Chapter 141 – Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting

Chapter 141 – Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting

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“If you want me to surrender, you’ll have to prove to me your strength first,” Xiao Yun said as his gaze became serious.

“Haha, naturally,” Qiu Yu Hao laughed as he stepped forwards and flipped his palm.


A light flashed within Qiu Yu Hao’s palm and a small bell appeared. The small bell shone with a yellow light and was covered with runes. As Qiu Yu Hao sent his True Essence into it, the runes began to move around.

The small bell then moved, shooting up into the sky and expanding to a diameter of 3 metres. As it hovered above Qiu Yu Hao’s head, lines of runes fell from it, surrounding his entire body. This magic bell’s runes were evidently a type of barrier that could resist attacks.

“A magic item!” Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted. The aura that the massive bell gave off caused his heart to thump. This definitely wasn’t an ordinary magic item and was no less inferior to the Chilling River Sword. It seemed that the Qiu family had prepared quite a bit to deal with him. Thinking to there, the chilling intent within Xiao Yun’s eyes became even more intense as a murderous rage rose within his heart.

“Haha, this is indeed a magic item, and has extreme defensive capabilities,” Qiu Yu Hao savagely laughed as he narrowed his eyes then said, “With this magic item, let’s see how your spirit energy can affect me! Xiao Yun, you’re doomed to die here today!”

After saying this, Qiu Yu Hao’s hands moved, and a weapon appeared within them. It was a long spear, on which runes were carved, and it gave off a chaotic aura. Evidently, this was also a magic item.

“Die!” Qiu Yu Hao stepped out, releasing his peak early stage True Essence realm aura. The spear in his hands trembled and its runes flashed as a gust of wind blew out. Feeling the spear’s aura, the cultivators nearby all hurriedly stepped back in fear.

“What might!”

“That magic item’s power is quite extraordinary!” Not too far away, Yan Zhen and the others deeply frowned, feeling incredibly worried for Xiao Yun.

This Qiu Yu Hao had two magic items – one for defence and one for offense – and seemed undefeatable. How could Xiao Yun win in such a situation? Would his mysterious trump card be as effective against Qiu Yu Hao as it had been against Qiu Ming Hao? These questions surfaced in many people’s hearts.

The might that Qiu Yu Hao gave off was incredibly powerful and was far superior to the might that Qiu Ming Hao had given off.

Seeing Qiu Yu Hao come towards him, Xiao Yun’s gaze became completely cold.

“Very well. Let’s see how powerful your magic items are.”

After speaking, Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted as he activated the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, and a powerful wave of spirit energy started to gather. Since the Qiu family was being so ruthless, he would respond in the same way.

Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting Spear!

As Xiao Yun activated the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, Qiu Yu Hao rushed over, his spear sending out shockwaves as he stabbed out with it. Each of those shockwaves was like a dragon that swept towards Xiao Yun, and each was more powerful than the last. The nine waves soon stacked together, giving off a frightening aura, and Xiao Yun felt as if he was about to be drowned by a massive sea.

The Yan family’s Innate realm youths behind Xiao Yun hurriedly retreated. The aura from this attack was enough to cause their qi and blood to go into turmoil.

“True Essence realm cultivators are so powerful with a magic item.”

Everyone felt incredibly fearful. Qiu Ming Hao seemed like a descended deity with his magic items, looking completely unstoppable.

Heaven-Devouring Divine Art!

Feeling this aura, Xiao Yun activated the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art as well, and a vortex appeared before him. It began to absorb the boundless Essence Qi shockwaves and reduced the pressure that he felt.

Not only this, but after absorbing those shockwaves, Xiao Yun’s own aura began to rise. The Heaven-Devouring Divine Art could absorb all Heaven and Earth Essence Qi and apply it for his own use.

“What’s going on?” Qiu Yu Hao looked incredibly shocked, feeling that his Martial Skills’ might was decreasing.

“A vortex?” He looked over and found that a vortex had appeared in front of Xiao Yun.

“Let’s see how you can stop me.” After revealing a slight sense of shock, Qiu Yu Hao’s gaze became cold as he roared, “Heaven-Splitting!”

The nine waves swept out, and within thee waves, a sharp spear light tore through the air towards Xiao Yun. This was a killing move and a chain attack, which was the essence of this technique. As the spear tore through the air, it seemed as if it had split the heavens, shooting towards Xiao Yun with an icy glow.

“This Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting Spear certainly deserves its name!”

The people in the distance breathed in a cold breath; this sort of attack seemed unblockable. The spear light was incredibly fast and mighty – how could anyone defend against it? Trying to block such an attack would be much too dangerous.

Spirit-Destroying Spear!

Xiao Yun’s eyes glinted and a vortex appeared between his eyebrows, from which the Spirit-Destroying Spear shot out towards the spear light. At the same time, the Heaven-Devouring Divine Art continuously devoured the attack’s power.

“What is that?”

This time, everyone finally saw what seemed to look like a dark light shoot out from between Xiao Yun’s eyebrows. However, because of the Essence Qi and shockwaves, no one was able to see what the Spirit-Destroying Spear looked like.

“Surely it’s not as simple as using his spirit energy to attack.”

Seeing this dark light, Qiu Yu Hao’s pupils contracted as he stared ahead. He finally saw that the dark light was in fact a very short spear that gave off a shocking wave.

