Chapter26 The arrogant Zhang family little Lord

    Over the White Rock City, dark clouds gathered, and a piece of black pressure.

    The weather was dull and hot, but there was no rain.

    In recent days, White Rock City has become more lively than usual.

    The restaurant teahouse is a gathering of many martial artists.

    "Have you heard? The giant Li family first entered the Cangyue Mountains. It is said that the whole army was annihilated. Just two days ago, the Li family owner personally led people in to find, but found it in a canyon deep in the mountains Their crippled bodies."

    "Well, I know about this matter. The deceased Yun family played a ruthless role, named Yun Chen, abolished Li Haochen, killed Li Lincong, and caused the Li family to anger. This sent the master to chase down. Give away your life."

    "Unlucky, who can blame, and the demon wolf king took the wolf pack and left only the bones and stubble."


    Liuye Tower, the largest restaurant in Baishi City.

    Many warriors, while drinking wine, talk to each other.

    At this moment, a slender man with a long sword in his waist walked into the restaurant.

    With a cloak covering his face, he swept his eyes in the lobby on the first floor and walked to a corner to sit down.

    "Guest, what do you want to order?" the store buddy asked.

    "Come to a good wine." Yun Chen grabbed a handful of spirit stones from the storage bag and threw it on the table.

    The shop guy's eyes lighted up, the spirit stone was taken away, and the drinks were quickly delivered, along with a few beautiful side dishes.

    Yun Chen poured himself a glass of wine, and after drinking it, he was a little disappointed. In the end, it was Fanchen Liquor and the wine he had drunk in his previous life. I don't know how much it differed.

    "By the way, everyone, our White Rock City, these days, it seems that some great people have come here, even the main palace of the city and Zhang Li and the two giants are competing, and everyone knows their news."

    At this time, at a table next to Yun Chen, a warrior god asked mysteriously.

    Many people showed a curious look, but some people were terrified and shivered: "Hush! Forbidden sound! The identity of the group of people is not something we can inquire about. Last time there was someone who chaosed the Zhang Family After listening, the body appeared in a mass grave outside the city the next day. We..."

    Before the words were finished, the person's voice came to an abrupt stop, and his eyes looked at the outside of the restaurant with extreme fear.

    At this time, outside the restaurant, three figures walked in slowly, two men and one woman.

    Among them, walking in the middle is a young man wearing a beautiful Chinese costume, holding a jade fracture fan in his hand, looking arrogant.

    "Young Master Zhang Family, Zhang Xutian!"

    Seeing this young man, the warriors in the hall on the first floor all stood up involuntarily, bowing their heads in a humble manner.

    Zhang Xutian, and Li Lincong of the Li family, are the two young stars of the youngest generation in Baishi City.

    When Li Lincong died, he was unique.

    Next to him, a man and a woman were also geniuses of the Zhang family. One was Zhang Zilong who had met Yun Chen and the other was named Zhang Zixin.

    Zhang Xutian seems to have been accustomed to the respect of everyone, and he went upstairs to the second floor.

    Suddenly, he stepped in and noticed the cloud dust in the corner.

    In the entire first floor hall, only Yun Chen was sitting alone, very conspicuous.

    "Have your leg crippled?" Zhang Xutian asked coldly.

    Yun Chen was stunned, feeling a little inexplicable, but still shook his head and said: "Not lame."

    "No lame?" Zhang Xutian stared at Yun Chen with a somber tone: "The legs are not lame, and dare to sit when I see me?"

    Hearing this, Yun Chen wanted to laugh.

    He didn't know this Xutian at all, but Zhang Xutian felt that he had to stand up to meet him when he saw him?

    Yun Chen shook his head secretly. This piece of Xu Tian, ​​like Li Lincong, belongs to a bit of strength, so it is arrogant.

    However, Yun Chen didn't want to get out of trouble just because of such a trivial matter, and stood up with the wine immediately.

    "It's too late." Zhang Xutian glanced at Yun Chen with disdain, and said lightly: "Kneel down! I won't get it until I go upstairs."

    Yun Chen heard the words, his face changed, and a coldness appeared in his eyes.

    As he moved, he sat back in position.

    This scene fell in Zhang Xutian's eyes, causing his pupils to condense, and a cold breath rose from his body.

    Beside, the other warriors saw this scene and could not help shaking their heads, looking at Yun Chen's gaze, full of pity.

    "This man really knows nothing about life and death. Sitting down now is tantamount to provoking the majesty of Master Zhang."

    "Isn't it, it's not just kneeling, why do you die, kneel to Young Master Zhang, it's not shameful."

    "It's still young and arrogant, in order to save face, maybe you will lose your life."


    Many warriors seem to have seen the scene of Yun Chen's corpse falling to the pool of blood on the spot soon after.

    "Bold!" At this moment, Zhang Zilong stepped forward and shouted angrily: "Waste! Immediately take off the cloak on your head, and then cut off your legs and kneel down to pay guilt! Otherwise, there is no place to bury!"

    "Compensation? Is it guilty not to kneel?" Yun Chen asked rhetorically.

    "Yes! Your kind of hide-and-seal waste is rude to me, Zhang Family Young Master, and willing to let you kneel to make a guilt, but it is your great grace. Don't be unsatisfied." The abuse of mice.

    He stepped forward, his palms stretched out, the air in his palms surged, and he wanted to kneel down with Yun Chen.

    "Humph! Such grace is left to you."

    Yun Chen didn't look at it, but with a backhand shot, Zhang Zilong's true energy was shaken, and he pressed him down on his knees.


    Zhang Zilong's knee hit the ground and made the sound of broken bones.

    "Ah! You are going to die..."

    Zhang Zilong screamed like a pig. He was just a serious cultivation practice. In front of Yun Chen, he was as weak as a three-year-old child.

    "Huh?" Zhang Xutian raised his eyebrows, and there was a vicious smile on his face. "No wonder he dares to be so arrogant, but he also cultivated his true energy. But unfortunately, you only need to scrap two legs, and now I am moved Family, you must die."

    "Really?" Since Yun Chen started, he no longer has any scruples. He coldly said: "Master Zhang is right, you are much more arrogant than the young master of the Li family. He didn't die before the full moon, Do you want to stay with him?"

    As soon as this word came out, there was an uproar in the whole hall.

    Everyone was surprised by Yun Chen's words!

    What kind of person is Zhang Xutian? Even if you are slightly disrespectful to him, he will kill you. Now this kid with a cloak dares to mock him face to face.

    Sure enough, Zhang Xutian suddenly laughed after listening to Yun Chen's words, but the smile was full of palpitation chills.

    "No matter who you are, I promise, you will die very miserable today!" Zhang Xutian took a step, the madness of the madness, oppressed forward.

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