Chapter 146 - Wouldn’t It be Better to be Despicable for Once

Chapter 146 Wouldn’t It be Better to be Despicable for Once.

AST 0146 – Wouldn’t It be Better to be Despicable for Once

That morning, Qing Shui woke up on time. It had become a habit, and habits can be both good and bad. For example, a person may have a habit of dishing out an attack with his left fist. Once you grasp this habit of your opponent, can make him regret it for life!

The reputation of the Martial clinic had spread even further, with its front yard bustling like a marketplace, teeming with visitors. Most of them were the poor or commoners. Gradually, a lot of people had come to know of the young lad of the Martial Clinic, and that he charged the poor very cheap fees, or sometimes not even accepting any money. Most importantly, the young lad was the most reputable Xiantian cultivator in Hundred Miles City.

The effect of this news attracted many attractive and unwed females of Hundred Miles City, including the Young Misses from reputable clans and families! They all hoped that the Xiantian cultivator would take a liking to them, and that they would be able to climb up the social ladder and gain status!

Even women who were in special professions had come to seek consultation, making Qing Shui feel helpless. They were only trying to make a living by themselves. Very often, the Martial Clinic was filled with the babbling nonsense of irrelevant people!

Many people also held another goal, which was to be able to boast that a Xiantian cultivator had treated them before!

There were also some women who expressed that they would merely like to have a short fling with Qing Shui. But, since Qing Shui’s expectations had been raised by the women around him, such as Yu He, Wenren Wushuang and Mingyue Gelou, he did not really fancy those who were mediocre in looks. Qing Shui had always yearned for one night stands, but he detested such irresponsible behavior!

Just as Qing Shui sent off his last customer, a white-haired elderly man with eyes as bright as stars with a tall and sturdy build entered. Qing Shui was stunned when he saw the elderly man.

Qing Shui’s spiritual sense was already quite strong. It seemed to be the effects from the Yin-Yang pendant in his mind, being able detect strong auras sensitively. When Qing Shui saw the elderly man, he was sure that his abilities were only slightly weaker than his goddess-like master. But, it was only based on the presence exuded unknowingly!

Qing Shui could clearly feel a strong killing intent from the elderly man, and he was doing his best to try to control it, and not let his aura leak out!

This elderly man was of course Situ Jianyi. Situ Nantian had informed him that Qing Shui was practicing medicine at the Martial Clinic. Situ Jianyi wanted to see for himself what this talent blessed by heavens he had heard of really looked like.

When he saw Qing Shui, his first impression was that this young lad was very good-looking and charming. While he was young, he seemed to be like a mellowed wine. His eyes were especially so, while they were clear and pretty, they had an indescribable charm to them.

The one thing that made Situ Jianyi feel weird was that he could not feel the other party’s aura at all, as if he were an ordinary person. This made him very astonished. Were it not for the fact that he had seen a portrait of Qing Shui before, Situ Jianyi would think that this young lad was not Qing Shui!

But this was nothing much. There were some techniques which would allow one to conceal their aura. It was just that Situ Jianyi had thought that they were of little value. So long as he constantly kept up his guard, such techniques were simply useless.

“Esteemed elder, this way please!” Qing Shui said warmly!

At the same time Qing Shui was saying this, he used his inner sight to assess the proficient elderly man. Qing Shui noticed that it seemed that all Xiantian warriors would more or less have some sort of damage done to their meridian energy channels. While it would not pose any issues to them in the short term, under certain situations, huge damage could be caused from a moment of negligence!

While Qing Shui was not absolutely certain, he had felt that there was an 80% likelihood that this person was that Xiantian expert from Situ Clan. He thought to himself, “He is really courting death to be seeking treatment from me. Isn’t he providing me with a great opportunity?”

“I’ve recently felt that the spot between my chest and abdomen keeps hurting. Doctor, please take a look for me!” Situ Jianyi grinned. After he was sure that this was the expert from Situ Clan, Qing Shui felt that that smile was very fake!

“Let me apply acupuncture for you. I ensure that esteemed elder be rid of the pain immediately!” Qing Shui smiled!

Qing Shui was secretly glad that acupuncture was the skills of doctors in the world of the nine continents. There was no precedence heard of people killing with needles. Therefore, when Qing Shui brought out a few silver needles which were 7 inches long, Situ Jianyi did not feel surprised!

Qing Shui did not want to use his golden needles for fear that the other party would discover the uniqueness of the material, and would thus make it difficult for Qing Shui to make his move should the other party’s suspicions be raised, and may even cause him to bring out some unique hidden object that has a strong killing power! Therefore, he took up the normal silver needles that he had been using in the Martial Clinic this whole time!

