AST 1861 - Who should I trust, a lost woman

AST 1861 - Who should I trust, a lost woman

The days of waiting passed very slowly and not really well-spent. Nevertheless, Qing Shui still maintained a very good attitude. As the saying went “He who mastered the most abilities laughed the loudest”. With enough strength, one wouldn’t lose his calm that easily. Everything would seem less important to them with the thought that they could solve everything.

At the moment, Qing Shui thought that even if the Heaven Star Immortal Sect was truly that powerful, his life also wouldn’t be in danger. Even if they truly wanted to deal with him, they would also need to weigh out the pros and cons first. There were times when aristocratic clans would do things very aggressively and some other times they would be helpless against a situation.

Due to this reason, Qing Shui could act so calm now. On that day, he has already demonstrated his strength. He was convinced that Liancheng Yang would explain carefully to his people. If they still insisted on fighting him, he wouldn’t mind toying around with them.

However, Sheng Jun’s matter was also another factor involved in the middle of this. Powerful forces tend to value their face highly. If they let other people know that a young junior managed to ruin the entire Liancheng Clan’s marriage, they would truly lose their standing.

Exactly because of this reason would Heaven Star Immortal Sect do something to him. In fact, Heaven Star Immortal Sect might not be the only one that was targeting him. This was precisely what he was worried about.

This world was a world of martial arts. Everything was backed-up by one’s martial prowess. So,there were only rare cases where people would play some tricks with the others. Not like they never happened, but should they stand in front of an absolute strength, any kind of their schemes would become a paper tiger. Certainly, tricks like “getting somebody else to do all the dirty works” could still be applied in this world. However, the person responsible for it must make sure that he or she wouldn’t be discovered. Warriors despised being fooled more than anything. Hence, one must think carefully before he or she decided to play tricks in this world.

Though deep down, Qing Shui was pondering over a lot of things, he seemed very calm from the outside. Sheng Jun, however, seemed even calmer than Qing Shui himself. She didn’t seem to be worrying about anything. This made Qing Shui deeply admired her for her unselfish and noble heart which she demonstrated.

“Qing Shui, I have a feeling that the people from the Heaven Star Immortal Sect will come today.” Sheng Jun said to Qing Shui after her morning practice.

Qing Shui retracted his fists and looked at her with a smile, “Are you afraid?”

“Not really. Unfortunately, I am no match for them. It is such a great thing to be a strong warrior, at least they wouldn’t be bullied that easily by others.” Sheng Jun revealed a bitter smile.

“However strong you are, there will always be someone stronger. At one point, everyone must have experienced being bullied before. The people in this world, along with many other things are just like a chain. We are right among the chains. There are people who we can beat, there are also people who we do not stand a chance. No one can ever claim themselves as being absolutely unbeatable. But it is possible for them to have no rivals during this period of time. It may also be the case that they have yet to run into one.” Qing Shui was reminded of the officialdom from his past incarnation. A high-ranking official would train a low-ranking official. A low-ranking official would train a soldier. When the soldier was out of idea and spotted a dog from the side of a road, he would cuss and took up a brick to toss at the dog, causing the dog to run away in great fear.

This was a way of releasing stress and also a kind of change. It shared the same chain as the world of martial arts. For example, there was a high chance that the dog might end up biting the high-ranking official to death. This would form a chain, a small chain. When these small chains began to join together, they would eventually turn into a huge chain…...

“Well, I can say that you have a good point there. No one in this world is capable of becoming absolute unbeatable. However, they can choose a certain region in which they can stand on top of. Actually, this should already be enough for a person.” Sheng Jun nodded, looking like she was thinking about something.

“In the future, you will be able to reach this level.” Qing Shui remembered that this woman was the Sacred Fairy Inheritor. Not only that, she even had the Sacred Moon Stallion. She was bound to achieve great things in the future. She was the purest single-unit speed killer.

“It will be great if we manage to break through the obstacles right in front of us. For now, it’s best if we don’t think about anything else.”

“As the saying goes ‘Heaven helps the worthy’. Seeing that you are such a generous person, I have a feeling that nothing will happen to you.”

“Oh, that’s right, do you know about your father’s exact strength?” Qing Shui carried on and asked. He was staring at the beam of light from the eastern side. It looked very bright. That was the light of the sun, even at the bottom of the sea, he was still able to sense a bit of it.

