what Jian Chen had done earlier with the snapping of the Saint Weapon. Even if he used his Heaven Tier Battle Skill, he would still struggle to break a Heaven Saint Master’s Saint Weapon. This was why he had pulled out the Flood Dragon Bandit’s greatest hidden power without any further hesitation.

The fourteen Heaven Saint Masters were all people akin to the founders of the Flood Dragon Bandits. They each possessed great strength with the weakest being Third Cycle Heaven Saint Masters. They had already followed the bandit boss for many years, just that the Flood Dragon Bandits had just experienced a period of peace which was why they had chosen to go into secluded cultivation at the rear mountain, in attempt to strengthen up even more. Only when the Flood Dragon Bandits faced grave danger would the fourteen of them come out.

The fourteen experts quickly crossed the distance with a monstrous presence. They arrived at the open area outside of the manor very soon. First they quickly gazed around, before all gathering in front of the boss, greeting with clasped hands. “Boss!”

The arrival of the fourteen experts caused all the people of the Flood Dragon Bandits to calm down. To them, no matter how strong Jian Chen was, it was impossible to resist against so many people. If they all attacked him together, it would be impossible for him to survive.

The bandit boss stared at the fourteen experts with a smile. The arrival of the fourteen people made him feel extremely confident, completely lifting away the psychological burden brought on by Jian Chen.

“Boss, you’ve actually summoned all fourteen of us today. Does that mean our Flood Dragon Bandits is facing some great threat?” The most elderly-looking man of the fourteen asked. He seemed extremely old with his face full of wrinkles that completely concealed his original appearance. His voice was also extremely husky, as if he was extremely weak. It made people feel that he was an elderly man on his deathbed, about to be buried not long after.

“Elder Li’s correct. Today, my Flood Dragon Bandits indeed has encountered some small problems. Not only have the four Protectors of Heaven and Earth have been killed, another elder is dead and two other elders are so heavily injured that I’m not even sure if they’re alive or not. This was why I had to invite all of you here.” The bandit boss explained.

Hearing what was said, a gleam of light flashed across the eyes of the old man who was referred to as elder Li. His gaze immediately landed on the people from the Tianqin clan. Other than people of the Flood Dragon Bandits, only the people from the Tianqin clan were present. Also, from how each group treated each other, elder Li could tell that the group of people definitely were the enemies of the Flood Dragon Bandits, even without much thought.

“Those four Protector of Heaven and Earth brats aren’t weak. Who would have thought they all died in your hands. Whoever killed the four protectors, stand forwards. Allow me, Li Gui, to teach them a good lesson.” Killing intent flooded elder Li’s eyes. His husky voice was icy-cold and when it reached the ears of those who were much weaker, it actually caused them to feel cold all over, as if the surrounding temperature abruptly decreased as Li Gui spoke.

“Li Gui, you’re actually Li Gui! How are you not dead!” A great elder stared at Li Gui with shock. He was not unfamiliar with Li Gui at all because five centuries ago, Li Gui was the strongest person in the Flood Dragon Bandits excluding the boss. Also, he did things viciously and mercilessly, far exceeding the four demonic generals. He had created a very large name for himself.

Li Gui’s gaze immediately landed on that great elder. He sneered, “Who would have thought that even after being in seclusion for so long, there’s still someone who knows my name. It’s really surprised me. Too bad I won’t die that easily.”

“A Heaven Saint Master only has a lifespan of a thousand years. Li Gui, you shouldn’t have too much time left.” Another elder said indifferently.

Li Gui’s expression became serious, but he sneered, “Although I haven’t become a Saint Ruler, I’m a peak Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master, only a short way from becoming a Saint Ruler. The three of you are just Second or Third Cycle Heaven Saint Masters, yet you still dare to be so arrogant in front of me? So reckless. I definitely won’t let the three of you go.” The sky began to violently ripple. Li Gui had already begun controlling the energy of the world with his will, clearly about to start fighting.

The three great elders of the Tianqin clan feared Li Gui very much, because even if they worked together, they were not Li Gui’s opponent at all. Seeing how Li Gui was already about to strike out, the third great elder said hurriedly, “Today, my Tianqin clan is lead by Jian Chen. Everything my Tianqin clan has done is because of Jian Chen. Li Gui, if you have the ability, pass through our little friend here first.”

Li Gui swiftly gazed at Jian Chen who stood at the very front. Although he could not tell what strength Jian Chen possessed, as a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Mater, he could feel a sliver of an extraordinary presence on his body.

“Brat, what organisation do you belong to? Speak your name.” Li Gui understood that since the three Heaven Saint Masters of the Tianqin clan would follow the young person’s lead, he definitely possessed an extraordinary background, or perhaps possessed a power that would even make three Heaven Saint Masters swear allegiance to.

As for the possibility that he was a Saint Ruler, it had not even crossed Li Gui’s mind. He had been a sixth cycle Heaven Saint Master for so long and understood just how difficult it was to become a Saint Ruler. As a result, he definitely did not believe the youth before him was a powerful Saint Ruler.

“He’s called Jian Chen, perhaps that Jian Chen who placed first in the previous Gathering of Mercenaries?”

“Perhaps he’s the Mercenary King Jian Chen? There was even a rumor before that he slaughtered four Heaven Saint Masters outside Mercenary City all by himself.”

A few of the middle-aged men behind the bandit boss cried out in surprise. With that, all of the bandits know about Jian Chen’s identity.

