Chapter 40 That seems to kill

    At this moment, Liu Chengyun reacted and quickly said: "Yun Chen, misunderstanding, there is a misunderstanding among us. This is what my second brother Liu Jiuxiang provoked from it. It's only because of any secrets in you that you can practice so quickly. I was also confused for a while. , For your sake, please let me go."

    Beside, Liu Jiuxiang heard the words, and his eyes were black with anger.

    Just now his son was replaced by Liu Chengyun, and now he is pushed out again.

    How can this be tolerated!

    "Liu Chengyun, you are so mean! It was you who agreed to calculate Yun Chen, and you were the one who shot him to kill him." Liu Jiuxiang shook things out regardless of the fact.

    "Shut up! You scum, you know it right now, you want to slander me." Liu Chengyun snorted, endured the pain in his chest, and urged Ziyue Dao.


    As soon as the sword flashed, Liu Jiuxiang was nailed to the spot.

    "Master Yun, you have also seen my sincerity. By the way, I think Xin'er is quite suitable for you. Let him follow you and serve him well in the future." Liu Chengyun said with a smile, pleased.

    Yun Chen frowned, already not knowing what to say.

    He has never seen such a shameless person!

    Liu Xin'er also felt cold in his heart as if he didn't know Liu Chengyun completely.

    Before pleasing Tian Hua, he spared himself.

    Then, in order to save his life, he caught Liu Yue without hesitation to stop the disaster.

    Today, even the second uncle killed himself.

    She couldn't believe it. This was the father who used to spoil herself.

    Kung fu before they speak, the warriors of the Zhang Li family, a few people have sneaked away and wanted to leave.

    Yun Chen suddenly turned around and sneered, "Want to go now? Am I allowed?"

    "Yun Chen! Do you still want to leave us all? Don't deceive people too much!" Li family head yelled.

    "Yes, it's a big deal to fight him with a dead net." Zhang Family also echoed.

    "Everyone! Let's be quiet!"

    At this moment, Xue Kai's voice sounded, and he looked at Yun Chen, and said with a deep voice: "Your strength is indeed good, even with the real Qi realm, you defeated the master of the spirit realm. However, you are more powerful, with me Compared with the ghost king, it is as weak as ants. I advise you not to act rashly, otherwise the consequences are not something you can bear."

    Hearing Xue Kai's threatening words, Yun Chen couldn't help laughing.

    "It seems that your life and death are now in my hands. I really can't think of what you have to do to say this to me." Yun Chen dragged his long knife and walked to Xue Kai.

    Raised his long sword and put it on Xue Kai's neck. "Believe it or not, I can kill you right away."

    Xue Kai's eyes flashed with anger, but forced to suppress it.

    "I bet you dare not!"

    "Don't you dare? Ge Yunfan has already died in my hands, you say I dare not?"

    "Ge Yunfan is just an outside disciple, and I am a disciple in the Linghua territory. Once killed, Zongmen will never let the murderer run free! Don’t think that you can do things seamlessly, my ghost disciple’s inner disciple, in When you achieve Yuanling, you will plant a ghost curse. No matter who kills me, you will be contaminated with the ghost curse, and will be pursued and killed by the master of the ghost king Zong.

    So, kill me, you must die! "

    Xue Kai spoke slowly, seemingly not worried about his safety.

    The identity of the inner disciple of Ghost King Zong brought him full confidence.

    "Brother Xue said well, once there was a casual repairer who, with his mighty power, killed an inner disciple in my door, thinking that God knew nothing about it, but was finally captured and taken back to the door, and was eaten by thousands of ghosts. Tortured to death." Zhong Yan also calmed down at this time.

    When Zhang Li's warriors heard it, they were full of courage.

    "Yun Chen! Don't put the knife down yet!"

    "Quickly blame the son Xue Kai, maybe you can not pursue your rude behavior!"

    The heads of the Zhang and Li families scolded loudly.

    Yun Chen suddenly chuckled. "So, I really can't kill you."

    "Of course." Xue Kai used his finger to remove the long knife that Yun Chen hit on his neck and smiled: "As long as you send me, and the treasures here, together to the ghost king Zong, I will not pursue you Sins.

    Of course, if you kill Ge Yunfan, it is not easy to explain to the school. Well, I think that the sword you practiced is good, the rank has reached the prefecture level, and the contribution appears, but it can be used to offset the crime.

    And I can also recommend you to be an outside disciple and take care of you in the future. how about it? Such a sale is very cost-effective for you. "

    After hearing this, Yun Chen suddenly burst out laughing.

    The others laughed inexplicably.

    Suddenly, the knife lights up!


    The hot blood spewed out like a waterfall.

    Everyone took a closer look, and they saw Xue Kai's headless body, spraying blood, and the human head tumbling in the air.

    Looking closely, Xue Kai's eyes were staring, and there was still a deep horror in his eyes.

    He didn't believe it until he died. Yun Chen dared to kill himself.


    The head fell to the ground, waking everyone else up.

    Looking at Yun Chen's eyes one by one, it was like looking at a lunatic.

    No one could think that Yun Chen would be so crazy, and he dare to die, he is not afraid of the master of the ghost king Zong?

    "You, you..." Zhong Yanhua lost her face and backed away.

    "Humph! I don't know if I'm dead or alive, I think I have the identity of a disciple of the ghost king Zong, you can threaten me?" Yun Chen snorted.

    For him, the so-called ghost curse was just a kind of small ban, and it was not difficult to come up with it.

    Ridiculous, Xue Kai also used it as an amulet.

    "This man is crazy! Go together and kill him!"

    "Shoot together!"

    Both Zhang Li's warriors were terrified, just like beasts spurred to the limit, they had to fight back.

    Of course, there are some people who are completely scared and just want to escape.

    "No need to go! Stay all!"

    Yun Chen made the knife again.

    The wind is rolling!

    Clever move, chase the wind!

    After the gusty wind passed, Dongfuzhong was quiet for a while.

    All the warriors in the field stiffened and fell one after another, and a knife mark appeared on everyone.

    Only Zhong Yan had better luck, and there were just two warriors standing in front of her, blocking her for her.

    However, before she could relax, a purple long knife had penetrated her body.

    The person who shot was Liu Chengyun.


    Liu Chengyun pulled out a long knife, pushed Zhong Yan's body aside, and laughed with him: "Yun Chen, you have also seen it. I have also killed a disciple of the ghost king Zong, and you will be a person on a boat in the future."

    Zhong Yan is a disciple outside, there is no ghost spell on him, so he has no pressure to kill him.

    "Go! Who's the one on the ship with you?" Yun Chen was very indifferent to Liu Chengyun.

    Originally, according to his ideas, the matter was directly killed.

    But he looked at the distance, the silent Liu Xiner sighed softly.

    The long knife was shocked, and he shot it again.

    Rainbow light!


    Liu Chengyun got another knife, and the knife attacked his body, crushing his white lion Yuan Ling.

    "Ah!" He uttered a scream and was terrified. "You abolished my life and soul!"

    The life of Yuan Ling was abolished, and the state immediately fell back to the real atmosphere.

    Even, the strength is not comparable to the ordinary real atmosphere.

    Because his Dantian Qihai was also hurt just now.

    For Liu Chengyun, it is equivalent to abolishing him.

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