Chapter55 1 that catch

        This matter continues to develop in this way, I am afraid that the complaint is contained, and not to mention that this black gauze hat cannot be kept, more importantly, no one can estimate what will happen later.
   "Two hours, if you can't catch those people in two hours, I think of you as an accomplice and you will be kept in the cell until you catch them. Can you agree?"
  Ning Mo saw the other party relieved and nodded.
   "Open the door." Master Yang said, looking at his head.
   quickly took out the key and opened the door, let Ning Mo light out of the cell.
"Shallow, are you sure? If you can't catch those people in two hours, you can become their accomplice, and you will be guilty of death!" Bai Ziyuan hurriedly persuaded, "You have to think clearly! "
   Ning Mo light mouth smiled slightly from the corner of the mouth.
   "Relax, I'm sure to grab them. If you are injured, go back with Master Bai." Ning Moqian looked at his injured and immobile right hand and said worriedly.
   "Bian catches the head, you will walk with the night girl." Master Yang directly ordered.
  Bian Yun clenched his fists with both hands, it was agreed.
   The little old man on the opposite side couldn't help but be surprised. How easy was he to get out of prison? He rolled out of the straw pile on one turn and walked quickly to the edge of the cell.
   "Sir, please let me go, I know where they are." The old man said with a flattering expression, "You can rest assured that I have figured out where they are."
   Master Yang glanced at the little old man and turned directly to leave.
   "Master Yang, hello, Master Yang, I said it all true." The old man grabbed the wooden fence and shouted loudly toward Master Yang, "Master, you must believe me!"
   Others glanced at him and left the cell with Master Yang. The head slapped hard on the wooden fence with his hand and shouted loudly: "Be honest!"
   The little old man deflated his mouth and could only watch the people leave the cell.
  As soon as he left the cell, Bian Yun notified the five arresters to come and join.
   "Night girl, everyone is here, when can I go?"
  Ning Mo looked at the father and son of the Bai family, and looked at Bian Yun.
  "Now you can."
   turned around and walked towards the street, Bian Yun and others followed.
The reason why Ning Moqian was able to find the traffickers in this way was because she was able to see the soul of a child. She thought she had taken a look at her before. If the child appeared in the corner of the cell, she would not respond at all. What happened here?
   She looked at the street in front of her. The child slowly raised her hand and pointed her in the direction of the front. When he needed to change places or encountered a detour, he would appear again and show her the way.
   Maybe it was because she thought the child was too pitiful, or maybe it was because the child was so cute, so she didn’t think it was terrible at all, and the human heart was the most terrible.
   soon arrived at a pub in Jiading Town. She watched the child standing at the stairs and pointed to the second floor. Without a word, she entered the pub directly.
  Bian Yun has been behind him, he does not know why the other party is so determined that the trafficker is here. Although he came to catch people, he also guaranteed that the other party would not sneak away.
   "Bian catches the head, this person would not want to get rid of us to find a place to make a business meeting?!" A catcher quickly lowered his voice and asked in a low voice, "This is a prosperous section, the other party wants to escape, it is unpredictable!"

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