The short spear caused the air around it to tremble; even the massive waves from the Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting Art quivered. What made Qiu Yu Hao even more shocked were the runes covering him from above. The massive bell above his head trembled, as if it had been attacked, and despite the runes shining even brighter, Qiu Yu Hao once again felt that monstrous aura as his spirit trembled.

This time, it was not as bad. With the massive bell’s runes protecting him, he was only very slightly affected. However, those near him felt their minds quiver and felt a great sense of fear, as if a demonic god had descended.

The Spirit-Destroying Spear pierced through the spear light like it was nothing, then collided with the Nine Waves Heaven-Splitting Spear.


The clear sound of a collision rang out, creating a fiery, resplendent light. A powerful shockwave completely destroyed the nine waves and terrifying ripples emanated out, bringing sand and dust into the air.

Everyone stared in shock and saw that Qiu Yu Hao being knocked back nearly five metres. The massive bell above him shook, its runes moving around as it began to dispel those terrifying ripples.

“Qiu Yu Hao lost that exchange?” Everyone felt incredibly dumbfounded.

“What sort of treasure did Xiao Yun use?” The Qiu family’s people felt as if their hearts were going to leap out of their chests. Just then, Qiu Ming Hao had seemed invincible, but even with two magic items, he had been blasted back.

On the other hand, Xiao Yun looked like he had an unstoppable momentum, and he continued to control the dark light to shoot towards Qiu Yu Hao. The Spirit-Destroying Spear knocked Qiu Yu Hao’s spear back, causing the webbing between his thumb and index finger to be torn and blood to flow out.

Now that Xiao Yun’s Spirit-Destroying Divine Art had advanced to the Second Layer, it was far stronger than it had been when he had faced Qiu Yu Chen.

The Spirit-Destroying Spear pierced through the air, flashing with a dark light as it gave off a monstrous aura.

“Is that a spiritual armament?” This time, Qiu Yu Hao was able to see the Spirit-Destroying Spear’s appearance clearly. The complex runes on its body and the mysterious aura it gave off struck fear into his heart. This weapon appeared to have come from ancient times and seemed to belong to some sort of divine being, possessing an aura that could kill gods and slay demons.

“How could he have such a spiritual armament?” Qiu Yu Hao thought to himself as he hurriedly used the massive bell to block in front of him.

The massive bell trembled and gave off a piercing light as it slammed against the Spirit-Destroying Spear.

A massive explosion sounded out as the ground trembled. The bell exploded with light as it released runes that were instantly destroyed. After a few moments, the bell trembled, its light became dim and it was sent flying back. Qiu Yu Hao’s body trembled and he hurriedly retreated more than 100 metres away.

“He was sent into retreat?” The Qiu family’s people felt incredibly shocked and fearful. If even Qiu Yu Hao could not contend with this youth, who could fight with him? If this youth was so powerful already, what would happen if he joined the Heaven Origin Sect? The Qiu family’s people felt incredibly grim.

However, Xiao Yun was not in a great state either.

“Damnit, it was actually blocked by that bell.”

Xiao Yun deeply frowned and brought the Spirit-Destroying Spear back. He silently used the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art to recover his spirit energy as he thought.

After reaching the Second Layer of the Spirit-Destroying Divine Art, Xiao Yun could use the Spirit-Destroying Spear much more freely. However, the Spirit-Destroying Spear did not make him invincible. If he faced a powerful enemy using the Spirit-Destroying Spear, his soul, which was linked to Spear, could be damaged.

Fortunately, even though Qiu Yu Hao had used the bell to block the Spirit-Destroying Spear, his strength was not enough to suppress Xiao Yun. As such, Xiao Yun’s soul only trembled, but was not injured. As long as he recuperated for a bit, he would be fine. It was a good thing that Qiu Yu Hao did not know this, because if he immediately attacked, things would become troublesome.

“No wonder why he was able to kill Yu Chen – he must have done it using this spiritual armament.”

Qiu Yu Hao steadied his breathing and used the bell to block in front of him as he coldly gazed at the youth in front of him, looking incredibly serious.

“What should we do, big brother Yu Hao?” the Qiu family’s people hurriedly gathered over and asked. The other five True Essence realm cultivators who had Yan Zhen and Yan Mo surrounded also came over.

“Hmph, we’ll retreat for now!” Qiu Yu Hao’s eyes gleamed and brought his family’s people away in retreat. However, a cold light still shone in his eyes.

“Yes!” The Qiu family’s people did not dally and hurriedly retreated. After Xiao Yun had revealed such strength, he seemed undefeatable, which made the Qiu family’s people feel quite fearful.

“Oi, release our family’s young masters!” some of the Yan family’s youths called out.

“Haha, tell Xiao Yun to come and save them,” the Qiu family’s youths coldly laughed as they retreated over a hillside.

Qiu Yu Hao’s eyes were extremely cold and he gave an evil smil. As he flipped his hands, a bone flute appeared within them.

“What should we do, young sir Xiao?” the Yan family’s youths asked as they came over.

“Things have become quite complicated,” Xiao Yun said as he frowned.

True Essence realm cultivators could move 100 metres in just a few moments and were extremely fast. Even if he wanted to give chase, it would be impossible for him to catch up to them. Moreover, there were other people to take into consideration.

“Why’s that?” the Yan family’s people asked.

“That Qiu Yu Hao still has things up his sleeve,” Xiao Yun replied as his eyes glinted. Just then, he had seen the bone flute in Qiu Yu Hao’s hands. That seemed to be a magic item as well.

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