Chapter 18 – Conquering the Number 1 Beauty

Chapter 18 – Conquering the Number 1 Beauty

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Editor: Master Shadow

“Qin Feng… g-goddamit, hurry up and let go.” Hao Yun was a wicked and hedonistic young master, but he couldn’t take this sort of pain. He glared at Qin Feng, as if he wanted to kill him.

“Haha, this is the first time I’ve seen someone look so arrogant while begging,” Qin Feng coldly smirked and applied more pressure. Hao Yun’s bones began to creak as Qin Feng said, “Beg. If I’m satisfied with your begging, I’ll let go.”

Hao Yun was so furious that he was on the verge of spitting out blood. Who would have thought that after just a few days, Qin Feng would have become so powerful? Despite this, he, of course, wouldn’t beg Qin Feng to let go in front of so many people.

However, his arm felt like it was going to break and he couldn’t endure that immense pain anymore.

“Young master Qin, Hao Yun didn’t mean anything by that. Surely you aren’t so heartless, right?” Seeing that Hao Yun almost couldn’t endure it anymore, Zhou Kai walked over as he smiled and spoke.

“Haha, young master Zhou.”

Qin Feng smiled. Although it was very obvious that Zhou Kai and Sima Tu were on Hao Yun’s side, he didn’t feel nervous at all.

He cleared his throat, as if he was going to give a lecture and said, “If a murderer killed someone, but said they didn’t mean to do it, would the police let him off? If someone raped a beauty but said they didn’t mean to do it, would the beauty just acknowledge she was unfortunate? If a rabid dog bit this young master, should I forgive it?

“If I allowed it, how would I preserve my dignity in Acropolis City?”

As Qin Feng spoke, he applied even more pressure, to the point where he almost deformed Hao Yun’s shoulder and arm. His bones audibly cracked, as if they were fireworks.

Hao Yun simply couldn’t bear it anymore and his tears almost came streaming out. He grabbed onto Qin Feng’s legs as he pleaded, “Young master Qin, please let go. I was in the wrong; I shouldn’t have said those things. Please spare me.”


This scene shocked everyone present like ten thousand bolts of lightning.

Acropolis City’s 4 ‘princes’ were all beings that could not be offended, even for the rich and powerful. Yet, here was young master Yun begging like a dog on the ground for forgiveness.

Everyone was almost blinded by this scene.

“Haha, admitting that you’re wrong and being willing to change is good. Good boy, you can continue to play.” Qin Feng had acted arrogantly, but he knew when to stop. It wasn’t good to push people too far.

He patted Hao Yun’s head, as though he were complimenting an obedient dog. This scene was simply too beautiful, and some people closed their eyes, unable to watch on.

“Qin Feng… you’ll goddamn regret this!” After escaping from Qin Feng, Hao Yun’s attitude returned. However, thinking back to Qin Feng’s fearsome grip, he could only mutter a few tough words before storming off. 

After giving Qin Feng a strange smile, Sima Tu and Zhou Kai also left with Hao Yun.

After the three of them left, everyone in the banquet hall seemed to sigh. They were all wondering how Hao Yun was going to have his revenge against Qin Feng. However, Qin Feng didn’t mind and instead smiled as he went to curry favour with Zhao Ling Xian.  

If that guy really wanted to take revenge, Qin Feng would welcome him wholeheartedly.

Qin Feng did his best to talk about things that would make Zhao Ling Xian happy. However, this sort of technique for seducing women was completely ineffective on this proud princess. Feeling helpless, Qin Feng looked at the piano and his eyes suddenly lit up as he strode towards it.

He was already the centre of everyone’s attention and anything he did would just attract people’s gazes. Seeing Qin Feng walk to the piano and sit down, the crowd’s jaws dropped.

Qin Feng could play the piano?

No one could believe such a thing. Everyone believed that he didn’t know how to do anything else, apart from sleeping with women.

Plus, hadn’t he rescinded the marriage between Zhao Ling Xian and himself? Why had he been trying to curry favour with her this whole time?

Even Qin Feng almost didn’t recognise himself. Apart from sleeping with women, he hadn’t been good for anything else. Now, because of the quests, he hadn’t slept with anyone for many days and had learned a number of skills that he had never even thought of before.

This reminded Qin Feng of a famous line from a movie: only when life moves on quickly is it exciting!

“Now, I’ll play A Comme Amour in front of everyone for the beautiful princess Zhao Ling Xian!”

Qin Feng suddenly spoke and his white suit sparkled under the light. His handsome face, broad shoulders and smile made him look like a Prince out of a fairy tale.

A few famous pieces crossed his mind and he chose one suitable for the occasion.

His ten fingers, which even a woman would be envious of, began to dance and jump upon the black and white keys.

Beautiful music sounded out throughout the entire banquet hall.

It was as if Qin Feng had been possessed by the soul of a great pianist. He closed his eyes as he lifted his head up, looking as if he was entranced by the music. He had an air of dignity and nobility about him, and his fingers flowed like water over the piano keys. The music was simply too enchanting and he couldn’t stop.

