Chapter49 Stepped forward to make a siege (2)

        "I just told you what I saw. I don't have the courage!"

   Bai Ziyuan squeezed the corner of his mouth tightly, and looked at the insignificant man with cold eyes.

   "Go to Yamen."

   This word came from Ning Mo's shallow mouth.

   "Shallow?!" Bai Ziyuan saw that she was able to control it, why did she insist on going to the Yamen? What a fool!

  The indolent man heard Ning Moqing propose to go to the yamen, and a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

   "It's okay." Shallow smile.

Everyone saw that Ning Moqian took the initiative to go to Yamen, and it was not difficult to see that Bai Ziyuan and her conversation were good, so Bai Ziyuan said that the truth is true. Since she knows Bai family and has a good relationship, the sale of children is not established. .

So people's attitude towards her has changed 180 degrees. Although she no longer uses words to humiliate her and doesn't need to throw away rotten dishes, she still doesn't let her go. All the results are waiting for the investigation of Master Yang. Restore the truth.

   A group of people walked to the gate of Yamen, and the government standing at the door saw the situation frightened and hurried to inform them.

   After entering the lobby, the people who pressed Ning Moqian knelt on the ground, dared not to raise their heads, and slowly raised their heads when someone above spoke.

   "Why did you come here?" Master Yang narrowed his eyes and looked at the person who was kneeling in front of him in front of his eyes. There were seven people, and more people stood outside the door trying to listen to the case.

   "Master Yang, some people say that this girl is a bad guy who recently sold children. We took it and delivered it to the yamen." The headed man said softly.

   Lord Yang frowned, and has been utterly stricken by this case recently. He hasn't slept for several nights. When he heard everyone's words, the whole person was full of energy.

He looked at Ning Moqian who was kneeling in the lobby, frowning frantically. He was tied tightly with a twine. The blood on his dress looked like a weak and slender woman, even the bucket could not be lifted. How could it be possible to have the courage to buy and sell.

It's just that half of the faces make people look a little uncomfortable. Such a woman looks ugly and can't marry. It is inevitable that there will be jealousy. If you want to destroy those happy homes, it is not impossible to sell children. .

   "You are not from Jiading Town, who is your surname? Where does your family live?" Master Yang looked at Ning Moqing and asked in a cold voice, "Where are you going? All recruited from the real!"

   "Answer, little girl at night, from Hangzhou." Ning Mo replied softly. "Yesterday I passed Jiading Town and met Bai Baiyuan, the master of the Bai family. I lived in Baifu for the past two days and went to Beijing to invest in relatives."

   Lord Yang frowned, and could not hear any flaws at all.

   "Do you know Bai Zizi?"

   "Yes." Ning Moqian replied firmly again.

  She hadn't had time to continue the explanation. A voice from the crowd watching outside shouted, "Master Yang, what she said is true!"

   Master Yang picked up the gavel and slammed the loud noise outside. He raised his head and looked at the crowd outside the door and said coldly, "Who talks? Stand in the lobby!"

  Bai Ziyuan didn't care about his hand. He walked out of the crowd quickly, walked slowly to the hall, and said to Master Yang with his fists in his hands.

   "I said it!" Bai Ziyuan stood straight, staring straight at the other party, and said coldly, "She is a valuable guest of my family, and she has never been out of the house, how could she be a kid kid!"

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