Chapter 73 – Qin Feng’s Actually A Good Person

Chapter 73 – Qin Feng’s Actually A Good Person

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Liang Zhen Wei was too shocked to even wonder where Qin Feng’s sword had come from. His eyes were now fixed on the Truesteel Sword in Qin Feng’s hands, which was faintly glowing with a yellow light.

He knew that this was definitely a precious sword, and could even be a magical treasure from one of those hidden sects. Those magical treasures all contained spirit, and could greatly increase one’s strength when fighting.

Liang Zhen Wei wished he could rip that sword out of Qin Feng’s hands. However, he forgot that he had lost, and was about to die.

After cutting through the whip, Qin Feng did not hesitate as he slashed out again. A yellow blur flashed through the air and in the next second, Liang Zhen Wei felt something cool sensation on his neck. His entire body violently trembled as he fell to the ground in a pool of blood.

“Ding… congratulations Host Qin Feng for finishing the quest to kill Liang Zhen Wei. You have received 1000 Hedonist Points.”

“Ding… the Hedonist Sovereign System has issued a quest; break through to Stage 2 Inner Qi.”

“Quest time limit: 1 month.”

“Successfully completing the quest will result in you receiving 500 Hedonist Points. Failing will result in the Host losing his Elementary Sword Skills.”

As soon as Liang Zhen Wei died, a system announcement rang out. Seeing that he was once again at 1000 Hedonist Points, Qin Feng smiled in satisfaction.

Zhao Ling Xian was completely dumbfounded. This incredibly intense battle had surpassed anything she had seen before – Liang Zhen Wei’s illusory whips, which covered the heavens and the earth, and Truesteel Sword, which glowed with a faint yellow light. All of this completely overwhelmed her senses.

In fact, she even wondered if she was dreaming. Otherwise, how could these CGI-esque things appear in real life?

“Ling Xian, are you alright?” Qin Feng came over to Zhao Ling Xian, and saw that she was indeed quite frightened. He pulled her trembling body into his embrace.

Feeling the warmth of Qin Feng’s body and smelling his masculine scent, Zhao Ling Xian gradually calmed down.

She confirmed that this was not a dream and that all of it had really happened.

She hurriedly pushed Qin Feng away as she said with worry in her voice, “Qin Feng, you… you killed a person!”

This wasn’t the first time Qin Feng had killed someone before and he had long since become used to this. After obtaining the System, he now truly understood what it meant by ‘the weak are prey to the strong’.

“Did I kill a person? I thought I just killed a pest. Ling Xian, you’re overreacting.” Qin Feng gently patted Zhao Ling Xian’s back, trying to calm her down.

Thinking to how arrogant Liang Zhen Wei had been in her home, how disrespectful he had been to her father and that he had immoral thoughts towards her, Zhao Ling Xian found that she didn’t care much that he had died. Her large eyes looked at Qin Feng gently as she asked, “Qin Feng, why did you kill him?”

Although Zhao Ling Xian had overheard what Qin Feng had said earlier, she wanted him to say it to her.

“Because I felt like it and he was pretty annoying. You should know that I’m just an overbearing, hedonistic young master who just relies on my dad’s power. I often see people I don’t like, so I annihilate their entire families.” After finishing the fight, Qin Feng had returned to his flippant self.

This was because Qin Feng felt like it wouldn’t be appropriate to reveal his true intentions to Zhao Ling Xian at the moment.

 Zhao Ling Xian felt a little disappointed by Qin Feng acting dumb in front of her. However, she remembered Qin Feng’s injuries and stepped behind him. When she saw the bloody laceration from the whip, Zhao Ling Xian started to tear up.

“Qin Feng, c-come home with me; I’ll put on medicine for you,” Zhao Ling Xian said as she choked back tears.

Qin Feng wasn’t in a hurry. Although it looked quite serious, it was just a flesh wound. His first priority was disposing of Liang Zhen Wei’s body.

He had now finished off two members of the Liang family. As he thought to the quest to destroy the entire Liang family in the capital and the 20,000 Hedonist Point reward, Qin Feng felt quite excited.

The Qin family was currently engaged in a fierce battle with the Hao family, so Qin Feng hadn’t bothered Uncle Fu recently. After Zhang Biao had gone into hiding, he realised that he was lacking in subordinates to take care of some things for him. As such, he took out his phone and called his dad.

“Feng’Er, have you gone to visit Uncle Zhao?” Qin Huang’s voice sounded out at the other end of the line.

“I’m currently at Uncle Zhao’s home. Uncle Zhao says he’s been keeping you in his mind, and has invited you over to have wine sometime.” Qin Feng appeased his father with these words, then got straight to the point, “Dad, can you help me arrange the release of 3 people from Cell 12 in the North District Sub-Bureau? When I was locked up, they helped me quite a bit, and I promised that I would release them when I got out.”

Qin Feng made up an excuse, which Qin Huang accepted. After hanging up, Qin Feng dragged Liang Zhen Wei’s corpse over to a bush. It was already late at night and it wouldn’t be found very soon.