“So he’s Jian Chen. No wonder he has such strength.” Gleams of light wavered in the bandit boss’s eyes.

“What, Mercenary King? This means that this brat should possess a Heaven Tier Battle Skill.” As for Jian Chen identity, even Li Gui felt slightly flabbergasted. However, a sneer quickly formed on his face with unconcealed greed in his eyes.

Jian Chen sneered, “I indeed do have quite a few Heaven Tier Battle Skills, Though, that depends on whether you have the ability to take them from me.” As soon as he finished, Jian Chen looked away from Li Gui and turned towards the bandit boss, “Bandit boss, looks like you don’t decide on releasing the person with such a display.”

“Jian Chen, my Flood Dragon Bandits does not want to be enemies with you. It’s best if you don’t interfere with this matter. If you leave the mountain now, I can forget what happened before. As for releasing the person, heh, that’s impossible. If the bride suddenly escapes right before the wedding, where would the dignity of my Flood Dragon Bandits lie?” The bandit boss paused before continuing, “Although you are very strong and normal Heaven Saint Masters struggle to injure you, there are over twenty Heaven Saint Masters on my Coiled Dragon Mountain. Also, Li Gui and I are both peak Heaven Saint Masters. If we fight you together, do you believe you have the power to resist?”

As the bandit boss reached the end, a few more Heaven Saint Masters gathered together behind him with the fourteen elders. Shortly afterwards, a great presence emanated from their bodies. The presence of over twenty Heaven Saint Masters fused mid-air, forming a great pressure which gushed towards Jian Chen.

Although they had all witnessed Jian Chen’s strength, they did not believe Jian Chen could fend off over twenty Heaven Saint Masters at the same time, especially the two who were peak Heaven Saint Masters.

The great presence created by the twenty-odd Heaven Saint Masters was unable to approach Jian Chen at all. When it arrived a meter in front of Jian Chen, it seemed to be stopped by an invisible energy.

Jian Chen’s face became overcast with seriousness. He stared at the opposing Heaven Saint Masters and a powerful killing intent arose from his body. He said with a deep voice, “Since it’s like that, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the space in front of him suddenly froze. It tightly binded the twenty-odd Heaven Saint Masters, including the bandit boss and Li Gui, completely immobilizing them.

Feeling the transformation of the surrounding space, all of the Heaven Saint Masters underwent a great change in expression.

“This is the ability of controlling space, an ability only possessed by powerful Saint Rulers. You… you… im-... im-... impossible, this is completely impossible. I’ve been a peak Heaven Saint Master for four hundred years and I haven’t even comprehended any mysteries of the world. Why are you able to become one before me?” Li Gui was greatly flabbergasted and unable to maintain his previous calmness. For the past centuries, he had always wanted to become a supreme Saint Ruler, but in the end, he did not even touch the edge of the mysteries of the world. As for the unbelievably young youth before him, he had actually already successfully become something he could only dream of. It caused him to be absolutely astounded, unwilling to accept it at all.

“Jian Chen, you… you… you’ve actually already become a Saint Ruler. How is that possible!? You only participated in the Gathering of Mercenaries not too long ago. You’re not even fifty, so how did you become a Saint Ruler so fast? No, this is impossible, this is completely impossible.” The bandit boss was also greatly astounded and great ripples brewed in his heart.

When the surrounding bandits heard that Jian Chen had already become a Saint Ruler, all of them paled from fright as blood completely drained from their faces. Shortly afterwards, without anyone’s command, they all threw down their armor and dispersed in an uproar, unwilling to surround the Tianqin clan members anymore. They fled far away, though some who did not fear death stopped at the distance to observe.

“It’s a pity that you knew too late. Before, I gave you the chance but you didn’t appreciate it, so you can’t blame me. Today, allow me to purge a tumor from the Tian Yuan Continent.” Powerful killing intent flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He then swung his right hand and invisible World Force gathered in that hand. Afterwards, it shot towards the twenty-odd Heaven Saint Masters as a blade.

All those below Saint Ruler were ants. In front of a powerful Saint Ruler, even Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Masters were unable to escape. When the twenty-odd Heaven Saint Masters were struck by the World Force, their souls were directly wiped out. Even Li Gui who was a Sixth Cycle Heaven Saint Master was unable to avoid it.

However, when the blade formed from World Force arrived before the bandit boss, a dazzling gold light suddenly appeared. It actually neutralized World Force which could only be used by Saint Rulers. Also, the gold light seemed to possess some mysterious energy, breaking the space frozen by Jian Chen and recovering the surrounding space to how it was before.

“That’s the bandit boss’s defensive treasure, the golden soft mail. Who would have thought that this soft mail can block attacks of Saint Rulers. Unbelieveable.” A great elder could not help but sigh.

A sliver of astonishment flashed across Jian Chen’s eyes. He had heard about the soft mail with great defensive capabilities possessed by the bandit boss, but he never thought that it could actually block his attack of World Force and break through the space he had froze. It also caused him to be swamped with disbelief.

“That’s Primordial Godsilk. Master, that personally is actually wearing Primordial Godsilk. That’s an extremely rare, high-quality material. Quick master, you must obtain it.” Zi Ying’s voice resounded his Jian Chen’s head. At this current moment, Zi Ying was shouting wildly in Jian Chen’s mind, as if it had just seen some exceptional treasure.

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