Chapter 303 - Overwhelming and Perverse Frenzied Bull’s Strength, The saddened Xi Yue.

Chapter 303 Overwhelming and Perverse Frenzied Bull’s Strength, The saddened Xi Yue..

AST 303 Overwhelming and Perverse Frenzied Bull’s Strength, The saddened Xi Yue

Qing Shui once again stood dumbly at the side of a stone monument that everyone else treated as trash. This time around, he was also caught unaware and didn’t expect that the frenzied bull stone monument would actually have such a profound concept hidden within it.

This was because Qing Shui had a very solid foundation in the Nine Animals Mimicry and Beast-Form Fist.The instant he saw the bull inscription, it was as though a bell chimed in his head just like a jigsaw puzzle finally being completed after the missing piece was fitted in. A complete picture of this qi-channeling appeared in his mind sea.

The bull dashed about in a frenzy, and Qing Shui could feel the violence and ferociousness of his strength being augmented. That was his muscles, energy channels, blood, and bone structure… a complete picture working in unity to ignite the potential of his body, granting him superhuman strength.

This kind of frenzy energy was like a soldier in the state of ‘last man standing’. Summoning strength in him that he didn’t know he had, and dredging out every last bit of human potential. Qing Shui stood there stupidly, lost in his thoughts.

Qing Shui closed his eyes, channeling the Qi from his Ancient Strengthening Technique according to the qi-channeling picture that appeared in his mind. Gradually, an overwhelming force surged through his Dantian, circulating around his body according to the qi-channeling picture.

An instant later, Qing Shui felt his head heat up, as surges of hot blood rushed to his head, his entire body was doused with a fearsome, destructive strength.

“This must be Frenzied Bull’s Strength!”

Simultaneously, the originally ‘thick and heavy’ energy from the Ancient Strengthening Technique, was tinged with an aura of frenzy from the Frenzy Bull’s qi-channelling technique giving Qing Shui a feeling that his current strength level had even reached the level of him using the Heavenly Thunder Slash...

Qing Shui was totally stupefied, he had just stepped into channeling the Frenzy Bull’s strength and had yet to master it. But just the elementary stage had enhanced his strength by about 30%. It was too perverse.

Heavenly Thunder Slash was an ultimate technique of the Heavenly Palace, yet he had achieved a similar augmentation effect just by channeling the Frenzied Bull’s strength. How can that be possible? Maybe there were additional effects that accompanied the Heavenly Thunder Slash

“Oh yeah, it has the effect of paralysis.” Qing Shui mumbled. What a perverse effect, in addition to enhancement of 30% in strength, the Heavenly Thunder Slash had a chance to paralyse one’s opponent.

Despite so, Qing Shui was already very satisfied with the insights he had gained. How tyrannical.. Qing Shui slowly felt the aura of his body intensify.

The final conclusion was that, Qing Shui mastered the Frenzied Bull’s Strength Qi-channeling method within an extremely short period of time and was extremely satisfied with the effects it provided.

Not only did it provide an enhancement of about 30% in strength, it intensified the user’s aura about 30% as well.

“Overwhelming, perverse and tyrannical!” Qing Shui excitedly exclaimed, yet he was secretly worried. A side effect of the Frenzied Bull’s Strength was that it also clouded his emotions, turning him into something akin to a crazed bull, eventually causing him to be unable to recognise his friends from foe, becoming a bloody asura annihilating the entire battlefield.

Luckily, just as he was worrying about it, the Yin-Yang image in his sea of consciousness gleamed with a golden light as a wave of coolness calmed his emotions. Only then did he calm down.

This place was a huge treasure trove, sadly if he wanted to procure all of the monuments, he would need to spend a truckload of effort and time. It was already evening before Qing Shui decided to leave. And on the way back, he met a familiar person.

It was that beautiful woman named Xi Yue. Qing Shui felt that maybe this was coincidence, maybe she was looking for Yan Ling`er who stayed in the same building as him.

Her brows like crescent moon, a pair of beautiful eyes glowed extremely brightly. Her petite, straight nose made her look strangely determined as her ruby red lips added traces of sexiness to her overall appearance. At this moment, she was teasingly glancing at Qing Shui.