“Qin Feng, how are you going to dispose of him?” Seeing that Qin Feng had thrown Liang Zhen Wei’s corpse into a bush, Zhao Ling Xian felt that it was quite inappropriate.

Qin Feng smiled and replied, “Don’t worry, my subordinates will be coming soon; I’ll let them take care of it. Didn’t you say you were going to help me put on medicine? Let’s go to your room.”

After taking care of Liang Zhen Wei, Qin Feng grinned at Zhao Ling Xian, fully intent on seducing her. Zhao Ling Xian felt quite nervous, and hurriedly ran home.

By the time they returned to the Zhao family’s residence, Zhao Da Hai was already sleeping, so the two of them tiptoed to Zhao Ling Xian’s room. This made Zhao Ling Xian feel quite strange – it was as if they were on a secret date.

Upon entering Zhao Ling Xian’s room, a fragrant smell wafted into Qin Feng’s nose – it was the same as Zhao Ling Xian’s fragrance.

Qin Feng quite liked this smell – it was sweet and elegant. In fact, he started to sniff the air, making Zhao Ling Xian feel at a loss for words.

In Zhao Ling Xian’s room, Qin Feng was very relaxed, as if he was in his own room. As soon as he entered, he went and laid down on her big, pink bed.

The fragrance was even stronger on her bed. Qin Feng lay comfortably on it, savouring the smell. Seeing him look so perverted, Zhao Ling Xian glared at him, but didn’t ask him to get off.

Her face became slightly red – no man had ever lain down on her bed before. In fact, no man had ever sat on her bed before.

Zhao Ling Xian had already taken out the medicine box and was carefully putting antiseptic on a cotton ball.

After getting Qin Feng to lie down properly, she gently dabbed at the most serious injury on his back. Qin Feng’s white shirt had already been torn into shreds and was dyed red with blood, which made it difficult for Zhao Ling Xian to clean his wounds. Her face became slightly redder as she hesitated, and asked in an incredibly small voice, “Qin Feng, can you take your clothes off? It’s difficult to clean your wounds like this.”

An evil smile immediately appeared on Qin Feng’s face. He acted incredibly tired as he replied, “Little sister Ling Xian, I’m so tired that I can’t even move; just let me lie still for a while. If you want to take it off, you can take it off for me.”

Zhao Ling Xian’s face became bright red from embarrassment. After pausing for a few moments, she gritted her teeth, and slowly helped Qin Feng take off his shirt.

In some places, his clothes had already become stuck to his skin. Zhao Ling Xian carefully peeled off his shirt, but still ended up opening some of the wounds. Seeing this, tears almost began to fall out of her eyes.

Qin Feng had been gritting his teeth the entire time and did not cry out, afraid that this would increase the pressure on Zhao Ling Xian. After finally taking off Qin Feng’s shirt, Zhao Ling Xian started to help him take off his pants. This was much easier.

Just like that, Qin Feng ended up lying on Zhao Ling Xian’s bed in his boxers.

By now, Zhao Ling Xian’s face looked like a big, red apple. She continued to use the cotton ball to clean Qin Feng’s wounds.

Feeling Zhao Ling Xian’s fingers slide over his skin, Qin Feng almost moaned in pleasure. However, he was truly tired after battling such a fierce opponent like Liang Zhen Wei and slowly drifted asleep.

He didn’t know how long he had been sitting for, but a knock on the door suddenly woke him up. He quickly sat up, but didn’t realise that Zhao Ling Xian had been cleaning the wounds on his chest. This gave her a big fright and she leapt into his arms.

Although she had been hugged by Qin Feng many times, this time, he was bare-chested, which caused her to cry out.

“Ling Xian, what happened?” It was Zhao Da Hai knocking at the door. He was quite worried when he heard Zhao Ling Xian cry out.

“Ah… Dad, it’s nothing. I was asleep and you knocking on the door gave me a bit of a fright.” Zhao Ling Xian reacted quickly and didn’t dare to move an inch in Qin Feng’s arms.

This situation was quite stimulating. Uncle Zhao was standing outside the door, but he was inside, hugging his daughter while bare-chested. Qin Feng felt quite mischievous and put his hands on Zhao Ling Xian’s thigh.

Zhao Ling Xian was given a big fright and hurriedly shooed Qin Feng’s hands off, then glared at him. However, Qin Feng gave an evil smile as he pressed his mouth against Zhao Ling Xian’s mouth.


Zhao Ling Xian started to struggle – thinking to the fact that her dad was outside the door, her face became incredibly red.

“Ling Xian, are you really alright? I just wanted to ask if Qin Feng and Liang Zhen Wei have already left. The Liang family’s people are too arrogant; dad won’t try to arrange a marriage for you with them in future. From now on, you’ll be the one to decide on your marriage. As long as you like that person, dad will wholeheartedly support you, even if he’s a garbage collector.

 “Ai, that boy Qin Feng’s actually a good person. I watched him grow up and even though he can be quite dissolute, deep down, he has a good heart. It’s just that he rescinded our marriage, otherwise, ai…”

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