Chapter 141: Red Kiss

Chapter 141: Red Kiss

He didn’t try to keep his ability a secret, because he knew that it would be exposed eventually. A person who was truly strong would definitely become the center of everyone’s attention. They didn’t rely on their enemies not understanding their abilities, but how their enemies would be helpless before them even if they knew their abilities. Right now, Bai Yi already had that kind of mindset.

Reverse Flower Eyes!

After he fused with butterfly genes, his eyes started with the initial Confusion Mimicry and Warning Intimidation. Then, it evolved time and time again from the shock of his friends’ death. Eventually, it became his currently powerful hypnosis. Every single time, the blood of his companions seemed to be the fountain of his eyes’ growth. His eyes could completely be labelled as a pair of cursed eyes. However, Bai Yi had no choice but to place heavy importance on these eyes.

The guy who had intentionally tried to scout out Bai Yi’s secret immediately fell to the floor. At this moment, Bai Yi turned his head away and looked at the audience right below him. Simultaneously, blood started to flow slowly from his eyes.

This kind of eyes!

Everyone who looked up toward the stage felt intimidated simultaneously. Subconsciously, they averted their line of sight. Those bewitching eyes, combined with his cold expression and powerful intimidation, felt like a God was looking down on them. All of them couldn’t help but look away from Bai Yi. After they realized that they had subconsciously averted their gazes, 4 people among the crowd forcefully stopped their own actions and turned their heads back to stare at Bai Yi.

Bai Yi smiled faintly in his heart. The Reverse Flower Eyes could capture all the movements of everyone in the plaza right now. These 4 people could forcefully suppress their instincts to back down and stared back at him. Apparently, they were not ordinary either. However, now wasn’t the time to contend with the 4 of them. Bai Yi’s eyes slowly changed and gradually returned to a normal pair of eyes.

However, everyone in the plaza had already deeply etched the name of this pair of eyes in their minds – Reverse Flower Eyes!

“This is the ability I gained after my activated cells mutated. It can hypnotize anything that looks at my eyes to a certain extent. This powerful hypnotic ability can let evolved lifeforms enter deep-level sleep. This balances the body and soul at a deeper level and the reason why I can subdue Raymond,” Bai Yi slowly said. At this time, there were still many people who still hadn’t recovered from their daze.

“Don’t ask me how I became like this, because I don’t know either. All I can say is, this is all by chance.”

“Other than that, if it isn’t an emergency, don’t talk about asking me to help everyone fall into deep-level sleep, because that is impossible. Or I should say, I want to, but I don’t have the power to do so. My eyes can’t be used unlimitedly, and you guys saw it for yourself too. Every usage will cause my eyes to start bleeding. In truth, using it for more than a few times a day would greatly affect my vision. I even lost my sight for more than a month before from overuse of this ability.” Bai Yi pointed to his eyes, as the blood from it formed 2 red streaks down his face.

Everyone looked at the red streaks on Bai Yi’s face and subconsciously nodded.

Looks like they couldn’t rely on Bai Yi’s eyes after all. They still had to rely on their own efforts to figure out a way to deal with the Brutal Stage. But now that they knew that hypnosis was effective, they could think about things in that direction as well.

A few other people breathed a sigh of relief at his words. Although Bai Yi said that his eyes could only hypnotize people, in their hearts, the most effective usage of his eyes would be on the battlefield. Anybody who had to battle Bai Yi would find it incredibly troublesome, because vision was the sense that people used the most amongst the 5 senses. If they were afraid of looking at the opponent, it was easy to imagine how restrictive and troublesome a fight would be. Although they weren’t enemies with Bai Yi now, nobody could be certain of the future.


Bai Yi laughed in his heart. Of course, his eyes were not fragile to the point where it would bleed the moment he used it. He just did this to increase his persuasiveness. As for whether they really believed him or not, that was up to them. A powerful ability with an equally great restriction and flaw would still let many people be at ease.

“Of course, you guys can still come and find me in an emergency, I wouldn’t turn anybody away during those times.” Bai Yi gave these people some hope with his words. However, these people wouldn’t come and bother Bai Yi under normal circumstances anyway, and Bai Yi could reject them more easily as well since his eyes couldn’t be used ‘too much’.

After that, Bai Yi and Gary made some general plans for the problems of integrating and reorganizing the manpower. Of course, it was not feasible to break up all the teams at the start, as nobody would agree to that. However, they still gave out general missions and roles to every team. This included matters from collecting materials, looking for talented people, scavenging for resources remaining from the old New Zealand, and various other missions.

Everyone became incredibly active due to Bai Yi’s previous words, as they wanted to start to increase their influence now. They aimed to be in a better position and occupy a higher place in the future. Sometimes, ambitious people were the source of the development and progress in the world.

Bai Yi smiled in his heart, as he looked at the few team leaders talking with Gary seriously.

There were more than 3000 people in this snow valley. Within a few days, many talented people were discovered. These people started to prepare and plan for the future development of all evolved humans. In a short week, the atmosphere of the snow valley changed completely, and turned into a scene full of flourishing hope for the future. Although New Zealand was still the Devil Island, everyone’s hearts had started to become positive and energetic.

