Chapter 129 - Give Him the Additional Wages

Chapter 129 - Give Him the Additional Wages

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As the gold medal financial analyst of the Finance Department, being commanded to pour water for a little sales rep made Lin Shuai so angry he wanted to kill someone. He said unhappily, “Why do I have to pour water for you? I think you should explain your vile behavior first.”

“I was just about to explain so that's why I told you to pour water… I'm thirsty, I have to finish drinking the water before I can speak. Hurry and go.”

“Huh? Why are you still not going? Didn't you say Assistant Han was right and I need to give everyone an explanation? Now that I want to explain, you're not letting me. You clearly mean to oppose Assistant Han… Cricket, do you hate Assistant Han? Are you trying to intentionally go against her?”

Lin Shuai jumped in shock. He hurriedly looked at Han Ying Ying and explained: “Assistant Han, don't listen to this brat’s nonsense, I don't have anything against you. I admire you… Whether it be your beauty or your outstanding ability.”

Lin Shuai lived up to his name as a genius player. No wonder he was able to climb from the position of a little assistant financial analyst to the position of a gold medal financial analyst after only being in Royal Group for less than two months. The effort he placed in his explanation was incidentally enough to be an surreptitious confession.

Once these words came out, Han Ying Ying sighed deeply and retracted her charming smile. Her expression fell: “Manager Lin, hurry and go pour the water.”

Lin Shuai looked like he was dizzy from being struck in the head. He would have never thought that Han Ying Ying would agree to Qin Feng’s shameless and disrespectful request. However, reality was that Han Ying Ying had spoken: she told him to pour water for this sales representative Qin Feng. Though he was reluctant, Lin Shuai ended up gritting his teeth and getting the water for Qin Feng under the countless gazes of the audience.

Qin Feng took the water and immediately splashed it onto the ground: “Wow, it took half a day of fussing around to pour water. Now I'm no longer thirsty.”

“Qin Feng, you…”

“Qin Feng, give everyone an explanation now.” Han Ying Ying requested again. Once she spoke, the noisy cafeteria immediately fell quiet.

“Of course I’ll give everyone a statement. But, this is not an explanation, it’s a critique.” Qin Feng stood in the crowd with seriousness. He stood perfectly straight like a javelin, and his voice was loud and clear.

“In this restless and robust society, we were all able to become members of Royal Group and coworkers that work hard together. This is something to be elated about. This is a warm and secure family; it's one where we can all develop our own places to shine. Here, we splash down every drop of the sweat of our youth and withstand hard work and criticism.

“We’re all the lowest-leveled ordinary employees that do the hardest work. We must withstand the most abuse and questioning, and we get the lowest wages. But, we haven't given up; we’re all doing our best to fight on… However, even when we’re eating lunch, the cafeteria has to be split by ranks and grades. Hungry ordinary employees like us who were busy all morning are given unappetizing food from a communal rice pot, while these higher-leveled people who played games and only took two calls in the morning aren't hungry but eat a more nutritious and luxurious meal.”

“My behavior at first was crazy indeed, but my thoughts are simple. I need to tear down this separated relationship; this wall that has divided our trusting and loving family. When we eat and rest, we should throw away status and all be good friends. We should not separated by status. Instead, we should happily eat and talk together.”

“Now, there are only 3 glass walls left. Those that agree with me can come over and kick them down.”

When Qin Feng’s words fell, these people were all in shock. The audience from the ordinary employee area’s hearts surged and their blood boiled. On the other hand, the audience in the high class area’s hearts frosted over and their expressions turned cold.

“Hahaha, are you staging a peasant revolt? You're crazy, you can’t break through to the ordinary and high class sections. The high class section isn’t only for us managers to eat in. When guests come to the company, we also have to receive them there. Otherwise, you’d let these important customers eat with you ordinary employees? Royal Group can’t afford to lose these people.”

“That's enough. Separating the cafeteria was Chairman Qin’s idea. It's too laughable for a mere sales representative to want to be a leader. Haha!” Lin Shuai was the first to step up to oppose Qin Feng. He began to laugh without restraint.

Then, Wang Chao laughed, Xiao Zhang laughed, and over ten managers and supervisors in the high class area began to laugh. This wall formed a castle that indicated status. It blocked off the ordinary employees and kept them outside to revere them and yearn to be in their position. Who wouldn’t want to experience that lofty feeling? 

“Haha,” Han Ying Ying laughed as well. It wasn’t a laugh in ridicule, but a charming laugh that she directed at Qin Feng. Then, her strong and icy voice rang out: “You all think it’s funny do you? I actually think that what Qin Feng said was quite sensible. I’ll make sure to relay it to Chairman Qin.”

The laughs came to an abrupt stop. The upper-leveled employees stared flabbergasted at Han Ying Ying. As Chairman Qin’s assistant, she had a position of significance. These people didn’t dare to offend her.

