Chapter42 Bold and domineering

    The three young people, all of them have surpassed the five levels of true atmosphere, and the one led by them has reached eight levels of true atmosphere!


    After seeing Liu Xin'er turn around, the young master's eyes lit up.

    Liu Xin'er is already outstanding in appearance, beautiful and beautiful. After refining Fengling, he has a solemn and noble temperament, which is fascinating.

    Ji Gongzi stunned for a moment, and a radian angle was raised in his mouth, "This girl, under Ji Wenyuan, comes from the centuries-old noble family of Qingyue Imperial City. I would like to invite you to drink a glass of wine from Yueyuelou, please."

    Ji Wenyuan made a please gesture.

    Although it was an invitation, the tone of the speech was irresistible.

    "I'm not familiar with you, don't go!" Liu Xiner replied coldly.

    This Ji Wenyuan just mocked her, but after seeing her, she changed her face immediately.

    This attitude disgusted Liu Xin'er.

    "Hahaha, born and cooked twice, everyone makes a friend. In Qingyue Imperial City, no one dared to reject my good intentions." Wenwen Ji laughed, not caring about Liu Xin'er's attitude.

    People from these small places may not know the weight of the word "Ji Jia".

    Once known, Ji Wenyuan felt that Liu Xin'er would definitely embrace it.

    Having said that, he took the initiative to step forward, ready to pull Liu Xiner's hand.

    "She can't talk, can't you understand people?"

    A cold voice sounded, and Yun Chen took a step forward, just in front of Liu Xin'er.

    This move made Ji Wenyuan's face gloomy.

    "What do you count, and deserve to talk to me, get out!"

    For Liu Xin'er, Ji Wenyuan can still maintain a bit of color and beauty, but for Yun Chen, he is completely impatient.

    The last word "roll" was sent out with true energy, such as thunder and explosion, the warriors who were shocked in the restaurant hall were startled.

    "Well, that's not Ji Wenyuan of the Ji family. Who is so arrogant that actually offended him?" A warrior who knew Ji Wenyuan's identity secretly murmured with awe in his voice.

    "Ji Jia? Great?"

    "Hush! You want to find death, don't hurt me, get away. Ji Family, but the family clan of the Qingyue Imperial City, the masters of the spiritual realm in the family don't know how many respects. Unlike some small towns in the countryside, there is no even the spiritual realm. , Dare to claim to be a rich man, to laugh at the dead."

    "That young man dared offend Ji Wenyuan, he was over."


    The sound of discussion all around buzzed.

    Liu Xin'er listened to her ears and could not help pulling Yun Chen's clothes.

    Yun Chen frowned slightly, and if he could, he certainly didn't want to cause trouble.

    This time he came to the Qingyue Imperial City, he had two purposes. One was to help Liu Xin'er to visit a certain martial arts gate.

    Second, he himself changed his mind. In order to explore the secrets of the demon body, he prepared to worship the ghost king.

    "I let you go, didn't you hear?"

    Ji Wenyuan watched Yun Chen's motionlessness, his eyes cold.

    "Okay, let's go." Liu Xin'er was anxious, pulling Yun Chen's sleeve and going out.

    "Wait!" Ji Wenyuan stretched out his hand, "He can go, you stay. Just as you must have heard, I have a strong family of Ji, a lot of masters, and even many seniors working in the martial arts school. If I’m in a good mood, I can walk through the door for you, so that you can successfully enter a martial arts gate."

    He glanced at Yun Chen with disdain and sneered: "As for this kind of waste, it is not worthy of being with you."

    After talking, Ji Wenyuan held his shoulders with both hands, waiting for Liu Xin'er to reply.

    He did not think that Liu Xin'er could refuse to meet his own conditions.

    In the hall, many warriors heard their eyes red, especially some women, who were jealous.

    "Sorry, I will rely on my own ability to worship the martial arts." Liu Xin'er refused without hesitation.

    As soon as this word came out, there was an uproar in the hall.

    Ji Wenyuan is still a handsome face, and Tie Qing is all alone.

    He had never tried it, and he was so simply rejected by the public.

    "Shame to the face! Bitch, dare to entertain Brother Ji, it's damn it! If you don't give a statement today, you will be in a dilemma." A young man beside Ji Wenyuan scolded, and the detective directed at Liu Xin'er Grab it.

    However, before it has been grasped, there is a thick and energetic light curtain.


    The strength of the True Qi shocked, and the young man who shot was taken back one step.

    "What! What a powerful force!" The young pupil shrank slightly as he looked at Yun Chen who was blocked by his shot.

    The young man's name was Liu Ying, and he was a friend of Ji Wenyuan's fox friends. Although his strength was not as good as Ji Wenyuan's, he also had a six-pronged practice.

    But he didn't think that the earthy bun in his eyes blocked him.

    "My patience is limited, don't force me anymore." Yun Chen said indifferently.


    Ji Wenyuan sneered coldly, "No wonder dare to be so arrogant, it still has a bit of strength. But do you think you can run wild in Qingyue Imperial City with these two moves? Liu Ying, within ten moves, you can't fix him, I shot it myself."

    "Relax, I was careless just now. There are no ten tricks to deal with this kind of things." Liu Ying was full of confidence.

    As soon as he finished speaking, there was a lot of energy on his body.

    "Who is making trouble at Yueyuelou?! Get out and get out of here."

    At this moment, a thick voice sounded.

    A middle-aged man with a bear on his back, walked out from the rear, with a dignified look, but a master of spiritual realm.

    "Blessing dispensers!"

    Seeing this middle-aged man, many warriors in the hall took the initiative to get up.

    Being able to open such well-known restaurants as Lanyuelou in Qingyue Imperial City naturally has an unusual identity.

    Seeing the intractable situation, Ji Wenyuan shook his face with pride and shouted "Uncle Fu".

    The lucky shopkeeper saw Ji Wenyuan, his expression slightly slowed down, "It turned out to be the second son of the Ji family. However, although my father and I have some friendship, you can't make trouble in my restaurant."

    Ji Wenyuan said after seeing the ceremony: "Uncle Fu, we are not going to make trouble, but this kid is ignorant of the sky and the sky is thick, and even my family is not in his eyes, and he will not give him a lesson. The little nephew has a dull face. You can rest assured. , We will solve this kid right away and it will not affect your business."


    Fu shopkeeper's eyes moved, he was not quite convinced, and some people would not pay attention to the family.

    "Can you do it, or don't do it anymore." Fu shopkeeper looked at Yun Chen and Liu Xiner, said lightly: "The two of you are reckless and ignorant, bumped into the second son of Ji Er, pay him a courtesy and apologize."

    "Apologize?" Liu Xin'er was stunned for a moment, a little wronged.

    "Hehe..." Yun Chen smiled coldly, said: "We obviously did nothing, but just rejected the person's bad intentions, this also requires us to apologize?"

    Hearing this, Fu shopkeeper's face sank, "I don't know what to do! In this case, I don't care about this matter, you can solve it yourself."

    After speaking, carrying his hands and standing aside.

    "Stupid thing! You missed the only chance to be kind. Lie down to me." Liu Ying shouted and punched Yun Chen with a punch.

    Infuriated, sending out a heavy spiral force.

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