Chapter 388 40 Steps, Yan City, I, Qing Shui, am arriving!.

Chapter 388 40 Steps, Yan City, I, Qing Shui, am arriving!.

AST 388 - 40 Steps, Yan City, I, Qing Shui, am arriving!

Qing Shui felt that the flow of spiritual Qi from the Howling Moon Silver Ape intensified! So this was the fearsome factor of the Howling Moon Silver Ape!

Qing Shui did not dare to delay. He instantaneously entered the Realm of the Violet Jade Immortal and cladded himself  in his Golden-ringed battle armor. After taking his Big Dipper Sword, he came out. 

But at the same time, Qing Shui also made preparations to escape!

When Qing Shui came out from the realm, he noticed that the Howling Moon Silver Ape was still howling to the moon in the west skies. At that moment, the Howling Moon Silver Ape had already reached a horrifying height of five metres. Silver light circulated its body, and the strong presence that it emitted caused Qing Shui to consider running away immediately.

This was because Qing Shui could feel that the Howling Moon Silver Ape’s strength had increased by more than one fold. He was somehow able to ward off the attacks previously. However, now it was getting too difficult to ward off the attacks. Unfortunately, if he was hit by a fatal blow, he would have died with a thousand regrets!

At this very point, the Howling Moon Silver Ape’s stopped its long howling. It lowered its head to look at Qing Shui. When it laid eyes on the Big Dipper Sword that Qing Shui was holding, it did something that shocked Qing Shui.

The gigantic Howling Moon Silver Ape prostrated itself in front of Qing Shui. It looked at the Big Dipper Sword in Qing Shui’s hand with unblinking eyes. Eyes that held fear and reverence!

Reverence? Fear?

Qing Shui looked at his own Big Dipper Sword with confusion. He thought for a moment and remembered the statue of the deity, the deity that exuded a formidable pressure. He had taken his Big Dipper Sword from right under the deity, the sword might even been one of the weapons that the deity had previously used when when he was living….

Could this be due to his Big Dipper Sword?

Qing Shui remained perplexed with the many unanswered questions as he looked at the fearful eyes of the Howling Moon Silver Ape. What puzzled him even more was the reverence. Qing Shui couldn’t even imagine that the Howling Moon Silver Ape could have such an expression. 

Qing Shui slowly approached the Howling Moon Silver Monkey. He only dared such a courageous feat as he did not feel any threat from the ape’s eyes..

Nearing, nearing…

Qing Shui raised his hands to stroke her soft fur. It was hairy and warm to the touch. The Howling Moon Silver Ape did not even move.  She just let Qing Shui stroke her large head in whichever manner he pleased.

“Are you afraid of this sword?” Qing Shui asked softly.

But what surprised him was that the Howling Moon Silver Ape actually gently nodded its head!

This nod really stupefied Qing Shui. Within the world of Nine of Continents, demonic beasts are highly intelligent creatures. But in terms of communication, only those from beast tamer clans, such as Luanluan, can directly communicate with demonic beasts as they possess Seven Apertures Mystical Heart. 

Yiye Jiange could also communicate with beasts, but her abilities were not as strong as Luanluan’s as most demonic beasts, whether strong or weak, will not attack the little girl unprovoked. 

This was one of the benefits of Seven Apertures Mystical Heart!

“You can understand me?” Qing Shui questioned. Ape types are primates -  furthermore this Howling Moon Silver Ape had probably already lived for many years.

The Howling Moon Silver Ape nodded its head once again. 

“Can it be that you can only nod your head?” Qing Shui was still doubtful. 

“Can you talk?” Qing Shui realized that he asked an exceptionally idiotic question. If it could talk, it probably wouldn’t just nod its head. But Qing Shui only asked this question to see if the Howling Moon Silver Ape could really understand human speech.  

The Howling Moon Silver Ape shook its head!

Qing Shui could now believe that the Howling Moon Silver Ape did understand what he said. This made it quite apparent that ape types are definitely one of the most intelligent species among demonic beasts.

“So will you still fight with me?” Qing Shui asked with a mild smile.

“Then, can I take a look inside?”


Qing Shui asked a lot of questions consecutively but only obtained very little information. He only knew that it had lived here for about a thousand years and that it was out hunting previously when Qing Shui came. It did not anticipate that it will take half a year to hunt down its prey. And during this time, Qing Shui and Luanluan had taken over the space and had obtained the powerful Big Dipper Sword!

Qing Shui could also tell that the Howling Moon Silver Ape grew up here and had a special relationship with that statue of the deity; it was like its father and mother. More importantly, in such a long time, no one was able to take away the sword. So when it saw Qing Shui holding the sword, it felt a sense of exceptional familiarity. 

Anyone with even a bit of connection to the deity is considered “family” to the Howling Moon Silver Ape. This was the answer that Qing Shui got!

Now, once again Qing Shui entered the halls where the statue of the deity stood. Once he step within the halls, he felt the recognizable sense of overbearing pressure.

However, it did not felt as heavy as before. Qing Shui was aware that it was because his strength and abilities improved considerably! 

Looking at the towering statue of the deity, Qing Shui felt a sense of resonance. In any case, this was where he had gotten his Big Dipper Sword from. 

Qing Shui slowly headed towards the statue as the surrounding pressure increased!

This time round, he could walk much further. Previously, he could only manage ten steps. This time round, he had already taken twenty steps and felt that he still had the strength to continue.

