Chapter9 Take care of her and keep you complete

     Bai Ziyuan watched the female ghost disappear a little bit, couldn't help but shuddered, and wondered why the surrounding temperature had dropped a few degrees just now.

    "It's amazing!" Bai Ziyuan hurriedly walked in front of Ning Moqian and couldn't help saying flatteringly, "I thought you were a ghost at first, but I didn't expect to be a fairy!"

    Ning Moqian ignored Bai Ziyuan, turned to squat, and looked at Fang Kang who passed away.

    Fang Kang's face was even darker than before, and his lips were stained purple, and it seemed that the poisoning was deep.

    "How could this be?" Bai Ziyuan couldn't help seeing Fang Kang's eyes widened, "Wouldn't it be dead!"

    When he was finished, he reached for Fang Kang to sniff under his nose.

    Before the hand touched the tip of the other person's nose, he was grabbed by a pair of white hands.

    "If you want to die, just touch him." The cold voice, without a touch of emotion.

    Bai Ziyuan was so scared that he quickly took his hand back, squeezed the corner of his mouth tightly, and swallowed in his mouth.

    "Is he dead?" Asked cautiously.

    "Half alive."

    Bai Ziyuan blinked and didn't understand the other party's words. Was he dead or alive?

    Ning Moqian placed his index finger at Fang Kang ’s eyebrows, and a faint black-purple breath emanated from Fang Kang ’s body, scaring Bai Ziyuan to take a small step back. Mo Qian's body.

    When the black and purple qi were all sucked out, Fang Kang's face became the same as normal people, but his face was pale.

    Bai Ziyuan saw the miraculous scene in front of her eyes, revealing a look of consternation.

    "He's okay." The voice was low and there was a trace of fatigue.

    "Brother Fang can cure such a serious disease, you really are a fairy!"

    "Fairy? The deity is still not in your eyes!" Ning Moqian slowly turned his head to look at Bai Ziyuan beside him, his bloody eyes flashed strangely under the moonlight, "If it weren't for his woman who helped me , I do n’t even care about him! "

    Bai Ziyuan saw the pair of red eyes suddenly fell to the ground, terrified and trembling, he knew that the other party would not harm him, otherwise he would have killed him, why save him and his brother again and again.


    Even if she was scared, she was still attracted by the beautiful face, especially the red eyes, and it was even more fascinating. She couldn't help but staring at the other person with a fascination.

    Ning Mo shallowly looked at the other person's stunning eyes and squinted red.

    "Don't you want these eyes?"

    The cold, biting voice made Bai Ziyuan recover, and quickly lowered his head, shaking his head vigorously.

    Ning Mo saw that the other party was so obedient, his mouth slightly raised, and he looked up at the crescent moon at night.

    The moonlight poured down, and although the small face was still covered with some dirt, it did not cover the beautiful face.

    "Shallow, you are so delicate and so embarrassing to be a husband."

    Ning Mo reached out gently to touch his cheek, the smile in his eyes gradually deepened.

    Bai Ziyuan slowly raised his head and looked at the petite figure, the red wedding dress fluttering in the wind, his back turned to the moonlight, as fascinating as a fairy.

    "Bai Ziyuan." The cold voice, no emotion.

    "Hey? In ... in." Bai Ziyuan replied quickly. He no longer knew whether the other party was a fairy or a ghost. The most important thing was to save his life.

    "Help me take good care of her, I will naturally protect you comprehensively." The voice became ethereal, "If you dare to misbehave her, I will let you die without corpses!"

    "I will take good care of her." Bai Ziyuan said very seriously, patting his chest, "You can rest assured!"

    As soon as the voice fell, I heard something in front fell to the ground, and a murmur made a "dong".

    Bai Ziyuan quickly looked up and found that Ning Moqian collapsed to the ground, unconscious.

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