Chapter 167 - To Be the Best

Chapter 167 - To Be the Best

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Flawless Martial Spirit!

When the last few words appeared on the crystal ball, even Temple Master Jiang couldn’t help but show his shock through a twitch of his eyelids.

“Flawless Martial Spirit? Is this true?” Temple Master Jiang’s heart pounded wildly. The Core Temple had recruited 65 new disciples last time, and with these 18, that made a total of 83. Out of those 83, the highest spirit value belonged to a disciple with seventy-two percent, a disciple who was hailed as a prodigy and had a huge opportunity to stand out in the Mystic Essence Battlefield.

But this Xiao Yun had turned out to have a Flawless Martial Spirit. What could that mean?

For ordinary people, whether they had spirit bodies or Martial Spirits, 40 percent was quite a good score. But Xiao Yun had a Flawless Martial Spirit.

On the platform, the other eight managers were also stunned. They stared unbelievingly at the line of words before them.

“Flawless Martial Spirit!”

This might be the first time such a thing had ever occurred in the hundred years that the Heaven Origin Sect had existed for.

“This has to be wrong. This has to be wrong. How could the Moonwind Kingdom produce a Flawless Martial Spirit?” Manager Huang shook his head over and over, saying, “Everyone knows that a Flawless Martial Spirit is rare enough even in the entire Nanjiang region; how could he, of all people, have one?”

“That’s right, could it be that the testing crystal made an error?” An elder said with doubt.

This was inconceivable. How could such a rare genius appear just like that in front of their eyes?

How could this be?

“The testing crystal made a mistake?” In an instant, the crowd’s expressions changed, and they all nodded.

“Something must have gone wrong.” Chen Feng hardened his gaze and said, “If this Xiao Yun really does have a Flawless Martial Spirit, then how could he still only be at the Innate realm?”

“The testing crystal’s formation is still the same as always, and I’ve found no flaws in it. How could it have made a mistake?” Zhang Tianlong, the proctor in charge of the assessment, said lightly, as he gave a sharp look. He’d checked the testing crystal already, and besides, the previous disciples had taken their tests without a hitch! 

Even he had felt shocked at Xiao Yun’s results, and he could feel his blood rushing. These results had far exceeded his expectations.

“Temple Master, could we have a reassessment?” Manager Huang refused to give up, and he looked to Temple Master Jiang.

“Very well,” Temple Master Jiang said after a brief consideration. “Which one of you is willing to redo the assessment?”

Temple Master Jiang naturally did not believe that the testing crystal would make a mistake, but even he couldn’t believe the results that Xiao Yun received. Now that they were redoing it, he could take the chance to dispel his own doubts and confirm the matter.

“I’ll do it,” Chen Feng said heavily and took a step forward with a gleam in his eye.

Previously, Chen Feng had been the best out of the 18 disciples. He had just been enjoying his spotlight, and now Xiao Yun was coming to steal his thunder, and it put a heavy weight in his heart. Now that he had such an opportunity, he could test himself and feel at ease. If anyone else were to redo the assessment, he wouldn’t feel as reassured.

“Go ahead,” Temple Master Jiang said.

“Yessir!” Chen Feng stepped forward and walked up to the crystal pillar.

“Little Brother Xiao, why don’t you wait to one side for the time being,” Zhang Tianlong said with a smile.

“Okay.” Xiao Yun shrugged and retreated next to the crystal pillar.

Xiao Yun himself had been surprised by his own results, but he didn’t think too much about it and resolved to just wait quietly to one side.

Chen Feng stepped forward and began to circulate his Martial Spirit’s source of power into the crystal. Immediately, the formation in the crystal ball was activated, and the watermark on the crystal pillar slowly began to rise. The people on the platform were still nervous this time around, and they stared straight ahead. 

In a short moment, the results came out.

Chen Feng, Mystic Eagle Martial Spirit, 41% Martial Spirit inheritance value, middle-level Martial Spirit.

“There’s no mistake?” After seeing the results, the people on the platform were stunned, but they couldn’t help but turn their focus to Xiao Yun, who was still standing next to the crystal pillar. Everyone’s expression changed, and they began to mutter to themselves, “Does he really have a Flawless Martial Spirit?”

“Well? Now do you believe the results?” Temple Manager Jiang asked calmly, though he was secretly delighted.

“Could we let Xiao Yun redo the assessment?” Some of the managers smiled meekly and asked.

“What do you feel?” Temple Master Jiang’s eyes flashed, and he turned his gaze to Xiao Yun.

“I don’t mind.” Xiao Yun shrugged and walked back to the crystal ball.

At the testing platform, Xiao Yun channeled his Violet Flame Martial Spirit and began the assessment. As the violet flames flowed, the crystal ball flashed with light, and in a few moments the watermark raced upwards, and the results displayed again.

Xiao Yun, Acquired Violet Flame Martial Spirit, 100% integration of Martial Spirit and mind, 100% Flame Martial Spirit value.

A Flawless Martial Spirit!

The crowd was once again stunned by these results.

“Does anyone still have any objections?” Temple Master Jiang’s asked as his hard gaze swept over the managers.

“No.” The managers all shook their head, not daring to say any more.

If they were to keep arguing even at this point, they’d only incur the Temple Master’s wrath. Moreover, once Xiao Yun began to grow and mature, they’d have trouble in the future with getting on his good side. And who could compete with the potential of a genius with a Flawless Martial Spirit? Someone like that had a huge chance to step into the Essence Soul realm.

“Flawless Martial Spirit. Wow, this kid really turned out to have a Flawless Martial Spirit.” Manager Qin was indescribably happy. He continued to act like he was calm, with his eyes narrowed, but in his heart, he was hollering with joy. This kind of genius didn’t come around every century, and Manager Qin was undoubtedly the first to achieve such an extraordinary feat.