His breakthrough at the level of Realm of 5th Heavenly Layer had made him much stronger than before. In addition to that, his consumption of the “Pure Gold Mystic Turtle core” had enhanced the hardness and durability of his bones, veins…by three fold. There was definitely a world of a difference between his current strength and what he had before, what he was before. 

Qing Shui could already feel the pressure exert on his blood, meridian channels, skeleton, dantian, muscles and internal organs. And the pressure was only getting higher.

You are molded by adversity; you grow through adversity and eventually you will get a breakthrough overcoming that adversity! 

Qing Shui clenched his teeth and channelled his Qi of Ancient Strengthening Technique to its peak vehemently and edged his footsteps forward gradually.


Nature Energy

Immovable as Mountains!

Frenzied Bull Strength!

Qing Shui could feel the rising density of his bones under the immense pressure and also the gradual strengthening of his meridian channels, muscles, internal organs and dantian. 

In comparison to the previous pressure training, this was much more intense. Originally, the incredulous three folds increase in defense was not a very stable condition and required a long amount of time to refine. This was one of the flaws of consuming medicinal pellets. 

This was one of the most important reasons why Qing Shui had decided to come the Deity Cave! He wanted to use pressure in the surroundings to refine and stabilize the three fold increase in his defense and raise his overall durability at the same time.

Qing Shui could gradually sense the fascinating changes to his bones, meridian channels…as they advanced towards perfection. 

“The advancement of the body to perfection” meant that the body’s meridian channels, dantian, bones… achieved a peak level of synchronization thus reaching a balance. If Qing Shui’s dantian was too strong when both his arms and legs were too weak, it was akin to starving in front of a golden mountain.  The lack of balance and harmony meant that once he exerted an explosive strength, both his arms and legs would become disabled. This was because his bones and meridian channels were not be able to withstand the forces. 




The sounds of the cracking and mending of the tiny fractures in his bones were unpleasant, but they were melodious to Qing Shui as it meant that his body's capability had grown again. 


Qing Shui did not stop and lifted his left leg again. It dangled in mid air. Qing Shui’s forehead was already covered with beads of perspiration, yet he simply was unable to make this fortieth step.

Qing Shui could feel that he had already reached the limits in terms of the durability of the bones in his body. A tiny mistake will cause all the bones in his body to break, all his internal organs to disintegrate and immediate his immediate death.

He used his left hand and drew out his three Gold Needles.

The accupoint Zhiyin, Taixi and Yangchi!

He inserted the three needles each on one point!


Qing Shui yelled out!

40th step!

Qing Shui’s left leg landed heavily on the ground!

At that very second, Qing Shui felt a flow of Qi travelling from the bottom of his feet to the Baihui acupoint at the very tip of his head.

As Qing Shui felt refreshed, he also felt that his body had become soft.

It was a success!

Qing Shui slowly backed out from the hall. The distance between himself and the statue had been halved. He already managed to traverse half the distance.  

“Do you want to leave this place with me?” Qing Shui asked the Howling Moon Silver Ape before he left. 

It hesitated for awhile and shook its head. 

Qing Shui did not insist.  He gained a lot today. He had achieved his target to push his bones, meridian channels… to their tiptop condition. It was even more fortunate that he was able to infuse Taichi Fist and Back Connecting Fist; he took it as a success just as long as there was an overall increase in its destructive force. He traveled back home overnight riding on his Firebird after feeding it an Endurance Pellet.

In the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal...

Qing Shui stood at the side of the pond. He noticed that the number of Golden Horn Firetail Fishes had somehow became six. He admired the gigantic Nine-Petal Lotus in the middle of the pond. It was also a mystical plant.

The Nine-Petal Lotus is able to speed up the growth rate of creatures within the hundred metre radius by 20%. Only aquatic creatures!

That applies to Golden Horn Firetail Fishes which are aquatic creatures!

The mystical “Golden Horn Firetail Fish” only give birth to two larvae every hundred years. It also takes another hundred years for each larvae to mature. They can be added to medicines, eaten raw or cooked in various methods. Eating a single fish will increase one’s strength by one hundred jin. It has a more miraculous effect which gives a 1% chance of breakthrough to the next cultivation level when eaten. For example, a 5th Grade Martial Warrior will be able to elevate himself to a 6th Grade Martial Warrior. This effect is only limited to all levels below Martial King Grade. 

However, it was not the right time to eat them. It was still such a pity that the effect only applies to levels below Martial King Grade. Qing Shui look around at the vermillion fruits at the side of the pond. Luckily, they were within the exposure of the Flower of Life. Unfortunately, the Nine-Petal Lotus was only effective for creatures or plants within the waters. 

When Qing Shui returned to the Qing Clan, it was already dawn. Qing Shui allowed his Firebird to return to the Realm of Violet Jade Immortal so that it could rest as they had journeyed quite a distance. Qing Shui was very glad. Through this, he could confirm that his Firebird was indeed powerful especially in terms of flying.


“Brother Qing Shui, please let me go with you!”

Qing You gazed at Qing Shui once again. Qing Shui did not know what to say to that look. 

“Qing Shui, why don’t you just bring him along!” his grandfather, Qing Luo, suggested then.   

Since his grandfather had already spoken, what more could Qing Shui say. He nodded his head with a forced smile while Qing You cheered enthusiastically. 

“Brother Shui…” Qing Bei called.

“Listen to Brother Shui. Stay home and hone your skills.  I'll bring you all out next time.” Qing Shui gently advised.

Qing Bei nodded her head obediently. 

Qing Shui patted Qing Bei’s little head.

He looked towards the direction of Yanjiang Country.

Yan Clan, I'm coming!

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