Chapter 35: Ignite

Chapter 35: Ignite

At this time, Hong Qi Hua ran over and happened to hear Martin’s words; she immediately covered her mouth to stop herself from laughing. Although she was quite far away, she could still see how dangerous the situation was just now, but this Martin still had the mood to make jokes.

“What about the others?” Bai Yi asked.

“I told them to not run around; they’re hiding together with Momo now.” Hong Qi Hua said.

“It’s fine as long as they don’t run around.” Bai Yi said, taking out his phone to check something. However, his phone was really plagued with misfortune, it was already shattered into many small pieces when he took it out.

“Check where the closest gas station is from here. This slug has very tough skin and coupled with the mucus on top of it, it is very hard to kill it with normal attacking methods. However, it’s afraid of fire, so we will find a gas station and roast it.” Bai Yi said, looking at the Tentacle Slug.

He wasn’t joking when he said that the Tentacle Slug was afraid of fire, just the gas-soaked clothes just now made that guy very anxious. More than 10 tentacles moved at the same time and frantically smacked down on the fire. It only stopped when there wasn’t even smoke rising from the clothes anymore. After extinguishing the flame, the Tentacle Slug turned to face Bai Yi. After these few encounters, the monster had already developed a deep grudge against Bai Yi.

After Hong Qi Hua heard Bai Yi’s words, she immediately took out her phone. Like Bai Yi, she also downloaded the full electronic map of New Zealand on her phone. Something like this could be useful anytime.

“Very close by, 1.5km to our left!” Hong Qi Hua said.

“Let’s go over!”

“Aren’t you afraid of meeting other monsters?” Martin said worriedly.

“It’s not too possible in that direction.” Hong Qi Hua suddenly shook her head and explained.

“We have met three monsters here - 1. Giant Crab Alligator, 2. Tentacle Slug, 3. Armoured Shark Tortoise. It’s not difficult to see that they are all aquatic type monsters. You guys should know about the geographic position of Otorohanga. The city is next to a distributary of the Waipa River, so it’s rich in water resources. It is very likely that the research facility here is researching gene fusion of aquatic creatures. The monsters that made it to shore are probably only these kind of amphibious monsters, so there shouldn’t be many monsters in this city. The gas station is on the other side, even farther away from the distributary than here, so the chances of us encountering monsters isn’t high.” Hong Qi Hua quickly and concisely explained.

Martin looked at Hong Qi Hua dumbly. He didn’t spend much time with Hong Qi Hua so he didn’t know her well. However, he was still stunned. Hong Qi Hua was completely different from the other girls like Ning Xue or Dai Yu Yao. This composure and intelligence, it wasn’t even possible to compare the other girls to her.

“Then let’s leave quickly!” Bai Yi said while standing up.

“Sharpei, go to where Woolf is, and eat the Giant Crab Alligator meat!” Bai Yi instructed.

More than half of the skin on Sharpei was ripped off, and its body was bleeding profusely, appearing extremely scary. The fact that Sharpei could still stand at his time was already unbelievable. Bai Yi wasn’t sure if Sharpei understood him, but after speaking, the three of them ran towards the gas station that Hong Qi Hua was talking about.

The Tentacle Slug chased after the three of them furiously, although the main target was still Bai Yi.

At this time, Sharpei stood on the spot, swaying about. Slowly, Sharpei walked forward, leaving a trail of blood behind it as it walked. It slowly moved to the tentacle that Bai Yi chopped off and suddenly opened its mouth wide.


Sharpei bit down hard, it tore at the meat frenziedly and swallowed. Sharpei didn’t listen to Bai Yi to eat the Giant Crab Alligator’s meat but went for the meat of the monster that had harmed Bai Yi and itself. In the world of animals, they were all each other’s prey and predators. This kind of law was so simple and cruel.


“Martin, on your body.” Bai Yi suddenly said while running.

“Ah, on my body, are you referring to this? This was caused by the suckers on the tentacles. A few patches of my skin even got ripped off.” Martin spoke while breathing hard. Normally, even a small wound would cause him to be in great pain, let alone this sorry state now while risking his life. However, due to the increased production of adrenaline from his adrenal glands, he still felt very hot-blooded right now.

“I know, I’m talking about the two Brain-Sucking Leeches on your back.” Bai Yi said nonchalantly.

“What?! Brain-Sucking Leeches? Hurry, help me to get them off!!” Martin instantly became extremely terrified. Honestly speaking, Martin had come to accept that if he was killed by monsters then it was just his fate. However, if he let the Brain-Sucking Leech suck his brain matter, he wouldn’t even be able to die in a short period of time. That was what was truly cruel and horrific.

Hong Qi Hua laughed and found a flame, smoking the Brain-Sucking Leeches off.

“When did it climb onto me? Fuck…I completely had no feeling.” Martin swore.

“Probably when you got caught.” Bai Yi said.

