Chapter 230: Trade

Chapter 230: Trade

After Damian agreed to the deal, the two teams immediately started testing and developing ice attributed tonic cuisines and attribute medicines. Since Bai Yi’s team was already researching this, their progress came quickly even though it still took up a lot of time.

They had already come up with eleven ice attribute recipes that were around 230% to 400% more effective than just consuming the ingredients directly. Since they were recipes, the ingredients used were also more commonly seen, and at this time Damian understood what having a qualified chef could do for them. They had eaten many things in the past but had only experienced a small portion of the effects.

As for the ice attribute medicine, Nancy concocted six types of them. Four of them contained potent poison. It was true that on the Devil Isles, the more poisonous something was the more valuable it could be. However, if Bellamy wasn’t around, many people would probably have had to die before these four attribute medicines could be produced since Bellamy had to purify them hundreds of times in the process of developing these attribute medicine.

While developing these attribute medicines, Nancy achieved a breakthrough in skill as well and managed to develop an extraction technique that allowed the compounds to retain their maximum potency.

In the end, the potions that Nancy developed were roughly 200% to 350% more effective than consuming the raw ingredients individually.

Don’t think that Nancy’s medicine was less effective than Betsy’s tonic cuisine. Food and medicine are different things entirely. Food was something to be consumed over a long period; thus, its effects weren’t immediate but very gentle, slowly changing the body one step at a time. Medicine was different; it was something that could have great effects within a short period of time. By comparison, within a short period, the effects of the medicine would be dozens of times stronger than the tonic cuisine. Of course, one also had to take into account the different types of ingredients being used for both things.

In truth, Betsy’s tonic cuisine could bring out the effects of the ingredients to a large degree, but not to the same degree as attribute medicine. Since the effectiveness was the most important thing, the ingredients with the most powerful effects were turned into medicine.

While Bai Yi’s team were busying themselves with all of this, they saw Greivis who had not yet given up on the ice beetle inside the frozen lake a few times. However, he would always return without achieving anything because the ice beetle would always very quickly descend to the bottom of the lake.

Out of everybody, Momo was the only one who could interact with the lake monster.

That’s right, only Momo!

Since a very long time ago, Momo had shown an unbelievable intimacy and closeness with animals. This time wasn’t an exception. Momo’s communication with animals seemed to come from the soul, so even if they didn’t speak the same language they could still somehow manage to understand each other. While Momo played by the lake, she very quickly got to know this gigantic ice beetle. At the start, Sharpei was still very wary of the ice beetle, but he couldn’t be bothered to care as much after they got familiar with each other.

After Momo got to know the ice beetle, Bai Yi and the rest found out that despite the monster’s ferocious appearance, it wasn’t that kind of savage beast because it only seemed to eat ice.

Momo touched her finger to the giant tentacle and suddenly said in delight “be a guest at your house? Sure!” Sharpei was relaxing by the side at first, but after hearing Momo’s words he immediately stood up and bared his teeth at the lake monster.

“Grrrr!” Sharpei growled in a low tone. He slammed his right claw down, causing the snow beneath it to melt rapidly.

“Sharpei, it won’t be dangerous!” Momo said.

“No, you can’t go; that place is underwater! If you really want to go, you must tell Bai Yi!” Sharpei said. It already wasn’t a problem for Sharpei and Pupu to communicate with basic words anymore.

Momo touched the tentacle again and said: “then, you wait for me a while, I’ll go ask daddy!”

Momo ran across the snowfield back to the cave and found Bai Yi sitting cross-legged inside, seemingly trying to sense something. Bai Yi was trying to sense the changes in his special energy. Even though he said that they couldn’t possibly know everything, Bai Yi still wanted to study a bit himself on how to cultivate and transform his special energy. After all, it was still unclear whether the deal with Greivis would go through or not. If he was honest, discoveries sometimes required luck as well as talent. Bai Yi had been studying for the past few days but hadn’t had much headway. He even tried using the meditation posture commonly seen in novels, but it was to no avail.

“Daddy, Little Beetle invited me to its house to play,” Momo said loudly to Bai Yi once she arrived.

“En, go if you want to go. Take care of yourself,” Bai Yi’s head drooped down and pointed towards the floor, but his eyes were completely unfocused, seemingly thinking of something. After hearing Momo’s question, Bai Yi just simply entertained her with some words and let Momo leave.

“En!” Hearing Bai Yi’s words, Momo immediately ran out happily. Alodia happened to pass by outside at this time and waved to Momo as she saw her running out so happily.

Momo then started to return to the lake and realized that Greivis had appeared again and was attacking Little Beetle on the surface of the lake. Her little face immediately turned cold and she suddenly accelerated. Standing by her side, Sharpei sensed that things weren’t good; at this rate, they were probably going to start fighting.

