Chapter 106 - Please Call Me By My Formal Name

Chapter 106 - Please Call Me By My Formal Name

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“Pika, Pikachu!”

Qin Feng put the ladder back and was about to chase after Xu Ruo Rou when he heard Pikachu’s voice in his head. After the incident where Black Turtle ate the fish, he locked his two battle pets in the Hedonist Sovereign System.

The corner of Qin Feng’s mouth quirked.

He suddenly realized that the biggest issue here was that Pikachu was anxiously bouncing about, but Qin Feng had no clue what he was jabbering on about. 

“Master, Pikachu said you should quickly let him out. He wants to scare Xu Ruo Rou, get into her pajamas, and have you catch him.” Little Pig’s sneering voice rang out.

Qin Feng was so excited that he promptly jumped up: “When drinking with an intimate friend, even a thousand glasses are too few. Pikachu, I’ve decided that after this incident is over, we should become sworn brothers.”

With a thought from Qin Feng, Pikachu ran out of the System. Then, Qin Feng felt a gust of wind and saw a shadow flit by before disappearing in a flash. 

Next came Xu Ruo Rou’s scream.

She was so scared that she lost her head and ran back to the study: “Ah… Qin Feng, th-there’s a mouse. A-a really big mouse.”

Qin Feng immediately became serious and ran to tug on Xu Ruo Rou’s arm: “Mouse? Where’s the mouse? Little Sister Ruo Rou, I’m here, so no mouse can harm you.” 

Xu Ruo Rou was scared to death. It was the first time she’d seen a mouse as large as a cat in her life. She was currently leaning into Qin Feng’s embrace and could partially release the breath she was holding, but her wildly beating heart hadn’t completely calmed down. She suddenly felt something clinging to her thigh. She was so shocked that she immediately jumped.

“Ah… Qin Feng. T-the mouse, the mouse is on my thigh."

A flash of evil flitted through Qin Feng’s eyes. He put on a serious expression, squatted, and reached under her skirt: “Ruo Rou, don’t be afraid, I can see the big mouse, and I’m going to catch it now."

He stuck his hand in to grab, but he wasn’t grabbing Pikachu, he was grabbing randomly.

“Qin Feng, a-are you done? ...ah, it seems to have run to my stomach.”

“Stomach? Okay, I’m going!” After touching her thigh, he assaulted her small waist.

“Oh no, Qin Feng… I-it’s on my chest.” 

Qin Feng was laughing so hard that he couldn’t speak. He unhesitatingly extended his hand and gave a squeeze. The bounciness was ten out of ten.

Xu Ruo Rou was about to go crazy. She was forced to her wits end. She harshly reached in, grabbed Pikachu, and pulled him out of her collar. She was about to toss him out of the third floor window when Qin Feng hurriedly grabbed him.

“Pika, Pikachu!”

Pikachu looked innocently at Xu Ruo Rou. When he saw her furious expression, it was too bad he couldn’t speak human speech. If he could, he’d definitely sell out Qin Feng.

This was the first time Xu Ruo Rou saw Pikachu clearly and completely. Her originally tightly creased eyebrows slowly relaxed, and she ended up smiling brightly. Anyone who saw a pet as cute as Pikachu would not be able to throw a tantrum.

“Wow… Th-this thing looks a lot like Pikachu. I-is this your pet?”

“Yeah, his name is Pikachu. I didn’t expect my pet to be the thing that scared you, I’m so sorry about what happened.” This plan was really despicable, and even Qin Feng felt bad. 

When Xu Ruo Rou thought back to the messy scene that just occurred, her face turned completely red. But, she didn’t get mad at Qin Feng. In her eyes, Qin Feng was really trying to help her: “This pet is really cute, can I raise it for two days?”

“Of course you can,” Qin Feng responded. Then, he said to Pikachu: “Pikachu, from now on, Ruo Rou is your second owner. While you’re by her side, you have to listen to her, okay?


Another weekend came and Acropolis University’s campus became a ghost town. At this time of their youth, the college students were either watching movies or renting rooms to exercise in.

A tall, slender shadow of a beautiful woman walked lonesomely on the sports field of the campus. She looked at the empty field; it echoed the boundless loneliness in her heart.

Lin Bei Bei could still clearly recall how not long ago, on this sports field, Qin Feng first displayed a change when he incessantly persevered and ran around the track.

Practically half of Acropolis University’s student population was gathered here. That explosive and extraordinary scene and the bright and beautiful sunlight seemed so close, but was out of grasp.

Since Qin Feng left, Lin Bei Bei’s mood became cold and unhappy. It seemed that the whole Acropolis University grew quiet. Qin Feng’s lecherous gazes were gone, his jokes that made one’s ears redden were gone, and his habit of getting handsy was also gone.

When one’s heart is filled with someone and that someone disappears, the whole world disappears as well. 

Lin Bei Bei didn't know when she began liking Qin Feng. All she knew was that Qin Feng gave her a hundred thousand yuan to help her mom get better. He even helped her solve the issue with the demolishment of her house and helped organize Royal Clubhouse’s most luxurious presidential suite for her to stay in. 

Then he was gone.

Thus, Lin Bei Bei had started to think of him every day, and also thought of him for increasingly longer periods of time. She didn’t know why Qin Feng left without saying anything to her. Did she have no place in his heart? What’s more, she had no idea whether or not Qin Feng would be returning to school.

Maybe she was just a passing guest in Qin Feng’s life.

The idiotic plots in television dramas regarding a poor, pitiful girl and a hedonistic young master would never result in a happy ending in real life.