“Manager Qin, the sect will greatly reward you for discovering such a genius. The directors that escorted you and Xiao Yun will receive a reward as well,” Temple Master Jiang said meaningfully, with a hard look in his eye. Were it not for those escorts, Xiao Yun may not have made it to this point.

Temple Master Jiang was well aware of the conflict between Xiao Yun and the Qiu clan, which is why he made a point to mention the escort. But the managers next to him didn’t know anything about it.

“Thank you, Temple Master.” Manager Qin bowed to the Temple Master over and over, his face full of joy.

“You’ve earned it,” Temple Master Jiang said with a wave of his hand.

“Wow, Brother Qin, you’ve really lucked out this time!” The other managers began to put smiles on their faces as they congratulated Manager Qin. “If Xiao Yun enters the Essence Soul realm in the future, or even higher realms, you’ll have no end of benefits!”

“Haha, if you too step into the Essence Soul realm because of this, don’t forget your old friends here!” The elder who had just been ridiculing Manager Qin now had a face full of smiles, and he was trying to flatter Manager Qin.

Manager Qin waved his hand and didn’t say anything, but his glance toward Xiao Yun was full of expectations.

“Flawless Martial Spirit?” Manager Huang couldn’t help but huff unhappily to himself.

“Little Brother Xiao, here is your Identity Token.” Zhang Tianlong took out a badge and handed it to Xiao Yun.

Xiao Yun smiled and took the badge, with some hints of unexplainable emotion. As he looked at the badge in his hands, he sighed.

From now on, he would be a core disciple in the Heaven Origin Sect.

“Because you had a perfect Martial Spirit value, you have one hundred points,” Zhang Tianlong continued, “In addition to the Martial Spirit bonus of fifty points, that makes a total of one hundred and fifty points. I don’t think anyone will be scoring higher than you.”

“One hundred and fifty points.” The youths who had already taken the assessment breathed in heavily.

Indeed, no one would be scoring higher than Xiao Yun. After all, Chen Feng had the next highest score, and even he only had forty-eight.

Even if Chen Feng won all four rounds in the later competition, that would only be a bonus twenty points, which would make a total of sixty-eight points.

His sixty-eight points and Xiao Yun’s one hundred and fifty points had more than just a little difference.

“So, you won’t have to participate in the follow-up competition,” Zhang Tianlong said with a smile. “You’re first place in this time’s ranking, and the resources you’ll gain will surpass even the disciples from the last round. Because no one has this Flawless Martial Spirit that you have, it follows that you should receive the best resources.”

“Oh.” Xiao Yun was happy. He had finally gotten everything he deserved with his own strength.

“Big Brother, isn’t the Martial Spirit bonus only seven points? How come he got fifty points?” Some of the youths asked in confusion.

The people next to them also cast confused glances towards Zhang Tianlong. Even though it was true that Xiao Yun was in first place, the crowd still had questions.

“Well, Little Brother Xiao has a Flawless Martial Spirit, so the bonus that he gets is a lot higher than that of everyone else,” Zhang Tianlong replied with a smile.

“But doesn’t he have an Acquired Martial Spirit?”

“A Martial Spirit originates from the body, and once fully awakened, the cultivator’s many abilities will be greatly improved. It has far more potential than a spirit body. Were it not for the fact that he had a recovery-type Martial Spirit, which has less combat ability than a combat-type Martial Spirit, he would have gained seven bonus points,” the young man explained. Temple Master Jiang nodded slightly to one side and did not interfere.

Chen Feng said, “Acquired Martial Spirits aren’t from Origin Imprints, so they should have a limited amount of potential.”

Everyone around him nodded in agreement after hearing this.

Innate Martial Spirits were derived from Inherited Imprints, but Acquired Martial Spirits were mostly a result of chance, so they couldn’t possibly be on equal standing.

“Well, you’d be wrong to assume that.” Zhang Tianlong explained with a serious expression, “Innate Martial Spirits originate from Inherited Imprints, and it’s true that they have unlimited potential, but someone who has an Acquired Martial Spirit isn’t exactly ordinary either. Especially since Xiao Yun has a Fire Martial Spirit. How many people in this world could absorb a Remnant Fire Spirit as their own Martial Spirit when they’re only in the Innate realm?”

Everyone was stunned by these words, and they couldn’t help but collectively take in a harsh breath. Their gazes to Xiao Yun became strange, and even the manager’s faces changed, as if they were thinking of something. They’d never had such an experience, but they’d certainly heard such stories.

In this world, it was incredibly dangerous to try to absorb any kind of spirit It wasn’t something that anyone could do. The Fire Martial Spirit was particularly dangerous, because one careless mistake would lead to the flames incinerating one’s mind and body.

Anyone who could successfully absorb a Martial Spirit either had a great technique that defied the heavens, or had an immense amount of willpower. No matter which kind of person it was, their potential was absolutely incalculable.

Talent was important, but in the eyes of many elders, willpower was the most important. There were too many geniuses who had fallen because they didn’t have the willpower or wisdom to keeping training to the end.

On the contrary, those who had immense willpower would be able to reach the peak of martial arts. Xiao Yun was only sixteen years old, and he’d already absorbed a Fire Martial Spirit, so it was clear to see how much perseverance he had.

At this thought, many people couldn’t help but be surprised.

Xiao Yun’s potential far exceeded his talent. If he was given enough room for growth, his future would be limitless. With this, the elders no longer dared to keep turning their noses up at the youth, and their faces were full of reverence.

“Xiao Yun should be the first. There’s no ifs or buts about it,” Temple Master Jiang said with a powerful voice and a slight nod.

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