After removing his top, Situ Jianyi’s muscles were bulging, and were so strong and sturdy that they seemed like metal. He seemed to have a very strong vitality, with no apparent traces of his skin appearing old!

Qing Shui did a rough measurement of his sturdy chest. The 7 inch silver needles could barely reach his heart. The muscles at his chest were even thicker than the soft breasts of women. Moreover, there was already the problem of if the silver needles could even pierce into his muscles.

It was good that Qing Shui did not wish to pierce into his heart. The Primordial Needle Technique could not just save people, but it also has some amazing techniques to cause harm or restrict a person. The effects would cause one’s hairs to stand.

Qing Shui got Situ Jianyi to lie down and relax his body before he applied acupuncture on the Shanzhong acupoint on his chest. It would not only reduce some of the pain he had forced out, most importantly, Qing Shui had applied the mysterious acupuncture technique with some fiery Qi of the primordial flames!

The Shanzhong acupoint was the meeting point of the in the ren meridian of the Zutaiyin, Zushaoyang, Taiyang, Shoutaiyang meridians. If one was to hit it, the inner strength would be scattered, then one would feel flustered and turn delirious.

Thereafter, Qing Shui was still not assured, and applied the same tricks on two fatal acupoints of Situ Jianyi, the Jiuwei and Juque acupoints, connecting the jiuwei and juque acupoints to the connecting acupoint of the ren meridian. If one were to hit it, it would impact the abdominal walls, veins, liver, gut, cause the trembling of the heart and eventually lead to death from stagnation of the blood.

These were all the major acupoints and fatal acupoints of the human body. After receiving damage, even if one could survive it, he would be half dead!

“How do you feel?” Qing Shui kept the needles and smiled as he spoke to Situ Jianyi!

Situ Jianyi noticed that the pain which he had forced to the middle of his chest and abdomen was really removed. It seemed like the chap was truly apt in his medical skills. It was just that he could not understand why Qing Shui had not released his aura at all since he had started. He had locked onto him with his own aura a couple of times, and even made some moves to test him, but the other party was not on guard at all. If he was truly a Xiantian cultivator, it was not possible for him to be so unguarded.

“Doctor, was this Martial Clinic set up by you? Are you the Xiantian doctor in the rumors?” Situ Jianyi slowly put on his clothes as he gradually spoke.

“The reason that rumors are rumors, is because their reliability is too low. What does esteemed elder think?” Qing Shui said, trying to pass it off.

“Haha, your words sound reasonable!” Situ Jianyi smiled and said, but he felt increasingly suspicious. This chap was very good with his brains, but he was just not sure if he had truly attained Xiantian. Situ Jianyi wanted to kill him with a palm, settling things straight once and for all!

But the timing was bad since there were too many people outside. He was also afraid to attack the wrong person. Doctors were considered a special existence, and no one would dare to kill an innocent doctor. Who would not fall sick, or get injured? Therefore, the killing of doctors would incur the wrath of the public!

Anyway, he did not care for these few days. He shall see for himself how Qing Shui planned to beat up those who blocked his path.

Looking at the elder whom Qing Shui assumed to be from Situ Clan taking his leave, Qing Shui smiled. If Qing You had seen Qing Shui’s smile, he would definitely say that it was the most

“lewd” smile in the world!

“There’s a beauty everyday for you to see, you must be leading a very fulfilled life!” Wenren Wushuang smiled lightly and stepped in!

“Another Xiantian comes after one leaves, and is an unparalleled beauty at that. Since when has Hundred Miles City been flooded with Xiantian cultivators?” Qing Shui’s mood would always be good each time he sees the beautiful Wushuang.

“Alright, do you know who that Xiantian cultivator was?” Wenren Wushuang looked at Qing Shui teasingly.

“I didn’t expect our Young Master Qing would also hide a beauty in his house. To think that there’s already a beauty like Shi Shizhuang in his heart!” Wenren Wushuang smiled and said. However, that smile seemed as if there were pins and needles pricking his body, making him feel uneasy!

There were now many people who knew that Qing Shui wanted to fight with Situ Clan for Shi Clan’s Qingzhuang. Afterall, news of Shi Clan’s rejection of the marriage, and the news of Qing Shui wanting to marry Shi Qingzhuang had rapidly spread out. Wenren Wushuang was well-informed to begin with, and it would not be weird at all for her to know about this matter!

Good deeds are never heard, but scandals would always travel far. Many people were all prepared to watch a good show. There was no way that Situ Clan, a reputable clan in Hundred Miles City would be willing to take such humiliation!

“Wushuang, that was an accident. She is now my woman, and I do not wish for her to marry to Situ Clan under such a situation!” Qing Shui said bitterly!

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