A while later…

Qin Feng had finished playing the piano piece, but everyone was still entranced. Its beautiful melody continued to play in their minds and they couldn’t help but admire him.

If they hadn’t seen and heard him play with their own eyes and ears, they wouldn’t have believed such a thing was possible.

Qin Feng was able to play the piano with such mastery and had almost reached perfection!

“Princess Zhao Ling Xian, was that to your satisfaction?” Qin Feng asked, seeing that she was still in a daze.

Zhao Ling Xian’s body shook and she snapped out of her stupor. Even she, who was studying piano at university, had been completely enthralled by the music.

She looked at Qin Feng in shock, unable to speak. She couldn’t help but admit that Qin Feng’s skill was far above even hers.

“I’m a bit tired; I’m going now!”

Qin Feng had acted way too strangely tonight. She suddenly felt that she didn’t completely understand this hedonistic young master and didn’t know how to face him.

Zhao Ling Xian left the banquet hall with complicated feelings.

Upon seeing her leave, the faces of more than half of the men turned bitter. It seemed that their plans to win her heart had flown out of the window, so they also left. The rest of the people all had their eyes on Han Ying Ying.

Qin Feng sat beside the piano, waiting for a system announcement. However, after being met with silence, he sighed, knowing that obtaining Zhao Ling Xian’s favourability wouldn’t be this easy.

“Young master Qin, are you free tonight? Let’s find a quiet place to murmur endearments to each other!”

Han Ying Ying’s figure once again appeared in front of Qin Feng, and she purposely leaned forwards, revealing her breasts to him. Qin Feng casually glanced over and marvelled at how large and white they were!

“Ding… the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a compulsory quest: conquer Han Ying Ying!”

“Quest time limit: 3 months.”

“Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 500 Hedonist Points. Failing will result in the Host being impotent for 3 years!”


Even the carefree and magnanimous young master Qin couldn’t help but curse out loud when he heard the punishment.

What’s more, this was a compulsory quest.

“Lil piggy, what’s with this compulsory quest?” Qin Feng hurriedly asked.

“Master, this is a compulsory quest issued by the system. You have to accept it; even the omnipotent little pig can’t help you!”

Qin Feng suddenly felt weak. Conquer Han Ying Ying? That was even more difficult than gaining the favourability of Zhao Ling Xian.

Han Ying Ying was a famous, strong and able woman. She was independent, intense, overbearing and was in charge of three listed companies and thousands of workers. She oversaw the management of all of that and was extremely successful.

Wanting to conquer such a queenly goddess? Qin Feng felt that he was doomed.

Despite how she was sticking to him and flirting with him, Qin Feng knew that these were just normal methods she used to develop her businesses. Who knew how many people had fallen for these tactics?

“Young master Qin, are you free? Us brothers want to invite you to the Wealthy Clubhouse to have some fun!” After running into trouble with Qin Feng, Feng Tian Hua had spent the whole night in the shadows, observing him.

He felt incredibly happy when he saw that there was conflict between Qin Feng and the other three princes.

Noticing that there was something good going on between Qin Feng and Han Ying Ying, he had hurriedly rushed over to ruin things for him. Hmph! You want to stop me from pursuing Zhao Ling Xian? I’ll stop you from getting in with Han Ying Ying!

If Qin Feng had known what Feng Tian Hua was thinking, he would have thanked him for helping him out.

Seeing Feng Tian Hua come over, Han Ying Ying raised her eyebrows and hurriedly stood up, ceasing the ‘service’ she was giving Qin Feng as she said, “Since young master Qin is busy tonight, let’s postpone to a later date.”

Staring at Han Ying Ying’s bare back, Feng Tian Hua inwardly burned with anger. He was incredibly displeased that the women who had ignored him had been around Qin Feng instead.

However, remembering that someone was going to teach him a lesson, he felt much better.

The Wealthy Clubhouse was on level 3 of the Royal Hotel and was a famous soapland. It was the largest in Acropolis City and provided the best service.

Qin Feng didn’t know why Feng Tian Hua had invited him here, but since he had come, he wanted to see what he was up to.

“Yoh! Young master Qin and young master Feng have graced us with their presence. Please come in. I’ll call of our young girls out. I’m sure you’ll be satisfied!”

Just as the two of them entered the hall, a madam with heavy makeup rushed over. By greeting Qin Feng first and from the way that she addressed them, she acknowledged that Qin Feng held a higher status.

 Qin Feng didn’t care about this, but Feng Tian Hua was so angry that he gnashed his teeth. However, thinking to the fact that Qin Feng was about to be punished, he smiled, saying, “Young master Qin, you must be a regular here. If you have anyone who regularly services you, call them over. It doesn’t matter if it’s one person or ten; it’s all on me, Feng Tian Hua. All I want is for you to be happy and to make friends with you.”

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