“Right, Assistant Han is right. Qin Feng’s idea expresses the sentiments of the countless low-leveled employees in the company. We should value it.” The second person to stand in Qin Feng’s procession was Wang Jun. After expressing his sentiments, he looked at Qin Feng in another attempt to curry favor with him. 

Lin Shuai had originally come here to give Han Ying Ying a good impression of him and to get in her good graces. Now, he was slapped ruthlessly in the face. He was so angry that his neck turned red. He wanted to stand up and protest to salvage some face when a deep and robust sound arose in the cafeteria. All of the gazes instantly flitted over to look. Once they were able to clearly see who it was, their jaws fell to the ground in shock. 

Clap clap!

Qin Huang, accompanied by two directors, walked over while clapping his hands: “Hm? This lad’s suggestion is quite profound and remarkable. Why don’t we all give him a round of applause?”

After an extended silence, an earth-shattering applause rumbled through the cafeteria.

Now that Chairman Qin stood out and expressed his opinion, whether it be the employees in the ordinary employee section or the high-class section, everyone pasted a smile on their face and cheered and applauded with all their might.

“Cricket, Wang Chao, Ass-kisser. You three opposed my suggestion earlier, why are you clapping? A man of character should stand by his words, he shouldn’t succumb to the pressure of the powerful,” Qin Feng smiled while he said this to the three.

The three of them had their hearts pierced with arrows. It hurt so much they couldn’t speak.

“Qin Feng, you’re too amazing, I’m happy for you.” Xu Ruo Rou pranced excitedly to Qin Feng’s side. She felt the same way about this issue of dividing the cafeteria, but didn’t have the guts to express her sentiments.

Just as not all milk is Milk Deluxe, not all people can become hedonists.

“Okay, everyone quiet down.” Qin Huang waved his hands and indicated for everyone to be quiet.

The atmosphere that was as bustling as the Chinese New Year special instantly quieted. Qin Huang’s smile swept over every person. He said steadily: “I think this young lad’s suggestion is very good, and your strong reaction shows that you also agree. Then, beginning from today, the employee cafeteria will no longer be partitioned. Everyone will eat the same food and enjoy the same lunch benefits.”

After hearing Qin Huang’s decision, the normal employees felt as though they were dreaming. This feeling of bliss arrived too quickly. When they thought about the wonderful food in the high class area such as the steak banquet and French cuisine, they immediately began to drool.

Their gazes simultaneously fell on Qin Feng. He brought on all of this. In their eyes, Qin Feng was this lofty. He was like light; wherever he was, brightness and pleasure followed.

Then, Qin Huang said a couple more sentences and let everyone eat. He went beside Qin Feng and glared at him while no one was paying attention: “Stinking brat, was there a need to cause such a ruckus when all we had to do was get rid of the divider separating the sections in the cafeteria? You could’ve just called me and we’d be done with it.”

“Chairman Qin, as a little sales representative in the company, how would I know your phone number? Even if I called, you would ignore me,” Qin Feng said casually.

Qin Huang’s expression darkened. He was about to get angry. But, after thinking for a bit, what Qin Feng said made a lot of sense.

“You did pretty well this time. Keep up the good work!” In the end, Qin Huang said a couple of sentences in praise.

When he heard Qin Feng’s passionate speech earlier, a large wave also swelled through his heart. He felt comforted as he watched his son standing among the lower-leveled employees and thinking on their behalf. 

A good leader and a successful company must begin looking at the interests of its lowest leveled employees. They must try their best to share the company’s warm attitude with them so the company could be long-lived.

“You all eat, I’ll be leaving first.” Chairman Qin’s gaze briefly met with Han Ying Ying and Xu Ruo Rou’s, and he prepared to leave.

“Chairman Qin, I’ve done such a great thing, aren’t you going to reward me?” Qin Feng asked.

Qin Huang stopped in his tracks. He looked at Qin Feng, was quiet for a brief instant, and said to the Property Director: “Director Huang, this youth kicked down nine glass walls. Pay him according to the price of tearing down walls, and add it to his current month’s salary.”

Qin Feng’s mouth quirked as he watched Qin Huang’s receding back.

Han Ying Ying and Xu Ruo Rou stood on each side of Qin Feng. At this time, they tilted their faces and tried hard to pretend nothing was wrong, but one could tell from their shaking delicate bodies that they were laughing really hard.

Qin Feng eyed the two women and walked directly up beside Wang Chao: “Group Leader Wang, it seems that I won’t be able to bring food over from the high class dining area for you to try… Because there’s now no such thing as the high class dining area.”

“Hmph, a lowly person intoxicated by success.” Wang Chao left with a dark expression. 

Xiao Zhang glared at Qin Feng and immediately followed: “Don’t be happy too early, I’ll teach you a lesson in the future.”

“Ass-kisser, walk properly.” Qin Feng looked at the two leaving backs and waved his hand.

When Xiao Zhang heard “Ass-kisser,” he stumbled and almost fell to the ground.

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