Perhaps it was a coincidence or maybe it was intentional, but Bai Yi didn’t take up any job or roles in the snow valley. Seemingly, everyone subconsciously excluded Bai Yi. This wasn’t solely because of Bai Yi having an overly-high reputation, but also because Bai Yi was Chinese. Racial discrimination was something that couldn’t be avoided completely at any time.

However, Bai Yi did not mind this anyway. If they stayed here, they couldn’t fulfil their mission. They still had to travel across the whole of New Zealand and connect all the surviving evolved humans.

Perhaps, when the communication network was re-established in New Zealand, Bai Yi’s team would finally have an easier time.


After stopping for more than a week, all the matters inside the snow valley had more or less started to self-operate, Bai Yi’s team prepared to set off again. The fact that they stayed in the valley for a week wasn’t because Bai Yi was worried about the matters inside the snow valley. Instead, it was because he was waiting for Melvin to finish repairing the fang sword.

Just like Melvin had estimated, it would be roughly a month until he finally finished repairing the fang sword.

The repaired fang sword had a heavier and bewitching feel to it now. The dark red blade became even darker as it approached the back of the sword. In addition, Melvin had also made some adjustments to the shape of the sword, which made it appear even more exquisite. If the fang sword was still quite crude previously, the fang sword now could completely be seen as a work of art—a work of art that was used for killing.

“Based on your request, the poison element is hidden inside, and this is still thanks to the solution that Bonnie concocted for me. I’m not too sure what happened either, but when repairing it, I felt something flowing into the fang sword from my body. The poison element is concealed now, but I don’t understand how to activate it either. It seems to need that ‘something’ to flow into the fang sword for the poison element to activate,” Melvin said to Bai Yi.


The few of them stared at Melvin, this guy was even better than they had imagined.

“If I’m not wrong, that is the special energy in your body. Although we can’t sense it normally, this energy does exist and has already enhanced the basic constitution of our bodies from the most fundamental level. I don’t know what genes you fused with, but from the looks of it now, the genes fused is secondary, while the main thing is still mutation,” Bai Yi slowly explained.

“My eyes and Momo’s eyes can both passively bring about the movement of the special energy in our bodies, and the special energy would automatically support the usage of our eye powers. The ability of your blood to soften the bones and teeth of other lifeforms should also be a form of mutation. Just like in the information released, before LV2 Metamorphose Stage, evolved humans and lifeforms aren’t able to actively manipulate the special energy in their bodies. However, they can still passively bring about the movement of this special energy under certain circumstances. The feeling that you had should fall under this situation if I’m not wrong.”

“Was it like that?” Melvin was quite hesitant and shocked. He was too busy trying to repair the fang sword and didn’t try to understand the available information in detail.

“More or less!” Bai Yi nodded.

“Not bad huh. You are actually the third person in this team to able to sense the special energy flowing in your body. Although it’s still a passive flow, it is already very impressive.” Woolf joked and patted Melvin’s shoulder and almost smacked him onto the floor.

However, Melvin still seemed to be in quite a daze. Me? Impressive? Mutation?

Bai Yi knew that Melvin had no self-confidence; he could tell this from their first encounter. However, this kind of things couldn’t be rushed, and Melvin would change bit by bit as time passed.

Bai Yi held the fang sword and slowly sensed it. The sword had a very comfortable feeling and the dark red blade was translucent and crystal-like. However, how was he supposed to activate the poison element inside the blade? Bai Yi suddenly activated the Reverse Flower Eyes, and he could feel the special energy flowing in his body. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem to have any influence on the fang sword.

“This thing looks completely different now huh!” said Woolf in surprised, as he looked on from the side. So Melvin still had some ability to him, it wasn’t like how he described himself to be ordinary in all areas other than the special solution.

“En, it’s completely different now.” Bai Yi held the sword in his hand and slowly raised it up.

“Want to give it a name like your eyes? Did you know that your Reverse Flower Eyes are so famous right now?” Heloise teased.

“Name huh!” Bai Yi looked at the dark red blade and thought about it silently.

“I think it should be called…” Raymond and Melvin wanted to give it a name, but suddenly Bai Yi interrupted them.

“Red Kiss, I’ll call it Red Kiss.”

Raymond and Melvin’s words got stuck in their throats. When they looked at Bai Yi’s firm appearance, they knew that their hopes of giving the sword a name was already dashed. Raymond was still murmuring at the side, talking about how the name was too tacky. However, Bai Yi just smiled and didn’t explain. Only Woolf and Heloise, who saw Bai Yi’s expression, thought of Hong Qi Hua. They could roughly guess the meaning behind the name.

However, Bai Yi would never admit to it!

(TN: So the ‘Hong’ in Hong Qi Hua means red, so red kiss is probably some form of remembrance for Hong Qi Hua.”)


TN: Hmmm I’m not sure how many people like a style of novel like this where instead of building up power and taking over the snow valley, Bai Yi tries to do something for the good of the world. But I guess I find it unique that Bai Yi tries to be an altruistic character, though he is far from perfect; he still does whatever he thinks is good, without a need to be a perfectly good person. It somehow resonates with me and I actually like this development more than fighting and just endlessly accumulating power until supposedly nothing can threaten the MC anymore (which is probably the end of the story). But well just my 2 cents!

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