Chapter74 Save yourself or die?

        The people in the backyard glanced at each other, and they didn't say anything. They didn't know what they were thinking. Soon a catcher came out. He glanced at the people, shook his head, and went directly to Bai Ziyuan.

   Seeing someone leave, they felt more entangled and uncomfortable, not knowing what they were going to do.

"The head is fighting desperately in the front yard. It seems that we are hiding a little kindly here. My life was saved by the head, even if it was returned to him!" A catcher stood up and looked at everyone, "I I don’t know what you think. Young guys like the Bai family know how to do the right thing. What other faces do we have to hide so afraid?"

   finished, left with a Sabre.

   Others glanced at each other, there were many people who left, and a few people were reluctant to leave. They quickly closed the door of the courtyard. Although they felt a little uncomfortable, they would rather sit here and regret it than go out to die.

Bai Ziyuan was about to leave the alley. Someone gently patted his shoulder. His hair all over his body stood upright. The muscles in the corner of his mouth kept shaking, and his eyes were cramped. His body stood rigidly, sweating on his forehead. The beads quickly fell down.

   He didn't dare to look back, afraid to see the monster that scared him.

   "Master Bai."

   Hearing someone call his name, Bai Ziyuan could not help but glance at it, don't you know the reason why people are scary and scary? !

   He carefully turned his head back slightly, looked at the hand on his shoulder with Yu Guang, and he was relieved to see that it was a human hand.

   turned his head, and saw a lot of bureaucrats and arrests quickly following himself, and could not help but stunned.

   "You guys are..."

   "You are right, all are dead, so we decided to be with you."

  Bai Ziyuan heard this, he was touched in his heart, nodded, and counted the number of people, plus his total of ten people, exactly two people in a group.

   He quickly led the crowd into the alley deep, picked up a stone and drew a rough map of Jiading town on the ground.

"Ten of us are divided into five groups to look for in five directions. In order not to waste time, everyone must see the boundaries clearly." Bai Ziyuan lowered his voice and said, "We take the Yamen as the center point, one group and the second group take Huichuntang. For the boundary, one group is above the second group, the third group and the fourth group are bounded by Wang Dabaozi shop, the third group is above the fourth group, and the middle one is the fifth group. The middle is the closest to the Yamen, and it is also the easiest to be discovered by monsters. Yes, I’ll stay here. You can choose someone to join me."

Everyone saw the map clearly, without any hesitation, and immediately divided into five groups, a slightly older group of fast catchers and Bai Ziyuan, because the other party is experienced and the martial arts are the best. .

   "Remember, when destroying black flowers, you must hit the stamens with a single blow, otherwise the flowers will become monsters attacking you, be careful!" Bai Ziyuan asked, "Spread."

  Everyone came out of the alleyway, escaped the monster's sight with the fastest speed, and spread out to the surroundings very regularly to their respective destinations.

   "Go." Bai Ziyuan whispered to the catcher beside him, quickly trotting towards Fang Kang's mansion, hoping to destroy one as soon as possible.

  The two of them walked to the entrance of Fangfu one after the other, the door was closed tightly, and they could not enter at all.

   "Master Bai, I'm going over the wall to open the door, be careful yourself." Seeing that Bai Ziyuan was about to enter Fang Mansion quickly, said quickly.

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