Chapter 105 - You Called Me?

Chapter 105 - You Called Me?

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"You can play the flute? That's great, I love musical instruments! When you're free, you definitely need to teach me. Don't lie now!" Xu Ruo Rou jumped happily.

Qin Feng's lips twitched. He sat at the edge of Xu Ruo Rou’s bed and his eyes suddenly gleamed. At the head of the bed sat a small pair of underpants and a little bra. It was clearly left over from when Xu Ruo Rou changed her clothes for her shower.

It was a set of black, chiffon undergarments that were close-fitting, delicate, and protected the skin. Qin Feng swept them up into his hand and examined them.  

“Ah… Qin Feng. H-hurry and give them back.” When Xu Ruo Rou saw this, her face immediately turned completely red. She went over to Qin Feng and tried to get her undergarments back.

Qin Feng twisted his body and ran out the door: “Ruo Rou, hurry and dry your hair, I’ll go and help you dry your undergarments in the sun.”

Xu Ruo Rou’s head drooped, and her face was impossibly red. In the end, she didn’t have the courage to chase Qin Feng. She thought to herself that she couldn’t keep those undergarments anymore.

Qin Feng ran out of Xu Ruo Rou’s room and arrived at the balcony. Under the warm light, he appreciatively examined the delicate undergarments. He suddenly realized that the underpants had a small dot on it. His heart beat furiously. Could it be…?

He brought his face closer to the dot and looked at it more closely. He then realized that it was actually the underwear’s original dotted pattern. It appears that he was overthinking it; Ruo Rou was such a pure and simple girl, how could she?

“Qin Feng, what are you doing?”

Qin Feng was tugged out of his stupor by this surprised exclamation. He turned and saw Han Ying Ying standing behind him dressed in a fiery red qipao. 

Her beautiful red phoenix eyes paired with the light purple eyeshadow she put on her eyelids were exceedingly attractive. At this time, they were fixed on the underpants in Qin Feng’s hand. She cried in alarm: “Qin Feng… Y-you even have this strange hobby of secretly taking Xu Ruo Rou’s undergarments and hiding to sniff them?”

Suddenly, she remembered that Qin Feng was in her villa this morning and stole her stockings: “Qin Feng… I don’t want that pair of stockings anymore. Don’t you dare give them back to me.” 

Han Ying Ying had originally come to chat with Qin Feng, but when she saw this scene, she felt a chill run through her body. She immediately ran downstairs and back to her own villa.

“Did I smell it? I didn’t.” Qin Feng put on an innocent expression, stuck the underwear to the tip of his nose, and gave a harsh sniff: “Now that is what you call vulgar and secretly sniffing, okay?”

After throwing his tantrum, he nonchalantly hung the undergarments on the clothes-drying rack. He purposely stuck the small underpants right next to his own large underpants. Satisfied, he returned to Xu Ruo Rou’s room.

At this time, Xu Ruo Rou was almost done blow-drying her hair. She saw Qin Feng enter her room, and the red hadn’t completely disappeared from her face. She didn’t dare think about what Qin Feng had done to her undergarments during the time that elapsed: “Qin Feng, I’m done. Take me to Young Master Qin’s room.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Qin Feng didn’t bring Xu Ruo Rou to Young Master Qin’s bedroom because that was his bedroom and his secret would be exposed if he did so. Thus, the two arrived at the study where Qin Huang usually drank tea and did his work.

“Qin Feng, where are we?” Any study in the Qin Manor was 50 square meters. Xu Ruo Rou was a bit pleasantly surprised to see row upon row of ancient-smelling and ancient-looking bookshelves and cowhide scrolls.

“This is where Young Master Qin reads, writes, paints, and recites poetry.” After thinking a bit, Qin Feng added: “Of course, in the future, I can teach you to play the flute here.” 

“Wow! It seems that I’ve really misunderstood Young Master Qin in the past. I wonder how he’s doing in the mountainous region right now. He really is my idol.” Xu Ruo Rou just graduated and was still a young and naive girl. She had no ability to resist this kind of young scholar brimming with literary talent.

“It isn’t the first time he’s gone to teach in the mountainous region so don’t worry, he’s doing great.” Qin Feng pinched Xu Ruo Rou’s face: “So let’s start cleaning now.”

Xu Ruo Rou really liked this charming study. She immediately found a feather duster and began to carefully clean the bookshelves. She was an extremely earnest worker, and was so detailed that she made sure to clean every nook and cranny.

On the other hand, Qin Feng sat in front of the desk and watched Xu Ruo Rou squatting on the floor. He could see the splendid view through the wide collar of her shirt. 

“Qin Feng, I’m pretty much done cleaning the bottom, but what should we do about the top?” Xu Ruo Rou smiled at Qin Feng and wiped the small beads of sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand.

Qin Feng felt it was a pity to make Xu Ruo Rou do this kind of manual labor, so he was going to pretend that the cleaning was done. He was about to take her back to her room when his eyes gleamed. He promptly ran to the closet and brought back a small ladder: “Ruo Rou, you can clean the dust at the top if you climb this ladder.

“This is kind of dangerous though, so why don’t I help you?”

“Qin Feng, thank you, but I’ll do it myself. This is what I should do… How about this: you can hold the bottom of the ladder for support. I’m afraid I might fall down.”

“Okay!” Qin Feng responded with exceptional glee. His smiled the evil smile of someone who achieved their dishonorable plans.

Xu Ruo Rou was dumbly unaware of this. She already removed her shoes, baring her little feet, and slowly climbed up the ladder. 

Qin Feng immediately extended his neck and looked upwards.

He was suddenly struck with a bit of an unnamed disappointment. She was actually wearing safety shorts. But, that pair of eye-catching white legs was still very alluring.

“Qin Feng, I’m done cleaning the top. Let me down and we’ll take the ladder over there… Huh? Qin Feng, why is your nose bleeding? Are you okay?” Xu Ruo Rou’s expression changed completely and she promptly climbed down the ladder, found a tissue, and helped Qin Feng wipe away the blood on his nose.

Qin Feng took the opportunity to get closer into Xu Ruo Rou’s embrace: “It’s been too hot lately, I think I got a bit of a heatstroke.”

“Th-then quickly go back to your room and rest. I’ll clean the rest on my own.” Xu Ruo Rou said worriedly.

Qin Feng immediately regained his energy: “How could I do that? I can’t let you clean on your own, that’s really dangerous.” As he said this, Qin Feng moved the ladder to another spot: “Come Ruo Rou, I’ll protect you from the bottom.”

Xu Ruo Rou was moved. She blushed and climbed up the ladder. Like before, she cleaned very carefully. Qin Feng also looked very earnestly. A good while later, Xu Ruo Rou finished wiping all of the dust and looked downwards. She suddenly noticed that Qin Feng was missing.

“Qin Feng, Qin Feng!” Xu Ruo Rou called his name.

Qin Feng instantly stuck his head out from under Xu Ruo Rou’s nightgown. He looked at her uncertainly: “Ruo Rou, you called me?” 

Xu Ruo Rou was so embarrassed that she wanted to find a hole and hide in it. She said angrily: “W-where are you looking pervert? I’m not playing with you anymore.”

With a huff, Xu Ruo Rou stepped down the ladder and wanted to leave the study. She thought Qin Feng was too perverted and would distance herself from him in the future. Then, she remembered that Young Master Qin urged her to learn closely from Qin Feng.

At that instant, Xu Ruo Rou found herself in a dilemma.

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