“Stop!” Momo stood at the side of the lake and shouted loudly.

However, why would Greivis listen to Momo? He continued to battle with the ice beetle on the lake’s surface. Both had the ice attribute and were at LV2, so their battle was roughly evenly matched and very intense. Also by the side of the lake were the other teammates of Greivis. They couldn’t fly or control water, so they weren’t able to help him.

When Momo and Sharpei ran over, that black bear saw Sharpei and immediately went into a defensive stance, seemingly very wary of Sharpei.

Momo looked over at the black bear, and he instantly got a fright and apologized profusely to Momo, bowing every time he apologized.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry....”

“Hey Black Bear, why are you so scared of this little girl?”

Greivis’ teammates couldn’t stand the sight anymore. Black Bear was a member of their team after all and he was very strong. Why was he always apologizing and so afraid of Momo whenever he saw her? However, they very quickly understood why.

Momo walked two steps toward the group of people, and the brightness around her suddenly dimmed. 21 balls of light flew out from her body and floated into the air. The few people in front of her instantly felt an oppressive pressure; it was dangerous, extremely dangerous! It was almost as if an aura of death wrapped itself around them. One must know that within Bai Yi’s team the one that changed the most was Momo. If not for Momo’s age and experience limiting her strength, perhaps even Bai Yi would not be Momo’s match.

Just from the two steps forward, the entire group of people before her tensed up instantly and cold sweat slowly formed on their brows.

“Momo!” One of the souls suddenly flew in front of Momo, stopping her. It was Vala, who was always with Heloise and Mavis, and one of them would always remain outside.

“I’ll handle this,” Vala smiled at Momo.

“En, sorry to trouble you, Teacher Vala,” Momo hesitated a while before nodding.

In front of them, Vala transformed from the ball of light to her original human appearance. Vala appeared to be experienced and elegant, just as she appeared when she was as an etiquette teacher to nobility in the past. The few people of Greivis’ team looked at Vala in shock. They hadn’t known what those balls of light that always surrounded Momo were, but they never imagined that they were actually souls.

“Can you guys call your team leader back first? He won’t be able to achieve anything even if he continued to fight like this. After all, as long as Little Beetle remains in the lake, it can easily just submerge itself and run away,” Vala said to the group.

The few of them who were facing Vala didn’t know what kind of attitude they should use to respond, especially the black bear who looked at Vala in confusion. The last time, the light clearly turned into something extremely terrifying and gave him a fright. Was this a human soul? Then what did his soul look like? The black bear took a battle stance and carefully turned his body as Vala floated over, fearing that Vala would scare him again like the previous time.

However, Vala didn’t have that kind of hobby. The incident last time was completely the antics of another soul that Momo controlled.

Vala watched how the black bear acted and gave him a smile and a nod. Seeing Vala’s smile, the black bear blanked out for a while before scratching his head with his right paw and nodding dumbly back at Vala. Sharpei looked at the black bear’s appearance and couldn’t help but let the corner of his lips rise. This dumb bear was actually blushing.

“Can you get your team leader back first? I have something important to say to him,” Vala said.

“Sure. OK,” the black bear immediately said before he shouted at Greivis who was still battling with the ice beetle. “Team leader! There’s somebody looking for you here!”

The rest of them saw how the black bear was acting and couldn’t help but to facepalm, could this bear be any dumber?!

By then, Greivis was also a bit sick of the battle. The beetle monster was actually extremely strong. If not for its size limiting its mobility, it would be very hard to say who would be hunting who. When he heard the black bear’s voice, Greivis immediately looked back at the lakeside and left the battle.

“Team Leader Greivis, right? I have something to discuss with you,” Vala smiled amiably. Greivis looked at Vala’s transparent body - a soul!

“What is it?”

“Actually, my team leader is interested in making a deal with you. If you agree to it, there’s definitely much more to gain than just hunting this monster,” Vala said.

“Oh?” Greivis lifted his eyebrow. “Tell me more.”


Bai Yi didn’t intend to make contact with Greivis so quickly since the recipes and formulas hadn’t been fully researched and developed yet. He never thought that Vala would start negotiating the deal with Greivis on his behalf. However, Vala lived up to her status as a former noble etiquette teacher and the negotiation went very amiably.

Greivis suddenly asked extremely important questions, “What’s your status? Can you represent Bai Yi in this?”

“Teacher Vala is my teacher. Daddy will definitely agree to whatever Teacher Vala agrees to,” Momo interjected seriously.

Greivis looked at Momo and then back to Vala before finally nodding.

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