Chapter 67 – Starting As A Sales Representative

Chapter 67 – Starting As A Sales Representative

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“Hoh, girl, you’re throwing your dad away now that you’ve got someone you like? It seems that I’ve raised an ingrate.”

The quibbling between the father and daughter was quite amusing, and caused everyone from the Qin family to relax. The sight of the other side smiling and laughing made the Hao family’s people feel like vomiting up blood. After helping up Hao Long Tian and Hao Nan, they awkwardly left.

Director Ma quickly completed the paper work allowing for Qin Feng’s release.

“Since this matter has been resolved, Ying Ying and I will be leaving now. Qin Feng’s suffered quite a bit through this ordeal, so you should go home and rest up for a few days. If there’s anything you need, just come find me.” Seeing that everything was fine now, Old Han prepared to take his daughter back to Jincheng City with him.

However, Han Ying Ying looked quite unwilling, and she suddenly ran over to Qin Feng, hugged his arm and said, “Dad, you can go back by yourself. I haven’t finished organising our business alliance, so I need to stay in Acropolis City for a little longer.”

Old Han joking replied, “As I see it, you just don’t want to leave Qin Feng. Stop making excuses.”

Old Han then looked at Qin Huang gravely as he said in a serious matter, “Little brother Qin Huang, I’ll have to trouble you to look after Ying Ying. Please don’t let anything happen to her.”

“Don’t worry, big brother Han – our Qin residence has plenty of rooms. Ying Ying can come stay with us, and I’ll help her with the business matters. From now on, Ying Ying will also be my daughter.”

With these words from Qin Huang, Old Han was finally able to relax. He only had this one darling daughter, so he especially treasured her. After saying goodbye to the Qin family’s people, Old Han returned to Jincheng City.

Qin Huang brought Qin Feng and Han Ying Ying to his Mercedes Benz, where Uncle Fu was waiting. The four of them then drove towards the Qin Residence.

After returning to the Qin Residence, Uncle Fu went to arrange matters for the battle with the Hao family. Qin Huang organised for Han Ying Ying to stay at a villa close by. That 3-storey villa had previously been empty, but now it was her personal villa.

Standing on the terrace on the top floor, Han Ying Ying’s cute and charming expression disappeared, as a look of amusement appeared on her face.

She had found that Qin Feng was completely different to the information she had collected, but she hadn’t truly fallen for him.

Before, she had put on an act to mislead everyone else, making them believe that she truly liked Qin Feng. She had even involved her father and grandfather to protect Qin Feng.

Han Ying Ying had executed her plan perfectly. Apart from Qin Feng, who somewhat suspected Han Ying Ying, everyone else thought that she was head over heels for him.

Just like that, Han Ying Ying had indirectly taken the Qin family hostage. Even if Qin Huang didn’t want to cooperate with Han Ying Ying, that option wasn’t available to him anymore. In order to expand the Han family’s business empire, Han Ying Ying had resorted to all means available to her, and had come up with many devious plans.

In the end, she still saved Qin Feng, and the Han family allying with the Qin family would be beneficial to both of them.

“Feng’Er, now that everything’s settled down, tell me- why did you act so rashly?” Qin Huang and Qin Feng were sitting in the main villa’s living room on the third floor.

Although Qin Feng was hedonistic and unbridled, Qin Huang knew that he wasn’t an impulsive person and that he could act rationally. Qin Huang was quite surprised that he would kill Hao Yun in public.

“That night, Hao Yun called me over to the Amethyst Dragon Palace and schemed with the other two Princes to entrap me. I was forced to fight with Uncle Feng, but luckily, I had learned powerful external techniques from my master. Otherwise, I would have been killed by Uncle Feng. In my anger, I killed Uncle Feng and Hao Yun.”

Qin Feng went over the events from that night. Some of the details were true, while others were not. It wasn’t that he wanted to lie to his father, but that this matter involved Zhang Biao and the Hedonist Sovereign System. He simply didn’t want to reveal too much.

After listening to Qin Feng’s side of the story, Qin Huang felt that there were some things that he had left out. However, Qin Huang believed that those things were related to his son’s mysterious master and sect, so he didn’t ask any further.

“Since the situation’s like that, I won’t say anything else. The Hao family has indeed committed countless atrocities, so it could be said that our Qin family has done the public a service.”

Qin Huang then deeply sighed. Although he didn’t fear the Hao family, they were still quite a significant one. This battle was sure to cause the Qin family to suffer considerable losses.

“Feng’Er, although you’ve come back safely this time, the Hao family will definitely try to attack you from the shadows. In the future, you need to be more careful. Actually, how about you stop going to university for a while, and come work at the Royal Group?”

“No way, dad, do you really trust me to go to work? You’re not worried I’d destroy the entire company?” After experiencing such a carefree lifestyle, Qin Feng didn’t want to work.

Qin Huang glared at Qin Feng as he replied, “You want to destroy the Royal Group? You’ll have to possess the ability first. I’m not going to let you in by the back door – you’ll start at the Sales Department as a Sales Representative.”

“Dad, did you pick me up from the rubbish dump?” Qin Feng could feel his world collapsing.

Qin Huang’s face became completely serious. “You wish. If I really picked you up from the rubbish dump, that would have cost you eight lifetimes’ worth of luck.  I don’t want to hear any more complaints – this time, I won’t pamper you. If you don’t want to start as a Sales Representative, then go to the capital’s Dongfang family and marry Dongfang Qing Xue. With the Dongfang family taking care of you, you can play as much as you want, and I won’t have to worry about you anymore.”

Dongfang Qing Xue was the Dongfang family’s pride and joy, and her beauty was famous throughout the capital. The marriage that Qin Huang spoke of was with the Dongfang family’s eldest granddaughter, Dongfang Qing Xue.

Even Qin Huang felt that his son’s life was too good. Qin Feng was simply too lucky for him to be able to arrange this marriage, and for the Dongfang family to be so willing.

However, this brat didn’t want to marry Dongfang Qing Xue. Some water must have leaked into his head while he was showering.

Hearing that the alternative was immediately getting married, Qin Feng’s attitude immediately changed. He chuckled as he said to Qin Huang, “Dad, I’m already an adult, so I should be challenging myself. I feel that starting from the bottom as a Sales Representative will be able to develop my willpower. I’ve decided that I’ll start working tomorrow, and I promise that I’ll be a competent Sales Representative and help the company become more prosperous.”

Qin Huang helplessly shook his head. Why was his son so dumb?

Qin Feng inwardly let out a sigh of relief when he realized that his dad wasn’t going to bring up marriage anymore. Asking a hedonistic young master like him to get married was almost equivalent to killing him.

However, Qin Feng felt a bit confused. Since they had arranged this marriage, why hadn’t the Dongfang family come to help when the Qin family was in trouble?

“Dad, I think we should get rid of this marriage arrangement. I was nearly executed, but they didn’t even help.” Qin Feng suddenly brought up a good reason for rejecting this marriage arrangement.

Qin Huang’s expression darkened as he glared at Qin Feng and replied, “You stinking brat, you’re underestimating the Dongfang family. Your matter was so small that I was too embarrassed to ask them for help. Once the Dongfang family acts, everything under the sky falls into chaos.”

 Qin Feng felt quite impressed at his father’s seriousness. His dad had found him an incredible supporter!

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