“I am not sure about it. My father rarely reveals his strength. But there is one thing that I am sure about. The others from my clan regard him very highly. Even the old ancestors.” Sheng Jun said after a moment of thought.

Qing Shui has crossed fists with Shen Yuanlong before. Though it was only a simple match, he could feel that the opponent hasn’t gone all out. There was a harmonious energy flowing across his body. It seemed as though he was born with it. It wasn’t violent and turbulent, but yet it felt endless like a thin stream that was forever flowing.

Qing Shui had a feeling that this man might have cultivated his Taichi Techniques up to the Shackles Realm. That was a kind of condition similar to the Laws of Heavenly Dao. He has researched it to the point where an ordinary person couldn’t think of.

“What’s wrong?” Sheng Jun asked confused.

“Erm, I just have a feeling that your father might be very powerful.” Qing Shui smiled and said in a casual tone. If he was saying that there was nothing, it would look too obvious. If he tried to explain it, she wouldn’t likely to understand. Hence, he came up with an excuse which he thought might convince her.

“Is that so? Then why hasn’t he ever beat you before? Could it be that you are just trying to emphasize that you are very strong? Well, that also seems to be the case.” Sheng Jun smiled and said.

“Your father might not have gone all out.”

Sheng Jun let out a sigh and continued saying in a helpless tone, “So what if that’s the case? He has already come today to take me back home. In the past, I used to be the person whom he spoiled the most.”

Talking up to this point, Sheng Jun seemed a bit disappointed. She looked like she has lost one of her most precious things in life. Everyone took family love very seriously. Once their family love was called into question, it would be a very painful thing for that person.

Qing Shui understood what she meant. He didn’t dare to imagine about this kind of situation. He then said gently, “Each and every one of us must experience growing up. There will come a day when we will have to leave our parents and start a family of our own. In the future, our children will also leave us. It is already a great thing if they could bother to pay us a visit occasionally. The only person who could truly keep you company until the day you die is none other than your other half beside you. Other than that, the people that you meet can only be considered as passers-by. Some will stay in your life for a long time, whereas some will only be there for a short period of time.”

Though putting it this way might sound very ruthless, but this was how it was. Whether it was in his previous incarnation or the current world. Certainly, there were also many people who would live in a huge house. But what was put on emphasis here was the heart. Often, a married couple was the two people who would be the closest with each other spiritually. Once children grew up, there would come a time when they would be mature and no longer relied on their parents like how they used to before.

Sheng Jun was stunned with Qing Shui’s words. She seemed to be pondering over what he said. In the past, she seemed to have never taken such matter into considerations. Usually, when a person never thought of starting a family, it would be very difficult for him to think about matters like this.

A lonely person was like a duckweed. When a person suddenly felt like a duckweed, that person had truly lost any sort of support he could rely on. Loneliness affected by environment was nothing. What could truly affect someone was loneliness which came from deep within the heart. If there was something which a person wished to share, but he couldn’t find anyone to share it with. It would mean that he was lonely deep inside his heart.

“It seems that I am truly a pathetic person. To think that there is no one whom I can truly put my trust in.” Sheng Jun lifted up her head and smiled at Qing Shui. Qing Shui could tell that her smile seemed a bit bitter.

Qing Shui knew that she must get past this obstacle. Once she got past it, her entire life would change. Furthermore, she would also improve in her cultivations and at the same time broaden her horizons. This was a kind of obstacles which one would face in life. Some people were required to confront it, whereas some could just leave it be.

“This is a kind of asset. Be brave and confront it. Once you successfully get past it, the benefits which you get in return will be really huge. Besides, you can also try to have some faith in other people. For example me, don’t you believe in me?” Qing Shui asked sincerely.

“No, I don’t. Even my father treated me like this, who else can I trust?” Sheng Jun smiled and said. For now, she seemed to have recovered her calmness.

“You got a point there. You mustn’t trust anyone completely. You must still leave some space for yourself deep within your heart. If anything unexpected happens, at least you won’t crumble from it.”

“Suddenly, I am starting to wonder what’s the purpose of living. At least for now, I don’t know what purpose it serves…… In the past, I used to hope that my clan will prosper in strength and my father and mother can live happily ever after……”

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