“Lin Bei Bei!”

A low, robust voice rang from behind Lin Bei Bei. She jumped in shock, hurriedly wiped the tears at the corner of her eyes, and turned to see Yu Wen Xiang running over with a smile.

“Young Master Yu,” Lin Bei Bei nodded politely.

“Bei Bei, schools is over, why are you still here?” Yu Wen Xiang knew the answer, but he still asked. For the past couple of days, he had people following Lin Bei Bei, so he naturally knew her whereabouts like the back of his hand. Since Qin Feng suddenly stopped going to school, and at the same time, Yu Wen Xiang secluded himself and trained hard, he’d already broken the fourth limit of his body.

He still remembered the impending fight to the death with Qin Feng. He was prepared to get Lin Bei Bei in bed while Qin Feng wasn’t here and deal with Qin Feng after.

“Y-you should call me by my formal name ‘Lin Bei Bei.’” Ever since Qin Feng appeared in her heart, Lin Bei Bei felt that her nickname belonged to Qin Feng only. 

No one else could call her this.

The coldness in Yu Wen Xiang’s eyes flitted away. He smiled: “Bei Bei, we’ve been classmates for almost two years, there’s no need to be so polite.”

Lin Bei Bei’s pretty face fell. She was a bit unhappy. She knew that there was conflict between Yu Wen Xiang and Qin Feng, so she really didn’t want to continue interacting with him.

“Young Master Yu, I have something to do so I’ll be leaving first!”

Lin Bei Bei turned to leave but Yu Wen Xiang blocked her: “Bei Bei, where are you going? I’ll take you.”

“There’s no need for that, I can go home myself.” Lin Bei Bei knitted her long, shapely eyebrows. Her distaste for Yu Wen Xiang continued to grow. She just told him not to go around calling her “Bei Bei”; did this guy not grow any ears?

Lin Bei Bei stepped around Yu Wen Xiang and walked more quickly. Yu Wen Xiang’s expression sank. Suddenly, he pounced at Lin Bei Bei and grabbed her arm: “Bei Bei, school’s out, why are you going home? Why don’t I take you to see a movie? And at night, we can eat a banquet together, how does that sound?”

Lin Bei Bei jumped in fright. She flung Yu Wen Xiang’s arm away like her life depended on it. Though she was like the weak and sickly Lin Dai Yu, this time, she was enraged. She stared coldly at Yu Wen Xiang: “Yu Wen Xiang, please show some respect. Don’t touch me, I don’t have any sort of relationship with you. If you want to see a movie, find another girl.” [TLN: Lin Dai Yu is the primary love interest of the protagonist in Dream of the Red Chamber. She was sickly, beautiful, and emotionally fragile.]

After saying this, Lin Bei Bei walked away furiously. She felt wronged. If Young Master Qin was still at school, no one would dare make a move on her. Even if they had any wayward intents, they would never have the guts to show them.

Yu Wen Xiang’s gentlemanly mask was completely torn off.

He was Young Master Yu of Acropolis University’s Four Young Masters. Was it really this troublesome to play around with a girl? His patience ran out. Whether it be the hard way or the nice way, he had to get Lin Bei Bei today no matter what.

Suddenly, Yu Wen Xiang’s eyes flashed a faint green. He rushed towards Lin Bei Bei like a hungry and thirsty wild beast and hugged her from behind. 

Yu Wen Xiang tyrannically and barbarically carried Lin Bei Bei. He decided to drag her to the small forest behind the sports field. When Lin Bei Bei discovered this, she struggled like she had gone crazy. However, she was too weak and couldn’t struggle free.

“You beast, let go of me! Help, someone help!”

Lin Bei Bei saw that they were about to enter the small forest, and tears sprang from her eyes. She already thought this through: if the beast Yu Wen Xiang was going to do something to her, she would kill him first, then commit suicide. 

“Stinking woman, I tried to give you some face but you didn’t want any, and you’re freaking yelling. In a bit, I’ll whip you to death with my belt!” After entering the forest, Yu Wen Xiang’s face was even more sinister. His usual gentlemanly facade was gone; he had already extended his hand to tear Lin Bei Bei’s clothes.

“Yu Wen Xiang, I hope you know what you’re doing… If you really do anything to me, Young Master Qin will never let you go.” In this moment of danger, Lin Bei Bei couldn’t help but use Qin Feng to pressure Yu Wen Xiang.

She knew that Acropolis City was the Qin Family’s territory. Though Yu Wen Xiang’s family was also very illustrious, they were still people of Jincheng City. This was why when Qin Feng was still at school in the past, he didn’t dare make a move on Lin Bei Bei.

But at this time, Yu Wen Xiang’s body was already burning with lust. He couldn’t care less about Qin Feng’s powerful name. On the contrary, he became even crazier. “F*ck, you’d dare use that blockhead Qin Feng to try and suppress me?” Exasperated, Yu Wen Xiang slapped Lin Bei Bei’s face. A sliver of blood trickled from the corner of her mouth: “First I’m going to do you until I’m satisfied and I’ll go cause trouble for Qin Feng. Then, I’ll do you in front of him and see what he can do to me.”

Lin Bei Bei’s face stung like fire. Her eyes brimmed with tears but she clenched her teeth and refused to let them fall. She stared coldly at Yu Wen Xiang who pounced towards her.

“Lin Bei Bei?” Suddenly, a voice yelled from the sports field. It was a female voice, and it was calling Lin Bei Bei’s name. Lin Bei Bei’s pretty eyes brightened and she immediately screamed in response: “I’m in the small forest, help me, hurry and help me!”

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