Initially Qing Shui wanted to avoid her, but upon seeing the smug look on her face as well as the knowing smile flickering in her eyes, it was as though Xi Yue was saying “Go and hide then, are you afraid of a weak lady like me?”

Thus, Qing Shui braced himself and walked straight forward. Not wishing to give Xi Yue the satisfaction of seeing him running away. Although this woman was beautiful, she was way too overbearing. And because of Yan Ling`er, Qing Shui felt repelled by her.

Love me, love my dog, hate me hate my dog as well!

“Oi oi!”

A gentle voice drifted out, Qing Shui pretended that he didn’t hear anything as he continued taking huge steps forward.

“Why are you so petty? Are you still considered a man?” Xi Yue hurried to catch up as she pouted while simultaneously tugging on Qing Shui’s sleeves.

What a man hates most was the fact that people make such remarks. Even if it was a joke, Qing Shui felt that this was nothing but downright rudeness. Even if someone said that he was a beast, an idiot, he wouldn’t felt as enraged as he did not after hearing the words, ‘are you still considered a man?”

“Am I a man or not, f*ck me and you will find out.” Qing Shui harshly replied, even if she was beautiful, he didn’t intend to give her face.

“ can you say such a thing…”

“F*ck off then, don’t think everyone will accommodate your wishes and follow whatever you say with that little bit of charm you have. I have zero interest towards you. Stop bothering me.” Qing Shui directly shrugged her off and walked away.

Xi Yue stood there stunned, as tears filled her eyes. She didn’t know why she muddle headedly and tugged at his sleeves then was treated to Qing Shui telling her to f**k off… Seeing Qing Shui’s back view getting further and further away, she had an indescribable sourness in her heart.

After returning to his room, Qing Shui immediately entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal!

Before practicing his alchemy, Qing Shui practiced the Frenzied Bull’s Strength again. Within the safety of his spatial realm, Qing Shui channelled a much greater amount of energy from his Ancient Strengthening Technique according to the Bull’s qi-channeling method. He could feel that his entire aura was tinged heavily with craziness and madness, so palpable that the madness could be seen as an aura swirling around Qing Shui.

This, was actually a supporting-complementary type technique and could be combined with the Ancient Strengthening Technique, the Nine Animals Mimicry, etc.

For a total of three days, Qing Shui only focused completely on practicing the Frenzied Bull’s Strength. Strangely enough, he had a feeling that there shouldn’t be any more level ups of the Frenzied Bull’s Strength. But akin to the Basic Sword Techniques, he hoped that he would also be able to breakthrough the Frenzied Bull Strength to a higher realm even though everyone thought that the limits were already clearly defined.

Currently, as Qing Shui channeled and circulated both streams of energy from the Frenzied Bull’s Strength as well as the Ancient Strengthening Technique, he comprehended a mental state - ‘immovable mountains’. This, when used together with the Yin-yang image allowed him to suppress to rising rage and crazed side effects with ease. Through this state, it also allowed him to concurrently cultivate both the Frenzied Bull’s Strength as well as the Ancient Strengthening Technique.

Trying out the Sword of the Third Wave, and Heavenly Thunder Slash with his Big Dipper Sword, Qing Shui was astonished, “HAHAHA, the unleashed power actually increased by 50%?” Qing Shui’s strength level was already nearing the one million Jin mark.

Done with practicing his sword techniques, Qing Shui practiced his forging skills, before his alchemy. After he readjusted his weariness due to the intense practice,  Qing Shui began to harvest, gather, wash, refine, and combine some of the medicinal herbs within his spatial realm into ready-mixed portions that were crucial to the alchemy recipe of the Five Dragon Pellet. This pellet could actually remove all negative effects from the consumer, and even if one was grievously injured to the point of death, consuming a Five Dragon Pellet was sufficient to obtain a window of 24 hours, thereby increasing the lifespan of the consumer by an extra day.

Setting the cauldron up, Qing Shui added water from the crystal pond into it as well as the pre-prepared medicinal herbs extract before boiling everything with his primordial flames.

Increasing the intensity of his flames till the primordial flames became classified as ‘Ferocious Flames’, about a breath of time later, sounds of rumbling could be heard within the caldron. Just like that, Qing Shui controlled the flames according to the recipe of the Five Dragon Pellet as he slowly refined it.

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