“When I got caught? Are you talking about the Tentacle Slug… So it was like that! The Tentacle Slug and Brain-Sucking Leech look very similar. They were probably the same lifeform originally, or perhaps the two of them formed a symbiotic relationship.” Martin only lagged for a moment. In reality, he was the legitimate researcher. After Bai Yi’s simple reminder, Martin immediately thought of the most probable possibility.

The few of them had the time to chit-chat because the speed of the Tentacle Slug wasn’t too fast. As long as they were sprinting, they could escape.

Hong Qi Hua ran in front, holding the Willow Leaf Knife and being lightly cautious of the surroundings. Although she herself analysed that there shouldn’t be any other monsters in the direction they were running in, that was just her deduction. Now that Martin and Bai Yi were both heavily injured, the job of being on guard obviously fell to her now.

The distance of 1.5km wasn’t too far, but Martin and Bai Yi were both injured so they were panting heavily from the run. On the other hand, Hong Qi Hua was in much better shape. The activated cells had already displayed their usefulness, and she was only breathing harder after such a long distance of sprinting.

This gas station was pretty much the same as the other one they saw on the way here. Gasoline and diesel were spilled all over the floor from the damaged pipes, and the air carried a heavy smell of gas.

“Ignite the place like this?” Martin asked.

“Just the gas on the floor wouldn’t be enough, that guy would definitely run away. Let’s find the gasoline storage area.”

A gas station is normally split into a few areas: the gasoline storage area, gasoline pipeline, and gas pumping area. Normally, the topping up of gas would of course be at the gas pumping area, and unauthorised people wouldn’t be allowed to enter the gas storage area that had to be wary of smoke or fire. However, there were no such considerations now, so the few of them rushed inside and looked for the gas storage area. Behind them was the Tentacle Slug crawling over the various types of fuel on the floor.

“There’re actually complete gas containers here.” Martin said, surprised at the few gas containers here.

“Are you dumb, of course the gas containers are untouched. Who doesn’t know that these things cannot be moved carelessly? Once they come into contact with static electricity or sparks, they will immediately explode. Whose guts have hair growing on them (TN: means very brave!) would go and forcefully damage something like this?” Bai Yi said laughingly.

“Then what do we do?” Martin asked.

“Qi Hua, you have a handgun with you, right? Pass it to me.” Bai Yi said.

“Uncle Bai, with your condition now, it’s better to leave it to me.” Hong Qi Hua refused. With how Bai Yi was like now, ‘miserable’ wasn’t enough to describe him, it was a miracle that he was even alive. The activated cells definitely played a role in this, or else with his injuries it would be enough to cause a normal human to die a few times over.

“Let me do it. That guy’s after me. If I run away, then it wouldn’t be effective anymore. Hurry, listen to me.” Bai Yi panted lightly and said to Hong Qi Hua softly, looking like he was doting on her.

Martin didn’t say anything at this time. Although they could shoot at the gas container from a long distance, everybody knew just how dangerous this could be.

Hong Qi Hua took a deep breath and said, “Uncle Bai, you must come back alive. Momo is still waiting for you!”

After speaking, Hong Qi Hua passed the gun to Bai Yi, and ran into the distance with Martin without looking back.

At this moment, the Tentacle Slug had already followed Bai Yi’s scent inside. The Tentacle Slug was afraid of fire, but there wasn’t any fire in the gas station because any person would know what a gas station was most vulnerable to. Things were a mess inside the gas station. Various kinds of fuel leaked all over the place, but there was no fire. The Tentacle Slug didn’t know that these things could become its grave in an instant.

Although Bai Yi decided to stay back, he had no intention to heroically sacrifice his life. No matter what, he wanted to live on.

I must survive!

Bai Yi’s eyes became incomparably resolute, running towards the building behind the station with his almost exhausted body. He must first find a safe place, otherwise he would completely lose his chance to live.

At this time, the Tentacle Slug had already chased him to the gas pumping area, waving its tentacles about as it moved towards the direction that Bai Yi was at. At this moment, Bai Yi raised the gun and aimed for the opening in the gas container.


Sparks were produced on the surface on the gas container, but it didn’t explode. Bai Yi could only laugh bitterly now, everybody knew that sparks were extremely dangerous at a gas station, but now when he wanted to ignite the gas containers they actually didn’t explode. Bai Yi checked the bullets in the handgun. There were still five bullets left. In this short time, the Tentacle Slug crawled even closer.

Five shots!

‘Bang bang bang bang bang!’

Five shots fired continuously, hitting the gas container below the Tentacle Slug. In a split second, Bai Yi saw a blue fire igniting on the surface. Without any hesitation, Bai Yi immediately turned around and rolled into the sewers behind him.

‘BOOM!’ a giant explosion sounded. The moment Bai Yi went in, the container exploded and intense flames covered the entire gas station. A few gas containers exploded one after another, and powerful shockwaves continuously wrecked the surrounding area. Even the Tentacle Slug could only shriek pitifully now, struggling around in the flames.

Martin stood on a slope more than 100 meters away, looking at the chain explosions in the distance, his eyes blanking out. Bai Yi had really ignited it, this kind of violent explosion!

Hong Qi Hua turned her head away slightly, closing both eyes.

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